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9 Things A Finance Student Can Learn from The Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street
October 16, 2018
Author : Administrator

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is much more than just sex scenes, nude girls, cocaine addiction and bank fraud. Wait, what? You practically summed up the entire movie just right there! Well, we did. However, as a finance assignment help pioneer in the industry, we know some things that you, a finance student, can identify and take up from the movie in order to excel in your assignments. We’ll be the Mark Hanna to your Jordan Belfort.

1.   Attract Employees

Do you remember the scene where Jordan goes for dinner with some candidates and asks them to sell him a pen? That’s the way you assert yourself and build the community of employees who worship you as a God. As a finance manager, it lies upon you to build the revenue and finances that your company attracts the best of the employees and not the tax departments. When your company has a brand name, employees are attracted naturally. Try to get your CEO an interview in Forbes with amazing revenue and profits and see the magic happen.

2.   Being in Control of The Company

You are a student right now but a finance manager of the future. Therefore, you are practically in charge and control of the company in terms of monetary actions. Should the company show 150% growth, you’ll be applauded. Should the company go bankrupt, you’ll be blamed. So, as Jordan Belfort keeps himself in control, you too can. If you invest in the stock market and get an opportunity to stay afloat by taking help of public financiers rather than a bank loan, you have a better chance of surviving the downfall or recession.

3.   Build Relations Rather Than Relationships

Jordan had the entire business built with the help of friends. Now, you might think that the friends do not turn their back on you, this is the 21st century. If the CIA were to abduct you right now and pay you $1M to tell them the email address of every single student at your university, you wouldn’t think twice. Therefore, it is better to keep your relationships in the office to the minimum of personal and maximum of professional. You never know who backstabs you at any given point of time.

4.   Insider Trading Is A Sin

Jordan Belfort took advantage of the inside knowledge in order to sell the shares and run the scam effectively. As a finance manager, you have access to highly sensitive data like how much is being paid to whom, who is paying your organisation how much and much more. Thus, it is no secret that you will soon develop an insight into how the company is earning and how their practices might put the competitor behind. Do not be like Jordan who works only for himself. Taking advantage of this classified information to raise your career graph is not at all recommended.

5.   Keep an Eye on The Ledgers

You don’t want to sound completely illogical whenever someone asks you what the hell is happening here. Especially when that question comes from the representative of the country’s security agency. It is your duty to check that no employee is embezzling money. Also, you have to make sure that all the records are what they should be. Turning a blind eye to the small discrepancies in the financial statements can lead to a huge scam in the future. It is then when you will be questioned that how you failed to identify what was happening in your organisation in terms of finances. You will plead that you don’t know anything but they won’t listen. So, why not stay alert and prevent such an event rather than curing it once it takes place.

6.   Keep Your Finances Legal

When Jordan proposes to his friends a scheme to dupe people and earn money, a responsible friend would have suggested him to not go ahead and talked some sense into him. Similarly, if an employee approaches you with a scheme that will make a ton of money in the short time, illegal obviously, think long term. Think of the consequences it can have. If such an action is already taking place, confront the participants and give them a threat of legal action. Remember, you are the finance manager. Therefore, neither do you have to invest with any organisation like Stratton Oakmont nor do you have to become a Stratton Oakmont.

7.   Make A Name in Business World

Actions speak louder than words. Jordan Belfort did what he promised and achieved what he desired. This is exactly what you should learn from him, not drug addiction. When you show your employers the results rather than mere promises, they will be impressed. No doubt about that. Whenever you have the opportunity to outshine the competition with some innovative practices, do not think twice. Talk to the concerned person and implement your idea as soon as possible. Making a name in the business world will improve the cash flow in the company’s finances and your bank account.

8.   Money Can Buy Happiness

Jordan Belfort lived a dream. He partied, slept around, went to international trips, bought a yacht, had a huge villa, and drove amazing cars. Wow. What a life. Isn’t that the dream for most of us? It is no surprise that you can get that exact same lavish lifestyle as a finance saviour of any organisation. Though there are people who say that money cannot buy you happiness, they haven’t seen this movie. Remember, you can buy as much happiness as you want from money. Unless you have this mindset, you will not be a successful finance manager and will be crushed under the weight of the rigorous world. By the way, it is better to cry in a Ferrari, isn’t it?

9.   Stay Updated with The Market

Jordan Belfort had a hint of success in his ability to hard sell the products. Even in the small boiler room brokerage firm, he was able to pitch aggressively and make a small fortune. This could be achieved because he was updated with the local and global market and businesses. As a finance manager, you should also be such aggressive and make use if your knowledge to put your business further. Take advantage of the global policy change of international trade, the government rules and the budget and other things to favour your business.

Awwww, were you enjoying reading this blog post? As a reward for you being such a good boy, here is a treat for you. An additional tenth point!

10.     Taking Short Breaks Can Be Profitable

If you are living in Victoria, you are so lucky. Go and get your hands on some party material, take short breaks from your busy life and enjoy every moment. When you are living a stress-free life, you automatically increase your work output.

Well, that’s all for the day, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Go watch The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) once again and tell us what did you learn from this movie in the comments below.

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