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Project Management (MS Project) is project management software that was developed by Microsoft Inc. Its main functions are to help project managers in the management of finances, employees, tracking progress as well as development of plans within the organization. The idea of developing MS Project was initiated by IBMS/E’s Ron Bredehoeft in the early 1980s. After the release of its versions in 1984, the software was sold to Microsoft Inc. that later released Version 3 and Version 4 of the software in 1986 before the eventual release of the first window version in 1990. Today, MS Project software exists in two main editions: professionals and standard editions. Each of these editions can be easily connected to the MS server and is equipped with team collaboration tools for efficient usage. Over the years, Microsoft Inc. has developed a series of MS Project software versions like v11.0, v3.0, v4.0, v14.0, v4.1a, v9.0, v10.0, v12.0, v10.0 and v15.0. These version have created confusion for students, thus one has to take project management assignment help online to tackle with all these versions.

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The professional writers we do engage at ‘My Assignment Services’ have good command of English language. This is because majority of the experts we recruit to work on project management assignment are native English speakers who come from Canada, USA, Australia and some parts of Europe where English is widely used as a language of instruction. The experts who do project management at ‘My Assignment Services’ are fine tuned on how project management is applied in managing of employees, tracking of the progress of project being implemented as well as financial management. Our team of experts recruited reflects our core values such us excellence, commitment to the clients and authenticity. The experienced professionals, who deliver quality project management assignment to our clients, are our key strength. Our experts in project management not only work on clients’ project management assignment but they do offer free coaching advices whenever a client requests at ‘My Assignment Services.’ We have an in-depth understanding of numerous C/C++ and provide C/C++ assignment help , MS Project topics such as the superiority of Project 2016; Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server; the timeline of the development of MS Project, the transformation of Microsoft 'C' to MS Project, features of MS Project, cornerstones of the Microsoft Office enterprise project management (EPM), similarities and differences between standard and professional editions of MS Project.

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At ‘My Assignment Services,’ our online assignment writing experts in Australia are periodically evaluated to eliminate any mediocre work. The Quality assurance department at ‘My Assignment Services’ ensures that quality project management assignments are maintained. We assigned project management assignments to professional writers who in the past have produced excellent work for clients and assisted those clients to attain better grades in project management assignment. At ‘My Assignment Services’ our professional writers are available on request and are very reliable to work on project management assignments day and night. The charges at ‘My Assignment Services’ are very affordably and we do not pay our experts until client confirms that project management assignments are adequately tackled. The team at ‘My Assignment Services’ is friendly to the customers but at the same time do not reveal clients details to any third party.

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