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Whenever writing an academic paper, it is recommended to use external sources because it helps in providing authority to the paper. However, whenever this is done, a bibliography, a list of all the consulted or cited materials should be included at the end of the paper. It is from this bibliography that an annotated bibliography is generated. So, even if a bibliography and annotated bibliography rely on one information: references, there exists a very big differences between them. Unlike a bibliography that merely lists the references; annotated bibliography is a comprehensive list with a short description of the references as well as an evaluation of the validity, credibility and relevance to the research conducted.

Basically, annotated bibliography should be included in a research because it is a very important tool that has lots of purposes. First, it can help in the identification of research that has been conducted on a topic of study. Besides, it helps in putting the researcher on the right track and enabling them to identify the resources to use, in order of preference, in a research. However, these cannot be attained unless the researcher becomes brief, critical and honest in their analysis.

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