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10 Things To Check Before You Submit Your Assignment

10 Things To Check Before You Submit Your Assignment
October 13, 2018
Author : Andy

There are so many things to worry about and check for when you are writing your assignment. You invest hours and hours of research and thought process into a single assignment. It pains you when you see some negative remark from the professor saying dissatisfying work. There are some things that you should keep in mind while writing your assignment. But, what about the submission? Isn’t there a checklist that you should check your assignment against before you hit that final submit button on the Moodle. My Assignment Services brings to you a quick guide checklist that you can check your assignment against.

Grammar and Typos

Glance over your assignment and check if you have made any grammatical error or have written anywhere lyk dis in your content. This reflects negatively in your assignment answer file and makes an impression upon your professor of dumbness. To avoid making such mistakes, run your document through tools like Grammarly.


Mate, buddy, brother, hey man, wassup, waddupmah man, and other slangs should be strictly avoided. Whatever you use in your daily texting, this assignment is totally different from that. You need to be strictly formal and sound like an intellect in your assignment answer. Check for use of such slangs, the local language, local abbreviation and others in your assignment. If you are writing an inaugural speech in your assignment, you will not greet the audience with the opening line Wassup nigg*s.

Content’s Relevancy

There are many instances when you start your argument from one point or idea but it deviates as you go no about. The next thing you know is you shifted from an argument of the evolution of VFX in Hollywood from 1950s to 2000s to an argument of drug abuse and celebrity influence. That is totally absurd and not at all related to your question statement. Hence, before you are submitting the file, check if the majority of your solution is relevant to the topic at hand.

Using Examples

Using examples in your assignment always given an authority and assertation to your argument. Moreover, the more recent an example you quote, the better it is for your answer. Thus, keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. If you are not able to do that, enter your topic on Google and select the header of news. The current affairs will be displayed to you. Use them as a base to support your argument.
When you are giving your assignment the final proofread, check how many examples you have provided. Our experts believe that using one example to back one argument is ideal. Do not stuff examples but keep a balance.

Verifying the Facts

Many times, you misread the information or the data or the statistics. For example, you might the population of Australia as 20 million instead of 24.13 million. Or, you could miss out the year of the census, i.e. the census is of 2016 but you might mention it as the 2018 data. Such cases are counted under providing misleading or wrong information to the readers and reduce the credibility of your file to a great extent.
Thus, before you are submitting the assignment to the professor, always verify the facts and statistics that you have used. If the data is approximate, mention the same. If you are getting the exact statistic anywhere, do not approximate it in your answer.


A large proportion of the students enter the topic in the Google Images search bar, hit enter and copy-paste the image in their file. But, there is something that they do not check for – the copyright. Whenever you open the image, there is always a disclaimer written below which says that the image may be copyrighted. Hence, you should always make sure that the image you are using is either not protected by copyright or you take prior consent from the owner before using the image. In your assignment, check if you have used any copyrighted image. If you have, take permission of the owner and provide the credits. Do not publish the image in your assignment file to avoid copyright infringement.


You might not like Donald Trump or have serious anger issues with Stalin or hate Hitler to the bottom of your heart. But, that does not give you any right to write defaming comments about them in your assignment file. Therefore, avoid defaming any person, religious group, cultural society, or any other practice. Also, making racist or sexist comments should be avoided at all costs. It is a strict NO. Give your answer a final proofread and check closely if you have written any defaming, racist or sexist comment that will award you negative marks.


There are many things that you cannot explain in the answer file itself but want to tell the readers more about the same. Also, you cannot sometimes include every single step of the calculations that you performed and this makes the reader wonder. For such cases, there are appendices which do not make the word count. Using this, you can provide the minute information to the readers, explain everything that you couldn’t in the main solution because of the word count. Always check that the assignment does not have any missing information. If you are skipping a couple of steps, make sure that it is explained in an appendix at the end of the assignment. It also will make your professor happy.


Who doesn’t like to save a couple words and energy by writing i.e. in place of that is or etc in place of et cetera. But, such abbreviations are used and are obviously understood by everyone. However, this does not mean that there can be an abbreviation for every single thing out there.Let us assume you are talking about some company called Landscapers of Lithgow. Now, you cannot write LOL everywhere instead of the full name, can you? This will lead to ambiguity of the content. Check your assignment for such vague and irrelevant abbreviations that will put off your readers.

Caption the Tables, Charts, Images, etc.

When you are writing the assignment, use various tables, charts, graphs, images and infographics to make your content engaging with the readers, reduce the boring meter and conveys the same information that you would have written 2 paragraphs about in one single diagram. However, such infographics should also be accompanied by a caption. This caption should be self-explanatory and should convey the details of the diagram of the chart effectively. Provide the credits of the diagram wherever necessary. Check that every diagram or chart or table has been properly referenced and captioned. Always check if the assignment is original or not. Avail our cheap Plagiarism check services and submit your assignment without plagiarism. Well, the list goes on and on about what should be kept in mind before submitting an assignment. We hope that you got a fair idea about it all by reading the above blog. To get a better insight, talk to our assignment help experts or send your assignment related query to [email protected]. Do tell us what point do you think should be kept in mind and check your assignment against before you finally submit it by writing your suggestions in the comments below. Also, let us know what problems do you face that we can write a post about to help guide you.

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