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For anyone who loves watching movies or television programs, it is no doubt that, at one time, you have watched cartoons. If you did not know, cartoons are examples of animated images. From this scenario, it can be deduced that animation is a computer technology that uses graphics to create animated images. Animation is done by displaying a series of frames of pictures using a wide range of 2D and 3D software. For 2D animation, Tupi, Ajax Animator, Pencil2D, Express Animator, Pivot Stickfigure Animator and TVPaint software are used. However, for 3D animation, Shade 3D, LightWave 3D, K-3D, Autodesk 3ds Max and 3D Movie Maker software are preferred. As a technique, animation began in the 1960s following its introduction by Frank W. Sinden, Michael Noll, Kenneth C. Knowlton, and Edward Zajac. Later, in 1973, animation was used in the production of the film Westworld. Today, 3D and 2D computer graphics are used in the development of animations to help in creating illusion of movements. These animations are easier to control and require no actors like miniatures.

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The competition to advertise goods and services to make them more appealing to customers in the 21st century has forced many organizations to resort to modern animation through the use of technology. Though the traditional animation still has place to the current generation due to its cultural appropriateness, modern technology has greatly impacted on animation industry. That why at My Assignment Services’ we source for the most creative animation writers who understand the industry best. Animation styles, approaches and techniques are well understood by the writers we recruit at ‘My Assignment Services’ who have in many institutions during their study scoped top awards in animation. Our experts have producing the most desirable animation assignments at ‘My Assignment Services’. The quality of animation assignment done by our experts does yield better grades for our clients. At ‘My Assignment Services’ we only engage writers who have demonstrated superior animation assignments for different categories on clients ranging from undergraduate to graduate levels of study. We at ‘My Assignment Services’ will do for you animation assignments on topics such as 3D animation software, computer animation, the history of animation, animation methods, equipments used for animation, the process of animation, computer graphics, how to increase the speed of cartoons, the future of animation technology and many more.We provide artificial intelligence assignment help as through our IT experts.

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At My ‘Assignment Services’ we maintain high level of professionalism in doing assignments for our clients. Proper citation is adhered to which must correspond to the writing style instructions given by the instructor. Our experts meet the basic requirement for English use both in America and United Kingdom. At ‘My Assignment Services’ our experts are time conscious and always meet the deadlines as set by clients. We have software that ensures clients’ assignments on animation are not plagiarized whatsoever. Besides this, any form of revision sent back by client to ‘My Assignment Services’ is timely attended to and we do not pay writers until the clients authorizes to do so. Theassignments help are done by most experienced experts who make sure that you receive only the best quality assignments and eventually high grades in your courses.

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