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The growth of any company or institution lies in building the strong customer relationships. That's where an effective marketing concept comes in. Marketing is an activity or process by which companies build strong customer relationships to promote the selling of manufactured products and services. Marketing Students are often instructed to present a research-based marketing assignment. However, producing concept based writing requires hard-work, time and a clear understanding of the subject. Thus, preparing a good piece of work becomes more challenging for students. But, getting the marketing assignment help from Australian writers makes this task very easy.

The concept based writing requires hard-work, time and a clear understanding of the subject. Primarily, there are two things that students must take into consideration while choosing marketing as a major subject. First is evaluating their interest in the area of marketing. Second is the capability of doing a quality research. If they have an answer to the above questions, then handling a marketing assignment would be easy.

Features of Marketing-

  • The main objective of marketing is to satisfy needs and wants of the customers. Customer satisfaction can be enhanced by providing some exciting offers and value added services.
  • The exchange is very important in marketing. Marketing activities are carried out by the exchange of goods and services for money or money's worth.
  • Marketing helps to achieve, improve and maintain the standard of living of society.
  • Another important feature of marketing is creating a marketing offering which means giving an offer for goods and services by elaborating its key features.
  • Students with marketing specialization enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities. Marketing provides unlimited career options.
  • By influencing customers' purchasing power and maintaining demand and supply balance, marketing helps in increasing economic growth and stability of the nation.

Marketing Subcategories

Marketing as a subject generally covers the following topics that help to enhance students' knowledge and skills.

Global Media and Advertising

Global Media and Advertising: Under this category, students acquire the advanced understanding of how the changing media industries are used for advertising globally. The study helps them in the development of creative advertisement and media plan.

Online Advertising and Marketing

Online Advertising and Marketing: The topic covers the evolution, dynamics and fastest growing segments of online advertising and marketing. This helps students develop the practical skills required to produce cutting-edge targeted content, manage online campaigns and evaluate analytics.

Fundamentals of Advertising

Fundamentals of Advertising: The unit gives the students an overview of advertising industry including the history, structure, and management of advertising function. It provides learners with the practical knowledge of advertising including the process of developing advertising strategies and its effectiveness.

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Advertising Management and Production

Advertising Management and Production: The course introduces the students with various forms of media used for the development of creative advertisement and media plan. It further develops students' understanding of the production processes involved in making creative advertising.

Social Marketing and Communication

Social Marketing and Communication: It integrates marketing concepts, communication issues involved in applying social marketing principles and other approaches to facilitate behavior change. Students learn to evaluate social issues &understand how marketing is used to manage societal outcomes.

Strategic Marketing and Branding

Strategic Marketing and Branding: The focus is on building students' understanding of how marketers plan, manage and implement marketing strategies for effective branding. It covers strategic marketing planning, brand management, communication and understanding of business industries.

Consumer Buyer Behavior

Consumer Buyer Behavior: It covers the behavioral study of consumer buyer behavior, psychological, social and cultural factors that affect the consumer decision-making process. Students familiarize with the concepts of individual buyer and consumer behavior.

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Product Strategy and Development

Product Strategy and Development: Students acquire the skills of strategic product management and marketing planning. They gain experience in understanding practical aspects of product development in the market area.

Market and Consumer Research

Market and Consumer Research: The course provides the students with the useful information for designing and undertaking marketing research, insights into contemporary market research practices, applying effective marketing strategies and implementing successful marketing programs.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications: This unit aims to develop a set of skills in students that are required for effective marketing communication within an organization. Students are introduced to communication aspects of advertising, development, and use of IMC tools and other topics.

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Marketing Research Essentials

Marketing Research Essentials: Market research is an essential activity of gathering accurate and authentic information and presenting it to the marketing decision makers. The study helps the students to understand different approaches for useful data collection and data analysis.

Services Marketing

Services Marketing: The area of interest under this unit includes customer care, compliant management, relationship marketing, quality dimensions, and pricing.Students explore the unique characteristics of service organizations and distinctive marketing approaches for its success.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: The unit is designed to provide students with the deep understanding of the impact of marketing in the digital world. Students investigate the topics which include search engine marketing (SEO& PPC), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, online PR and advertising.

International Marketing

International Marketing: Students opting to this course get exposure to the international aspects of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and product and promotion strategies. It enhances the knowledge and understanding of students to undertake marketing to the global level.

Business to Business Marketing

Business to Business Marketing: The marketing approach in business to business (B2B) sector differ from business to customer (B2C) market. This unit helps the students to understand, analyze and apply theory and principles of B2B marketing to target business customers effectively.

