3 Credible (and Non-Credible) Resources for Academic Writing

3 Credible (and Non-Credible) Resources for Academic Writing
February 27, 2018
Author : Alex

Assignments can be referred to as indispensable division of an academic curriculum. They require an in-depth subject matter knowledge and exceptional comprehension skills. However, students often struggle in devoting the time to cite, gather and analyse the required data. A survey conducted by My Assignment Services has shown that even after realising the requirements, students often get confused with the resources that must be referred to support their evidence and theory. Referring from non-trusted or non-credible resources may lead to unverified or incorrect facts and figures, resulting to poor assignment grades and consequently, low academic result.To avoid such blunders, here’s a list of 3 credible (and non-credible) resources which can guide you towards the right path of academic research.

1)    Academic Journals

Most of the universities have subscription to a large academic-journals’ database. The students are provided with login credentials to explore relevant information from the university database and e-resources. Some commonly used databases may include JSTOR and EBSCO Host.


Microsoft Academic Search and Google Scholar are two of the most popular search tools to find scholarly articles - peer-reviewed journals, patents, court proceedings, technical papers, thesis and more.

2)    Books and E-Books

Humanities students are advised to use books rather than websites. If you are searching for in-depth knowledge of the subject, it is time for you to hit the library. Check out the call number of the book by searching the keyword in the public library website or you can ask the librarian to assist you with the search.


Google books, on the other hand, can help you find a book related to your keyword. You can also check the information regarding buying the book, and go through a sneak-peak section called ‘preview’.

3)    Websites

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, don’t provide the best academic results. One must look for .gov or .org websites.


There are different websites for different subjects. One can choose from RefSeek, iSeek, EasyBib Research, OAlster and many more.

Regarding the non-credible sources, please don’t use Wikipedia! Any encyclopedia is an overview of information in which information can change anytime and thus, it is unreliable.


Perhaps, the ‘References’ section at the bottom of the Wikipedia page containing links are often more credible than the page itself!

In case you need further assistance, you can always contact our experts in an exclusive one-on-one session. We, at My Assignment Services, also provide all assignment services at affordable rates.

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