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Software Development in A Nutshell – CAB302


Developing new software or upgrading the current systems to incorporate new requirements comes under the umbrella of software development. It is a long, comprehensive process which starts with preparing the design specification which is implemented and validated and then it enters the maintenance cycle. ‘Programming-in-the-large’ as they call it, courses like CAB302 deal with entire process of software development in great detail, touching upon the various tools and techniques used for development and also delve into the maintenance of large-scale software. Although the waterfall model is also covered, most of the topics are designed in accordance to the agile development process. We are highlighting the key principles of agile for you.

agile development process

The SDLC Process

The software development life cycle, simply abbreviated as SDLC, is a series of steps followed during the development of any software. Although there are multiple ways to accomplish this task, SDLC provides a framework that should be systematically followed. The various phases of the SDLC process are described below:


This is basically the step where the requirements are finalised and a detailed specification document is drawn to communicate the same to the concerned developers. This also includes deciding on the user stories and aligning them to meet the end-user requirements. The release cycle is also decided as part of this stage.


This is where the development process starts. The developers start writing the code, and this stage is also associated with finding and fixing application’s defects, where the actual engineering is done.


During the testing phase, the code is tested against set benchmarks. It includes unit testing, performance testing, and functional as well as non-functional testing. Various test cases are prepared and the testing is carried out by both the developers as well as the QA teams.


This is where the code is deployed into production. This includes packaging, managing, and deploying the packages into data centres and clouds, as per the requirements. This is a continuous process and also includes security tests.

Deploy and Monitor

This is ideally the maintenance cycle, where the deployed software is monitored for any inconsistencies as it is being used by the customers. Applications are re-assessed for performance, security, and user experience to ensure continuous improvement.


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