Strategic Brand Management

Strategic Brand Management: It is important for the B2B and B2C organizations to use branding in a strategic way for gaining customer loyalty. This course is designed to develop student's knowledge and skills in managing products and developing brand strategies.

Customer Demographics

Customer Demographics: Major topics covered in this unit include; market segmentation, demographic dynamics, and market changes, gendered consumer behavior, and cohort effects. Students analyze market segmentation, demographically diverse consumer behavior, and population.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy: The course gives the students innovative ways to evaluate marketing principles and plan marketing strategies relevant to the current business world. It helps the students to develop the skills on how to put the marketing principles into practices.

marketing strategy process

Marketing Seminar

Marketing Seminar: The unit of study best fit for the students who are planning to undertake more 'cutting-edge' and specialized program in marketing. Under this section, students attain the understanding of marketing theory and concepts to the advanced level.


E-Marketing: The course reviews various aspects of electronic marketing and explores strategic marketing issues relevant to the use of e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C market. Students are able to analyze internet marketing strategies, develop marketing plans and manage marketing channels

Sales Management

Sales Management: The unit involves selecting the appropriate selling approaches, organizing and planning sales territories, developing sales presentation and negotiation skills, analyzing the principles of sales management and dealing with customer relationship management.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management: The subject investigates and explores distinct aspects of CRM. The key topics under this unit are customer values, customer strategies, service automation, lifecycle management and customer profitability.

Social Marketing and Sustainability

Social Marketing and Sustainability: The unit examines how to design and implement marketing strategies to solve social problems. It focuses on analyzing the current issues in the social marketing field and evaluating citizen and corporate response to these issues.

Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics: The study involves the practical and theoretical issues in developing models to aid decision-making process in marketing. It aims to equip students with the tools to track marketing activities and develop professional skills in model building.

Brand Management

Brand Management: Brand is the most critical asset of any business. It requires detailed marketing research and accurate positioning strategies. Students seeking this course familiarizes with the new concepts essential for a successful management of brands.

New Venture Marketing and Business Development

New Venture Marketing and Business Development: The study is essential for students interested in working for start-ups or wants to start their own venture. It prepares students to develop, evaluate, manage and successfully implement innovative marketing strategies for new products.

International Trade and Payments

International Trade and Payments: The unit reviews various issues related to international trade theories for conceptualizing current international trade patterns. It analyses the operations of the international monetary system and the dynamics of foreign exchange markets.

Research Design and Analysis

Research Design and Analysis: The subject covers advanced topics in research and analysis including experimental design and applied methodology. Students acquire practical skills in undertaking psychological research and conducting a variety of statistical tests.


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Marketing Methodologies

A marketing assignment is not only based on marketing analysis and research but also include the concept of marketing strategies. There are certain essential tools and techniques that aid students in effective marketing assignment writing and help them in getting good grades.

Marketing Mix-Marketing mix is the tactics or marketing tools that an organization uses for the promotion of its brand in the market. It includes 4 P's of marketing:

  • Product-It refers to the goods or services that are sold to customers to satisfy their needs and wants.
  • Price- It is the value assigned to a product based on its production and distribution cost.
  • Place-Choosing right place of selling and distribution of products and services is an important element in marketing
  • Promotion-It comprises choosing the right platform for advertising the product to the target customers through the different medium of communication.

marketing strategy mix 4ps

5C's of Marketing-It is used to analyze the five key areas that aid in making the right decision and constructing powerful marketing strategies. It includes:

  • Company- It is important to determine if the company is in a position to meet customers' needs by knowing its reputation, market value, goals, vision, and mission.
  • Customers- Having a strong understanding of target customer; their needs, wants and desires helps to determine buyers' behavior while making a purchase decision.
  • Competitors- For positioning brand, it is crucial to determine who potential competitors are, what they are doing, what are their strength and weaknesses and how customers think of those companies.
  • Collaborators-Information about any outside source of the company such as suppliers, distributors, partners and alliances is required for planning marketing strategy.
  • Climate-All the factors that affect the business must be researched and clearly determined to thoroughly understand business climate and the environment.
PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis- For a better understanding of industry environment and the external factors impacting production of goods and services, it is important to use PEST analysis tool. It helps identify political, economic, social and technological factors affecting the business supply chain.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis- SWOT analysis is a study conducted to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization that assists the firm in achieving its objectives and overcoming or minimizing obstacles.

Competitor Analysis Tool

Competitor Analysis Tool- The tool helps to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors and determine the market value of the company with respect to its competitors. Competitor analysis is an essential part of business marketing strategy.

