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A Basic Guide To Write An Essay

A Basic Guide To Write An Essay
September 11, 2019
Author : Bill

Essays writing tasks are common nowadays for students studying in schools, colleges, and universities. Every university assigns tasks to students to write a business essay which is also known as a report or any other form of essay. Essays can be in different forms such as narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay or a persuasive essay.

Following Are The Four Major Types Of Essays

Essays have become an essential part of academics. There are different types of essays in academic. Each essay has its way to write and format and must be followed while writing. The essay writing experts in Canada have explained the four major forms of the essay below;

Narrative Essay

Essays are your brainchild. A narrative essay is a type of essay where students need to present a real-life story or experience. Students are required to think and write about it and most students lack imagination. Such students are advised to make their stories as vivid as possible. If you are writing an essay, you use the first person to begin your narrative essay. For example - Begin your sentences using "I" helps engage more readers.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is like painting a picture with words. You are required to explain a place, person or object. However, a descriptive essay should strive to display a deeper meaning through the description. While writing a descriptive essay, you should show rather than telling.

Expository Essays

An expository essay can be explained as an informative way of writing which shows the analysis of a specific topic by using statistics, facts, and examples. This form of writing encompasses a variety of essay variations like comparison & contrast, cause & effect essay, etc.

Persuasive Essays

Where an expository essay is a presentation of statistics, facts, and examples, a persuasive essay is written to convince the reader to accept your recommendation and viewpoint. You should create a case based on logic and facts, expert opinions, examples and sound reasoning. You should include arguments which should be easier to understand. As we have discussed in the first paragraph that your essay can vary. However, every essay has its own structure and format. The approach to be followed while writing an essay must be like.

Select a topic for your essay

If you have not been assigned a topic for an essay, you must choose a subject related to a topic that is interesting. Always choose topics as per the word count of your essay.

Choose the type of essay

The very first step is to select the type of essay you are going to write. It can be narrative, descriptive, expository or persuasive.

Research the topic

Once you have selected the topic and type of essay, you are required to conduct research on the topic. You can find information and data from online journals, articles, and other reliable sources.

Write a thesis statement

Developing a thesis statement is a crucial part of the essay. It shows what is your essay about. The thesis should always be stated in the introduction paragraph.

Create an outline

The next step is to create an outline including the steps that you are going to talk about. An outline can be explained as a skeleton of your essay. An outline helps you to stick, organise and complete your paper flawlessly.


Now, you can start your essay as per your outline. Your writing should be clear, concise and easy to understand. Once you are done with the writing process, you must read and re-edit the essay. It will help you in submitting a flawless assignment paper. The above-given format and steps can be helpful in writing your essays accurately. If you need any type of assignment, feel free to contact My Assignment Services.

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