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13 Compelling Topics for Professional Project

13 Compelling Topics for Professional Project
August 05, 2019
Author : Bill

A professional project is something that holds immense importance in the lives of students in Australia. Not only because it is considered to be the gateway to a bright career for university going students, but also because it strengthens the core concepts involved in specific fields of study. Are you one of those students who face challenges with selecting topics for your professional projects? My Assignment Services is the perfect destination for you. Our assignment help experts would not only guide you on selecting an appropriate topic for your projects but also give you a list of some impeccable topics for professional project.

Criteria For Selecting Accurate And Appropriate Topics For Professional Projects

As we all know, a professional project mainly consists of 3 parts- a project plan, a research proposal and the final report. So, according to our professional project assignment writers, the topic selection is the most important step in such an assignment. This is because, there are high chances of your topic being rejected by your professors. Owing to this fact, the students are afraid of taking any risk in selecting an appropriate topic and hand over the task to our assignment help professionals. Basically, the topic comes in the first part. There are some basic criteria that need to be followed, in order to select a topic that has very less or no chance of getting rejected. Following is the checklist that needs to be followed-

1. The Topic Must Be Quantitative

Though, there are also some professional projects that are qualitative, our professional project assignment writers as well as the professors generally approve of the topics that are quantitative. This is because these topics study the relationship between two variables and present the findings in the form of facts.

2. Data collection

The step where students refer to a lot of sources of information, in order to collect the data, is vital in selecting an appropriate topic for professional project. This is because the efficiency of your professional project is totally dependent on whether the sources from where information is gathered is credible or not. For students who face issues in this step, our assignment help experts suggest them to rely only the authentic annual reports of an organisation or an ASX or any other stock exchange website. Even the sustainability report of an organisation can prove to be an asset here.

3. The company has to be specific

As it is a quantitative approach, naturally, the organisation that is chosen has to be specific. Only then, you would be able to find accurate findings and foretell the impact of one variable on the other.

4. Literature review

While selecting a desirable topic that you do not want to get rejected, the most significant step is to be careful with the literature review. Firstly, our professional project assignment writers emphasize on the fact that the literature review that is performed must be a critical, and not a descriptive one. Then, the next step is to check whether the topic that you choose has at least 30-40 journal articles for reviewing, so that you do not face problems later.

5. Research gap

Only when you perform a critical literature review, you would get a research gap. And this research gap acts as the topic for your professional project. These are the vital parameters that must be kept in mind while choosing a desirable topic for your professional project. If all these things are kept in mind, you are bound to come up with compelling ideas for your assignment.

Some Out-Of-The Box And Compelling Topics For Professional Project

After we have provided you a decent knowledge about the process of topic selection in a professional project, it is now time for our assignment help professionals to give you a sneak peek into some of the topics that are trending nowadays for such projects. Below is a list of all those project ideas upon which our professional project assignment writers have guided students on-
  • Inflation and National Australian Bank
  • Net migration on the labour force
  • Education industry
  • the International price of beef and its effect on the profitability of Mcdonalds
  • Tax revenue and GDP of Australia
  • Diversity in workplace and effect on the company performance: Wesfarmers
  • Electricity consumption and economic growth of Australia
  • Unemployment rate and labour productivity of the retail industry in Australia
  • Intangible assets on the financial performance: Myer
  • Foreign exchange movement on the financial performance of Amazon Inc.
  • Gross profit margin inventory turnover: Woolworthsand Myer
  • A comparative analysis: Effect of Economic Growth on Profitability of BHP Group Ltd and Beach Energy
  • Foreign exchange movement on the financial performance of Amazon Inc.

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