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Competitive Analysis- It is about the company's position in the targeted market in relation to its competitors and evaluates the strategies to develop the position in the competitive market. The company needs a clear understanding of target market, customers, competitors, product and brand value and more.

GAP Analysis

GAP Analysis- It is a technique that helps a company determine the factors that define its current state and the factors needed to reach to its desired state. With the use of GAP analysis, the firm is able to understand the factors that result in its present state, steps required to achieve target state and ways to fill the gap between the two states.

B/C Analysis

B/C Analysis- Cost-benefit analysis is a process of analyzing business decisions, adding the benefits of business-related actions and subtracting the costs associated with taking that action. It evaluates the overall impact of the decision by determining whether the decision provides a monetary benefit to the company or not.

Brand Perception

Brand Perception- It is important to understand the different between what a brand represent and how it is perceived by consumers. Brand perception is what people think and say about the brand. People buy when they believe in the value of what they are getting, however, factors like perceived quality, social conversations regarding brand, etc influence their purchasedecision.


Competitor- Channel Relationship Analysis-The overall marketing strategy of any business depends upon analyzing the potential distribution channels of their current and potential competitors. Distribution channels include wholesalers, retailers, direct sales, resellers, and sales representatives.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Rankings

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Rankings- Delivering great customer service requires both understanding of what the customer wants anda way to see that they receive it. It helps in analyzing company's performance and how it can be improved.

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Market Structure

The analysis of market structure is essential for students of management and marketing. The market structure indicates the characteristics of the organizational or competitive market, that explains the nature of the market and the pricing policy observed in the market. In general, it is the number of firms producing similar products and services in the market and how they compete. Broadly, there are four market structures:

  • Perfect competition- It is a theoretical market structure that includes many sellers of a standardized product. It means there are low barriers to entry for new companies. The producers are subject to the prices determined by the market supply and demand.
  • Monopoly- It is a market structure in which there is a single seller with no competitors in the market. The industry dominates the market with considerable control over demand and prices. Therefore, entry into such a market is restricted.
  • Oligopoly-Industry is dominated by a few firms who have some control over the prices. It has high barriers to entry for new companies. The firms are dealing with either homogeneous or differentiated product.
  • Monopolistic Competition-It is a market situation in which there are many sellers who have differentiated products. There are no barriers to entry and exit for rising firms. The company makes independent pricing decision based on its product, market, and costs of production.

monopolistic condition market structures

Key Components of a Marketing Plan

To increase marketing sales, thebusiness needs to follow a well-structured plan based on detailed research, competitive positioning, and achievable outcomes. A good marketing plan helps in developing a compelling marketing program. It is, therefore, essential for students to understand the key components of a marketing plan.

Market Research

Market Research- It is the basic step of a marketing plan. Business identifies market dynamics, consumer buying behavior, market size, current sales and suppliers.

Target Market

Target Market- Here, the organization finds the target market for its product to identify the potential buyers.


Product- It is a detailed analysis of the product with respect to the target market.

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Competition- The purpose of this component is to help the firm articulate what really differentiate their offerings from others in the market.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement- It outlines the key essence of business's goals and defines the reason for its existence.

Market Strategies

Market Strategies- It is an important component of overall strategy plan of a business. It helps the firm to define its ultimate marketing goals.

Pricing, Positioning and Branding

Pricing, Positioning and Branding- Company develops strategies for identifying price of its product, where it will be positioned in the market and the ways to achieve brand awareness.


Budget- It is significant for a company to develop a monthly schedule of what they plan to spend on marketing.

Marketing Goals-An organization needs to establish the goals of its marketing plan and the metrics associated with these goals.

Monitor Results

Monitor Results- Analyze the strategies by tracking sales and leads, conducting online polls and surveys of customers.

Marketing Plan Assingnemt Sample

Types of Marketing Assignments

For doing marketing assignment efficiently, students need to apply their marketing knowledge. Thus, in-depth knowledge of the core concepts of marketing is integral to them. The types of marketing assignment primarily include:

Strategic Marketing Assignment-

Strategic marketing is a way of structuring business activities effectively for facilitating the values of brands, products, and services to customers in order to obtain the desired result. The main objective of a strategic marketing is to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Students must consider certain important components while structuring their assignment on strategic marketing. It includes assessment of current marketing situation; opportunity and threat analysis of the product through competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, environmental analysis, customer analysis, channel analysis; setting marketing objectives; evaluating marketing strategy by 4P's analysis and analysis of integrated marketing communication strategy.

