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5 Challenges Of Using A Professional Portfolio

5 Challenges Of Using A Professional Portfolio
March 28, 2019
Author : Andy

A lot of universities ask you to create professional portfolios in their assignments. But there are a lot of challenges of using a professional portfolio that the students are either unaware of or they do not pay any attention to. But every challenge that is left non-rectified, snatches your opportunity for the top grades. Learn how to overcome these challenges.


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Before all that, let us first see if you know what is a professional portfolio

Professional portfolios are a document that entails all the details of the person presenting it. It is a detailed explanation of the skills, education, and abilities of the person. This is why it is gaining popularity as a method of assessment, especially in the higher education.

Did you know this? Very well. So, let us see how to make a portfolio, shall we and see if you know that?

How to create a portfolio?

  • Mention your previous work experiences

The first thing about telling about yourself in detail to the employer is to begin by mentioning in detail about your previous work experience. If you conducted a survey, mention that. If you prepared any report, mention that.

The challenge is when you have to mention the details of every task that you completed.

  • Highlight a prestigious employer

If you have ever worked for an organisation that is highly successful at the present date, be sure that you include their information in the portfolio. Include the information that you learned while working there and it will surely impress the employer.

The challenge here lies in filtering out the useful information from the unwanted one.

  • Include correspondences you have received

The employers are significantly impressed from the portfolio when you present correspondence that you received for your contribution to any project or for your hard-work and professionalism.

The challenge here lies when a detailed explanation needs to be written here. The students are unable to either produce sufficient examples of their work or are not able to justify their correspondence effectively.

5 challenges of using a professional portfolio

  • Becoming a paper trail

When you are preparing a professional portfolio, you are literally pouring out yourself onto the paper. This is why a portfolio is detailed and lengthy. The world today is fast and nobody has enough time to go through all that. So, all your portfolio remains to be is a paper trail piled in a corner.

  • Time-consuming

I just said that the world is fast. You also have thousands of things to do and you cannot simply keep hung up on preparing one professional portfolio. Creating and then assembling the portfolio is very time consuming.

  • Individualistic

Every task is mentioned individually in a portfolio and they are mentioned without making much connections with each other.

  • Format? What is that?

There is no fixed format of creating a professional portfolio. When you start preparing one, you realise that this is more complex than you thought.

  • Fails to meet the big picture

The functional aspects of your work experience are very well explained in the professional portfolio but that voids you of the big picture.

How to overcome these challenges of using a professional portfolio?

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