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9 Problems Every International Student Faces

9 Problems Every International Student Faces
March 06, 2019
Author : Celina

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 360,000 students apply for a student visa in Australia every year. It is possible that you too are one of them. As an international student, there will be several problems that you face or have faced. So, My Assignment Services shares 10 problems that every international student in Australia faces.

1.Language Barrier

A lot of international students pursuing their education in Australia did not have English as their first language. I am sensing that you can relate to it. You do know that there is a difference between English proficiency required to clear the language test for Visa and the proficiency required to write your academic documents. Also, the Australian accent and lexical differences are constant trouble makers in your lives. Moreover, the lectures delivered by the professors, notes, tutorials, everything is in English. You need to know basic English even when you are buying a burger at a local food joint!

2.College Expectations

Is this education system expecting way too much of you? Do you not feel the burden pushing you into the ground? If you are new here, then this is just the beginning. If you have been here long enough, you still cannot get over the fact that the education is so “hefty” over here. But I feel you. I know that you are not at all interested in preparing the assignments which you feel are a burden dragging you down and stopping you from achieving your dreams. But, this is just how it is.

3.Cultural Adjustment

When you are exposed to a new culture, you might not feel comfortable immediately. The culture in Australia is almost similar to that of the western countries. So, if you are flying in from the UK or the States, you might actually feel a lot like home. But, when you are coming in from the Asian countries, the Middle East and other European countries, you might take time to adjust. And I am sure that a lot of you even feel cultural discomfort and get isolated from the environment. This is not just you, a lot of international students face this problem.

4.Helping Yourself

Australia is an expensive place. The cost of living in Australia is quite high. International students in Australia problems are incomplete if I do not talk about the high living cost of Australia. Most of the students who leave their jobs and come to Australia for higher education are trading a safe job for one of a financial struggle. Your parents may be very supportive of your move and they might also be supporting you financially by sending allowance, the need to help yourself is not unseen. That is why you can see a lot of students engaged in a part-time job.

5.Meeting New People

When you are in your home country, you are comfortable and in a shell that fits you perfectly. Every other person that you meet speaks your language, knows your culture. Hence, it is easier to make friends when you change cities in the same country. But making friends and meeting new people in a totally strange land? Making friends is one of the most common challenges faced by international students in Australia. And I know that it is not always about the money. You feel alone and isolated in a new place. You need friends with whom you can meet, hang out with and have a nice time.

6.Feeling Homesick

When you decide to leave home and come to Australia, you are in a way leaving behind a part of you. This part is your parents, the family, the home that you are leaving. There are students who are extremely happy for the first few days here in a new culture and enjoying the festivities it has to offer. But then, the reality starts to sink in. What was glittering from far away was not actually gold. At home, there is always someone with whom you can share your feelings. Even if you do not have any friends, you can always share your emotions with your family. But here in a strange land, missing home is one of the most common problems faced by international students.

7.Someone Not Having Your Back

One of the most desirable things a student needs in a new place is knowing that someone is watching out. The feeling of having someone who has got your back in the time of need, it is essential to give international students a sense of belongingness. On the contrary, the universities in Australia, they do not have much initiatives and schemes to make the students feel welcome. If you are also in the same set of students, then I am sure that you know what I am talking about. Back home, there was always someone with you. You have your friends and families but here, you are by yourself. And that feeling sucks.

8.Breaching Locals

It is in our nature to form bonds with whom we share similar interests. Therefore, when you, an international student, put your feet inside the university campus, you immediately start searching for students who might be from your home country. And if you find someone belonging to your city, boy, that is like you found a needle in a haystack. It will not be soon when you will be best friends and all you care about is each other. The same case happens with the local kids. They form their own groups. But when you do not have anyone to talk to, you try befriending a local. And I know the struggle of making your way towards a person who ignores you and leaves with his school friends.

9.Keeping Up with the Kardashians

No, I am not talking about the series. Here, the Kardashians are referring to a huge load of assignments that is waiting for you. Yes, you know what I am referring to. Keeping up the piling tasks that are due, with little knowledge of what to do and also making sure that you do not fail or you will besent back home is not an easy task. Not only the international students, but even the local kids would also agree on this one. You might even fight wars and conquer the social elements of being an international student in Australia, the academics are an important domain that cannot be just ignored. And you guys ignore it because there is a lot going on outside the classroom, and then fall behind in your academics.

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