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10 Tips to Write an Excellent Assignment

10 Tips Write Excellent Assignment
October 09, 2020
Author : Celina

Writing an assignment is integral to any student’s life. Students are required to submit assignments as a means of assessment regularly. These assignments are demanding and require a lot of assiduousness and academic rigour on the part of the student. Writing an assignment that is simple but lucid, relevant and can engage the reader can be a very challenging task. University assignments have to be written in a particular format and an academically oriented language. Students often fail to learn the skill of writing assignments which causes them to suffer endlessly. They end up becoming an underperformer. However, the problem can be very easily attended if the students learn to imbibe some of the key writing skills. Assignment writers follow these key skills and hence can write assignments for different questions with great ease and originality. If you lack the time or confidence to write excellent assignments then do not hesitate to seek academic writing assistance from a top-rated assignment writer in Australia – that is us! Or else, follow these principals and you will witness a sea change in your performance index.


  1. Planning the Assignment: University assignments are written in response to research questions and demand well-conducted research on the part of the students. Hence, the primary step to writing a good assignment is to be able to argue convincingly and relevantly. University assignments are either empirical in nature or theoretical. For instance, you could either be asked to develop an assignment on Is a criminal record a hindrance to employment opportunities? Or critically analyze the difference between Marxism and Capitalism. Whatever the nature of the question may be the structure, flow and argument development should be in keeping with the nature of the question. For this, the planning should be very minutely done and impeccable.
  2. Introduction: In the introduction lies the key to drafting a great assignment. The introduction should have clarity and flow it should be able to highlight the main points of your line of argumentation. The introduction should also hint at the progress of thought and hint at the impending conclusion. The introduction should also be indicative of the assertion that you are claiming in your assignment. Your ability to deliver a convincing line of argument is necessary to make your text interesting to read.
  3. Be attuned to the format and structure: Start outlining the structure. Once the outline has been planned you can start with filling in the relevant data. It will allow you to be flexible about filling in the section overheads. Whichever area you wish to focus upon you can do so. The structure gives a skeletal framework for your assignment. Be very careful that the font and layout are as per the requirement. 
  4. Work on the Text: As a professional assignment writer will tell you it is impossible to write an assignment from beginning to end without having to rewrite, edit, delete, or add content. The text needs to be fine-tuned and it’s essential to ensure that the sentences are grammatically correct as well as easy to read. The discussion should have stamina and not lacking conviction.
  5. Critical Thinking: For graduate-level assignments, critical thinking and analysis are of paramount significance. Any academic writing of significance cannot be sans critical analysis and review. Hence, read, write, edit, rewrite and continuously hone the document till it seems to be apt for submission. 

Continuity of Ideas: One essential quality of good academic writing is that it should show a continuity of ideas. 

  1. The reading should be without effort and one idea should naturally lead to others. The progression of ideas should not be artificial or contrived. It should be a logical development of ideas. 
  2. Discussion: The discussion should be very focused as it is an extremely crucial part of the assignment. It is here that you need to carefully and judiciously elicit the main aspects of your argument. The topic needs to be discussed threadbare in this section in a very organized manner. If the discussion is ambiguous, uncertain, lacks conviction or authentic research quantum then the assignment cannot be regarded as suitable. 
  3. Conclusion: The conclusion should be such that it summarizes the main points effortlessly and convincingly. The interpretations drawn should be properly assessed and validated. The stronger the conclusion the more impressive would be the assignment.
  4. Use of Sources: While writing assignments students have to refer to several kinds of resources. Apart from books students also have to extensively borrow from periodicals, journals, monographs, published dissertations, websites, and newspapers. The data that they borrow has to be properly accounted for in their document. This is where citation comes to play a crucial role. Any reference made to some other author’s work has to be acknowledged otherwise it would amount to plagiarism. This act of taking credit for someone else’s work is a serious offence and is seen as a lack of academic integrity. Also, provide a detailed list of references at the end of your document.
  5. Final review and assessment: Feedback is very mandatory for any good academic assignment It allows you to overcome any shortcomings in your writing style, presentation, research, and conceptualization. So, ask for feedback, be ready to receive inputs and continuously review your draft. Revision and review are the keys to any well-crafted assignment. 

Meticulously follow these tips and you would surely be able to make great milestones. Inevitably you will find that your writing style has improved and your grades will start reflecting this change. It will not only improve your grades but also enhance your confidence. A well-designed assignment is not only a marker of your current performance but will drastically improve your skills to present your ideas in a fluid and logical manner. An asset!

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