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5 Things You Can Do Over Semester Break

5 Things You Can Do Over Semester Break in Australia
August 26, 2020
Author : Bill

Australia has always been a home for international students especially for those hailing from India, China, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. More than 160,000 international students are enrolled among hundreds of courses such as in Vocational Education and Training, higher education, and TAFE in different disciplines. You might be spending quite a lot of time in research as well as on writing university assignments and academic projects. But after a series of late-night study, attending exhaustive lectures, and submitting assignments on time, you will finally come to the end of the semester, after all, that hustle. This is the moment where you would want to chill out with your friends, play Call of Duty, or spend a short vacation with your close one. We know you’re a kind of a person who loves the wilderness (which also have several health benefits) and so, we have some great picks for you for the next adventure.

Let us know if you can think of anything else other than the ones below.

4WD on Fraser Island

Being a former student of Central Queensland University, I always try to take a break and relax whenever I get overwhelmed with my studies or work. Going on a cruise and tagging to a beach alone are the best ways to unwind oneself after the semester is completed. Queensland is a city that has a variety of places you can visit such as Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Daintree National Park, Fraser Island, and more. Just hop onto your 4x4 or cruise the remote coastlines; these experiences will take your breath away.

4WD on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the largest sand islands not only in Australia but all across the world. Apart from just putting your vehicle in gear and going for it, there are few other destinations where you can enjoy your holidays. Some of them are –Whitsunday Islands, Port Douglas, Kuranda, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and many more.

Port Lincoln Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

If you are studying at the University of South Australia, Australian Institute of Business, Open College School of Health, Carnegie Mellon University in Australia or any other university based in South Australia, then do consider visiting places like Adventure Bay Charters, Warner Bros. Movie World (Gold Coast).

Port Lincoln Cage Dive

Here at Port Lincoln Cage, you will come to experience a splendid one day adventure to witness the Great Whites. Along with it, you will also venture to a place called Neptune Island which is barely two and a half hours away. Here, you find ancient pillars that look like extraterrestrial tombstones. 

Gold Coast Warner Bros Movie World

If you think that it could get too risky swimming with the white sharks, then try considering riding the rollercoasters at Gold Coast Warner Bros Movie World. This rollercoaster reaches up to a speed of 115km/hr and runs on a 1400-meter-long track; which is also one of the fastest, longest, and highest rollercoasters in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gold Coast Warner Bros

In addition to this, you can also access to shows, rides, and different types of entertainment where you can enjoy your day. You can also buy VIP Magic Pass to get access to Wet’n’Wild, Sea World, and Paradise Country for a specific period.

Sunset and Cairns Harbour Cruises

Going on a sightseeing weekend is a great option to enjoy a semester break. A cruise along Cairns Harbour offers you a never seen before view of the beautiful landscapes as well as the city. You get to experience the urban and natural landscapes while sipping on exotic beverages. Watch the sun as it sets over the mountains while having your favourite delicacies prepared by top chefs from across Australia.  

Sunset and Cairns Harbour Cruises

University scholars who are looking forward to enjoying a tour with their family can try Cairns Harbour Sunset Cruise. The ticket fee is also reasonably-priced that would cost only $50/person. Spending your holidays like a boss as Cairns Harbour Cruises tour offers one free drink and snacks too! The entire boat trip is for two and a half hours a day where you can enjoy the atmosphere, waterways, mountains, and mangroves. 

Sydney Harbour 

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour has always been one of the best places to spend quality time as you can get to experience breathtaking landmarks from the ground and above. Here, I used to enjoy iconic landmarks including Opera House and Harbour Bridge and beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to carry your camera to take outstanding snaps of waterways and spectacular scenery. You can also try having a picnic on the island!

I am glad that you have read this blog. Studying in Australia certainly gives a great opportunity to become independent and to grow up in a different environment. In Australia, students can find a variety of things and activities to experience to make their holidays interesting and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more such blogs by My Assignment Services where we will discuss more on how to get to the attractions, tips, and how to start and spend your day.

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