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50 Accounting Dissertation Topics You Can Start Writing On Now!

50 Accounting Dissertation Topics You Can Start Writing On Now!
October 11, 2018
Author : Administrator

Accounting is a subject that covers a huge spectrum of subdomains in itself. When you set out to choose one of the many accounting dissertation topics, the results are overwhelming. Hence, choosing that one topic which you can brilliantly nail will be very difficult. Choosing the right dissertation topic is something which should be handled with extensive care. Therefore, we present to you a list of 50 accounting dissertation topics that you can start writing on –

Management Accounting Research Topics

  • Analysing the suitability of a Balanced Scorecard Approach to check for performance appraisal and strategic management of the organisation.
  • Checking for activity-based costing as a valuable input for monitoring a project.
  • Externally funded projects and indirect costs’ allotment, an analysis for the developed countries and developing countries.
  • Is du Pont a successful parameter for performance appraisal method in organisations and how can they be implemented in other countries as well.
  • The impact of international trade wars on the domestic pricing of the goods and services.
  • Analyse and evaluate the effect of the cost accounting approach on the entrepreneur’s ability to enhance the productivity and the operating efficiency in a developing economy like Myanmar or Pakistan.
  • Checking for the challenges that the corporations operating in the oil and gas sector face in enumerating and qualitatively managing the risk.
  • Can performance management systems help the management board to take strategic decisions for the organisation?
  • Reviewing the construction sector and corporations to check if the firms can improve their strategic planning and their performance with the help of a decision support system.
  • How can any military undergo a paradigm shift through account management?

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics

  • Comparing and analysing the organisational structure in multinational corporations in the US, Europe and Australia.
  • The revolution in the banking sector due to the inception of the micro-finance.
  • Conducting an empirical analysis on the effect of mergers of corporate and acquisitions of the corporations on the national economy of the nation.
  • Analysis of the limitations of the multinational corporations in relation to the foreign exchange rate.
  • The role of academic training in equipping the students pursuing undergraduate courses in business and finance to prepare them for the future in the financial sector.
  • Identifying the role of leadership to transform the business idea into a success.
  • Does hotel and tourism industry have a limitation of finances and how does that amount for fraudulent activities?
  • Do the organisational structure and the board of directors of any organisation play a role in the employee performance and his/her earnings?
  • How effective is the business strategy adopted by Uber?
  • Analysing the role of marketing strategies on the earnings of the organisation and defining consumer behaviour.
  • How do taxes play a role in defining the dividend policy?

Financial Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Reviewing the accounting practices adopted globally for fixed assets.
  • Analysing the role of the insurance companies in adding to liabilities.
  • Analysing the strategy adopted by Australian National Bank to assess long-term
  • A literature review on the impact of the structure of the firm and organisational culture on the shareholder equity.
  • Analysing the difference between the financial reporting practices globally and how they affect the combined financial statements of the corporations.
  • Checking the implementation of IFRS on earning management and the procedural changes because of its implementation.
  • A case study on the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility practices of the firm on the value of the shareholders.
  • Conducting a global perspective investigative analysis on the effect of the financial reporting on the enterprise risk.
  • Analysing the various modes of fixed asset financing available and checking the efficiency of different modes.
  • A literature review on the financial ratio and checking their practical utility in the measurement of the performance of the organisation.

Auditing Dissertation Topics

  • An exploratory research into the inequality between the audit assurance progress and the ambiguities in the financial statements.
  • Is the effectiveness of public sector audits in the healthcare sector for providing better healthcare administration and amenity a reality or a myth?
  • A systematic review on if the audit booming in the last 10 years caused better and improved audits or in an unfair unprofessionalism.
  • Conducting a systematic investigation to determine if the constant appointment of audit consultancy firms for long durations over a contract period affect the professional capability of the auditing firm.
  • Writing a review of the monetary financial reporting audits of the past 10 years that caused catastrophic consequences on the global economy.
  • Do certified public auditors widen the gap between the academic constructions and professional excellence?
  • How can the experience of an auditor help them develop a detailed knowledge of the organisation they have to audit?
  • Conducting a comparative examination of the quality of audit discoveries and findings between a developed economy and a developing economy.
  • Drawing a comparative investigation between the process of internal auditing in a private limited organisation and a non-profit organisation.
  • How do multinational corporations conduct the audit in their offices across nations?

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Drawing a comparison of the conventional policies of taxation and the non-conventional & modern practices for dividends across the globe.
  • Discussing the changes that the healthcare insurance taxation policies have seen in the last
  • Investigating the role that the double entry bookkeeping model plays in affecting the modern accounting systems.
  • How does the initial bookkeeping teaching influence the following accounting accomplishments of the students at the university level?
  • Writing a systematic review of the primary obstacle of accounting in the e-commerce trades.
  • Examining the decision support systems accessible for the online accounting work.
  • An empirical study on what parameters should be taken into account in a financial disclosure of an electronic accounting environment.
  • A comparative study of accounting information systems available for decision making in a small firm and a large firm.
  • How do big accounting information systems protect their data’s security from unethical activities and cybercrimes?
  • An evaluation of the primary accounting frauds in the past decade and how an ethical judgment would have defined the course of events in the future.
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