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Information Technology/Computer Science

Information technology makes use of computers for Gathering, Processing, Storing, Protecting and Transferring Information. It is one of the most important innovations of the modern times. The reason is its application in multiple fields and domains on account of availability of Memory, High speed and Perfection. It is also an instrument for Progress and Communication. This era is named information age after the critical role that information systems have come to play on our lives.

Computers play an important role in business because of their ability to perform tasks effectively. Information technology opens up new opportunities for the Corporates, because it gives them new ways for processing Business Transactions, Transferring Payments & Delivering Services Electronically and Integrating Business Processes. Some of the ways in which computers have influenced business positively include office automation, storage of large amount of data and information, improvement in productivity, sharing of data and information, competitiveness, security, cost benefits and marketing.

Computers are controlled through an Information Process. Computation requires simplification to enable understanding and reasoning. This is done through Procedures and algorithm. A procedure is a description of a Process that can be described through listing of steps. The act of following procedure is called a Process. Mechanical procedure includes no thought process and algorithms lead to an eventual end.

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