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40 Construction Dissertation Topics like Bob The Builder

40 Construction Dissertation Topics like Bob The Builder
February 27, 2019
Author : Chloe Kirner

To come up with a compelling construction dissertation topics of your own is a possibility that not many can believe in. No, I am not saying that one cannot come up with original ideas. But let me think. Out of countless things to do like playing games, sleeping and attending parties at the local bar, do you have the time? Do you have the time to sit and think about the various construction dissertation topics that you can write about? Do you have any measure by which you can check how effective your topics are? Why do you have any fear when My Assignment Services is here.

If I had to write a construction dissertation, this is how I will select my construction dissertation topics.

Selecting a topic that I find interesting

A dissertation is not completed in one night. Not even a professional dissertation writer can pull such a stunt. The average time taken by a student to complete a dissertation is 4-8 weeks. On the other hand, a professional construction dissertation writing expert can do that in 5-6 days. Anyway, since writing a dissertation is not an easy task, I will make sure that I do not do something to make the more complex. Hence, it is really important that I choose a topic that I find interesting. Of course, the topic has to lie within the boundaries of the course you are enrolled in.

Choosing something that is unheard of

Okay, there are two faces to this part. There can be a case when I choose a topic that is different and then I am stuck with nothing. There is no solid evidence to support my claims and findings. We are not going down that road. The second part is where I am choosing construction dissertation topics that are not too mainstream. When you do see a magic show, you do not get excited when the magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Not anymore. Exactly what you need to do. You have to be a little more than pulling out rabbits. Search and come up with exciting new topics!

I will not be too vague

Writing a 15,000 word dissertation does not mean that you are typing whatever that is coming to your mind. You have to make sense as well. That is why when I am choosing construction dissertation topics, I will not choose something that puts the readers in a state of confusion. Trust me, if the professor goes “What exactly has he tried to do in this dissertation? The topic is so unclear.”, your dissertation is finished. Goodbye those high scoring grades. A dissertation is an academic work that is tightly written. Every sentence you are writing in there has to make sense and must be clear.

I will not let go of reality.

When I choose construction dissertation topics, there is a possibility that I absolutely love them. So can happen to you as well. While it is not a big deal to fall in love with a chosen topic or the subject you are addressing. But when you do that, it will make you blind to the weaknesses it brings with itself. Hence, it is essential that you stay realistic about the scope of the topic, the challenges it has and the ways to deal with any issues. Take a step back and look it from the perspective of a novice, you will get a lot of ideas if the construction dissertation topics you have chosen and you are working out or not.

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40 Construction Dissertation Topics

  1. The positive impact of green construction
  2. An analysis of the evolution of the construction of bridges in the last decade
  3. Measures to ensure that the scope of construction never goes out of sight
  4. A critical analysis of modular homes and their impact on the lifestyle of the 21stcentury families
  5. What is the use of using solar cooling in modern buildings
  6. Investment funds and construction sector - are they defining each other?
  7. An analysis of the impact of HMO legislation
  8. Analyse and evaluate the future of photovoltaic (PV) on domestic buildings in the UK
  9. An investigation on how effective strategic partnering is within the UK construction industry
  10. A comparative analysis into the application of timber frame and masonry construction
  11. The relationship between sustainability and financial performance of commercial real estate
  12. Is prefabrication the future of sustainable housing?
  13. What are the relationships between the success of a project and client satisfaction, and good project management and the effective management of stakeholder relationships?
  14. Do private finance initiatives provide value for money in public sector projects in the long term?
  15. Is the UK government’s ambition to build three million new homes by 2020 unrealistic and unachievable?
  16. An analysis into modular construction of a purpose built flats - is this a valid solution to social housing within the UK
  17. Energy efficiency compliance with building regulations 2006, for a standard house type from a private house builders perspective
  18. Critical success factors for construction industry mergers and acquisitions
  19. An examination of information technology and competitive strategies within the Chinese construction industry
  20. An investigation into the impact and influence of knowledge management in the UK construction industry
  21. An assessment of project quality management within the Chinese construction industry
  22. The role and influence of the private sector in property-led regeneration
  23. The importance of sustainable construction and waste minimisation
  24. Do environmental assessment methods influence the client’s design choices?
  25. How effective are design control policies when creating quality urban space while preserving the character of the city intact?
  26. Does building conservation philosophy influence practical decisions making by conservation professionals?
  27. An assessment of the capability of transport models in accessibility
  28. An investigation into the effectiveness of design management in building construction delivery in the UK
  29. Impact of RICS and their efforts in promoting sustainability within the quantity surveying profession
  30. Limitations of the cyclic causal model in establishing the main risks of serious problem projects
  31. The deployment and utilisation of new rules of measurement within quantity surveying
  32. The effectiveness of tablet computers in driving positive technological transformation within the construction industry
  33. The importance of experience in project managers when managing project complexity - a study into the UAE
  34. An investigation into the impact of government regulation on the London real estate market
  35. The impact and effectiveness of social media deployment within the UK construction industry
  36. Assessment of the application of project management in the United Arab Emirates construction industry
  37. Are modern methods of construction able to alleviate the UK housing shortage crisis?
  38. Can the united kingdom achieve zero carbon homes by 2050?
  39. Do the apprenticeship schemes help tackle skills shortages within the UK construction sector?
  40. Future impact and implication of Brexit on the UK construction labour market

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