20 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics with Unique Writing Tips

Discursive Essay Topics With Unique Writing Tip
August 30, 2021
Author : Kristy

As the BBC defines, "Discursive writing is the same as argumentative writing; either we discuss our viewpoints in favour of the argument, or against it". It would be no less than a colossal academic blunder if we begin writing these essays without even having a decent knowledge of them. To save you from such a situation, our essay writing help experts are available at your disposal.

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We believe, "essay writing is an art only a few can master. To help you sail through these essays, we will first give you 20 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics With Unique Writing Tips in this blog. It will help you gain mastery over the discursive essays and help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

My Assignment Services has always played a pivotal role in students' lives in the United Kingdom and all over the world for over a decade now. Our grades-oriented essay writers look into each of the guidelines provided with the essay and work strictly according to them.

How to Choose Path-breaking Discursive Essay Writing Topics? Stick to These Points

Before we hand you a list of some great topics for your following discursive essays, it will be helpful to provide you with the points that our experts keep in mind while picking up discursive writing topics.

These are:

Select a Controversial Topic by Breaking Stereotypes

That's how you can make some difference to the current information. While everyone searches for some general topics to choose from, it is always advisable to break this monotony and go for some controversial topics. This will help you make a striking impression by opting for something off-beat to work upon. You must also be ready with enough information to back up your arguments.

Go for Brainstorming Sessions

Whenever it comes to choose discursive writing topics, it is necessary to brainstorm with ideas. For this, mind mapping becomes a potent tool. Else, anyone can choose a topic and write whatever they want to. But that's not how it should be done. For such essays, our essay writing help experts suggest students design a constructive mind-map by looking into the aspects that need to be included in the work.

Do Not Skip the Technical Knowledge Associated with Your Topic

While thinking about the topic for your discursive essay, many students overlook the technical knowledge related to the essay. Make sure you consider these points in mind while working on these essays.

  • In a discursive essay, there must be at least six paragraphs.
  • The introduction of the essay must be compelling enough to grab the attention of the reader.
  • There should be two paragraphs in favour of the topic, while two against the topic.
  • A structured conclusion that promotes thought-provoking statements at the end of the essay is a must.

And now, it's time that our essay writers quickly give you the list of 20 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics with Unique Writing Tips to make the task a lot simpler for you. We're sure that just like we have helped a massive student population get closer to their dream grades with these topics, even you will love these topics.

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20 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics That Make Top-Notch Grades!

If you are roaming here and there, clueless on what topic to write your discursive essay, then we have something in store for you. Over the years, our essay writing help experts have harnessed their years of experience and knowledge to develop these discursive writing topics for you.

Please have a look at them and choose the one that suits your interest the best. It's time for the cherry on the cake now. These are:

  1. Is there a connection between school uniforms and giving away the freedom of expression?
  2. Are vegetarians less healthy than meat-eaters?
  3. Pros and cons of video games among teenagers
  4. The impact of virtual reality on children
  5. Should the people who take steroids be banned from participating in sports activities in the United Kingdom?
  6. Should rap music be banned in the world?
  7. Do the government authorities in the UK have a contribution to the illegal activities taking place there?
  8. Is Facebook needed to stay connected to our friends?
  9. Has society become over-regulated?
  10. Has crypto-currency led to breaking the trust of people in the world?
  11. Role of technology in the lives of contemporary people all across the globe
  12. Is there a connection between Satanism and rock music?
  13. Should same-sex marriages be forbidden?
  14. Have the advertisements on drug abuse impacted people?
  15. How has the destruction of rainforests impacted the world?
  16. Cons of detox diets
  17. Paperbacks V/S E-books
  18. The minimising effect of print media in the United Kingdom
  19. Which is the best parenting method in the UK?
  20. Are there any disadvantages of homeschooling for children in the UK?

If you have not been given any topic to write your discursive essay, these are the best topics to work upon. Other than these, if you wish to get guidance on any of your topics, you can hand over your topics to us. We will conduct extensive research on them and provide you with instant essay solutions right at your doorstep.

Now, we are also available with just a click of a button. You can get connected to us via live one-on-one sessions. We hold them throughout the day so that you can avail them whenever it is convenient for you.

Making The Grade: Unique Discursive Writing Tips Tailored Just for You

Now that you have the topic with you, it is time that we proceed with giving you some easy tips to sail through this process. Stick to these tips while writing a discursive essay, and we're sure you will not face any problem with this.

The Thesis Comes First, Followed by The Idea

Whenever you come to our essay writing help experts, you will often be told about the significance of creativity. However, the thesis always comes first and then the idea follows it. So, make sure you follow this structure in your essay to maintain your arguments' coherence and logical flow.

The Arguments Should Not Lack Proper Evidence

In every discursive essay, the emphasis should be on collecting more and more evidence from credible sources of information. It will contribute to adding weight to your essay. This is why our experts only rely upon sources like books, newspapers, peer-reviewed journals, journal articles and more to extract information for their work.

The Essay Is Structured On the Guidelines Provided

Every essay comes with a unique set of guidelines to be followed for drafting an impeccable essay. This is why our experts do not let any of the instructions go unattended. Even you must make it a point to go through each of the instructions to fulfil them properly.

Other than these, we also take up several other students' queries and try to provide instant answers to all of them. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now.

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