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Nursing in one of the most noble, honourable and distinguished professions in the world. The history of this profession roots back to the history of mankind. Nurturing has been essential for the preservation of life from the dawn of civilization. The term nursing is evolved from the Latin word ‘nutricius’, that means nourishing. Nursing is a great humanitarian service, as all people irrespective of their illness or wellness, richest or poorest, younger or older, worker or player, is associated to this profession in one way or the other. It promises expanded benefits to people and society.

Apart from being a science, nursing requires skill, art, patience and dedication to fulfil the duties entrusted on him/her. Major duties that are identified in nursing profession includes identification of the clients health care needs, establishing a nursing care plan to establish those needs, to complete the nursing intervention designed for meeting those needs and to provide individualised care.

The process in which these purposes are fulfilled includes five steps. An assessment is done to determine the patient’s health status and potential health problems are identified. A diagnosis is made through these assessments. Nursing diagnosis and collaborative problems that require intervention of a physician are identified if present through these assessments. Goals are developed and a ‘plan of care’ is set to assist patients on diagnosis of health issue. The plan made is actualised through its implementation and an evaluation is done to assert the improvement.

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Nursing professionals tend to get overworked, as they have to work in collaboration with physicians, patients, other team members and family members to improve quality of life. They are usually over burdened with huge responsibilities like taking care of patients, and hence they do not find time and strength to focus on academic assessments. Our experts are here to complete your assessments, and make use of both their experience and knowledge towards the completion of your tasks. Our experts undertake assignments of any complexity under topics ‘Nursing Case Study’, Nursing reflection’, ‘Annotated Bibliography’, ‘Evidence Based Nursing’, ‘Nursing Ethics’, ‘Basic Sciences’, ‘Nutrition and Dietetics’, ‘Psychology, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing’, ‘Fundamentals of Nursing’, ‘Community Health Nursing’, ‘Medical and Surgical Nursing’, ‘Paediatric Nursing’, ‘Obstetrical Nursing’, and ‘Principles of Administration & Supervision, Education & Trends in Nursing’.

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