Consumer Behavior Assignment-

As the name implies, it means the behavior of consumer towards the use of a product or service. It aims at finding out where, why, how and in what ways consumer respond. Consumer behavior is an integral part of marketing as the growth of any company relies on its end consumers.

A proper research and a working knowledge of consumer behavior are very important for students working on consumer behavior assignments. It not only helps them in achieving high scores but also helps in getting a good job in the market.

Marketing Research Assignment-

Market research is an analysis of clients, competition and the implication of marketing processes. It is often used by business owners in launching a new product, improving business strategies and planning competitive strategies.

Students having marketing research assignmentmust focus on certain areas. It includes goals formulation, finding research methods, data collection through surveys, sampling, qualitative and quantitative analysis of data.

Strategic Marketing Dissertation Help-

Marketing dissertation generally covers the subject areas including relationship marketing, marketing mix, consumer psychology, branding, international marketing, online marketing, social networks and marketing ethics.

Marketing dissertation must be more focused. Therefore, it is essential for students to understand the strategies, format, structure, and approach that marketing dissertation follows. They must follow a general procedure for creating marketing dissertation which includes; abstract, introduction, literature analysis, research methodology, findings, recommendations, conclusion, and reference.

Marketing Case Study-

A case study is a report of a person or a company which includes a real life or hypothetical situations and issues that one is likely to encounter. The purpose of marketing case study is to evaluate the applicability of a theory in order to derive the practical knowledge of that situation.

While writing marketing case study, students must focus on some real aspect and theoretical areas. It is very critical for students to find relevant information and theoretical insights. They must begin their marketing case study assignment with a proper market survey, define their research objectives and conduct internal and external situational analysis.

Marketing Presentations-

The presentation is a style of display. Marketing presentation gives a chance to introduce products and services to the potential customers and helps in creating brand awareness. Marketing presentation must include a strong design, clear and concise content, and well-placed visuals.

Students must learn to make strong and engaging marketing presentation assignment using a step-by-step approach. It includes outlining the presentation, filling it with necessary information, placing suitable design and effectively demonstrating it.

 marketing assignment presentation

Career in Marketing

Marketing is all about understanding what people want and trying to satisfy their wants. A career in marketing can take students in various diverse directions. It opens several doors as a profession. They may be employed in goods manufacturing and distribution industry or in companies providing business services. They may also work in diverse marketing, advertising, promotions, e-commerce, and banking sectors.

There are unlimited career options for students pursuing marketing study as marketing is needed in almost every industry. There are certain career tracks in marketing where students can find many opportunities. It includes:

Market Research-

Market research means understand the target market, conducting research and evaluating the collected data based on that research. Marketing research position is ideal for that candidate who possesses the ability to perform qualitative and quantitative data analysis and interpret the results accurately. Market research is conducted by using surveys, focus groups and reviewing studies.

Positions in Market Research:

  • Market Research Director
  • Market Research Manager
  • Market Research Supervisor
  • Market Analyst


Choosing Advertising as a career path involves all aspects of marketing from strategic planning to execution of the strategy. A career in advertising involves creativity, contact building, variety, traveling, and satisfaction. The job for advertising profile is generally offered by advertising agencies, media companies, non-profit organizations, business industries for their advertising department and marketing research firm.

Positions in Advertising:

  • Advertising Manger
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Media Coordinator
  • Account Planner
  • Media Director
  • Account Executive
  • Media Buyer

Brand Management-

It is an essential element in building a brand image. A career in brand management attracts individuals, who have a creative mind, excellent communication skills, can thrive on constant change and are willing to travel. The position demands a person to dig out brand's essence, identify current and potential competitors, determine marketing opportunities and be able to communicate brand effectively.

Positions in Brand Management:

  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Development Manager

Public Relation-

From writing the press release to circulating company updates and news, public relation department act like a communication bridge between media, consumers, employees, investors, and the general public. A student opting public relation as a career option must have strong communication skills, outgoing personality, quick learning ability, persuasive nature and the ability to articulate with both written and spoken words.

Position in Public Relation:

  • Public Relation Coordinator
  • Media Relations
  • PR Consultant
  • Account Executive
  • Government PR Officer


Promotion department compiles the team of creative people who works on creating programs that unite advertising with exciting incentives such as special offers, discount coupons, gifts with purchase, rebates and more. These programs use advertisements, direct mail, message alerts, in-store displays, product endorsements or special events as a medium of communication for promotions.

Position in Promotions:

  • Promotions Director
  • Promotions Assistant

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