A Brief Overview of TAFE Courses and Assignments- Must Read for All TAFE Aspirants [5 Minute Read]

A Brief Overview of TAFE Courses and Assignments- Must Read for All TAFE Aspirants [5 Minute Read]
November 25, 2017
Author : Amy

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education, is Australia’s largest provider of vocational education and training. TAFE provides an accessible, flexible and affordable skill-based learning that helps you gain employment or prepares you for further University level courses. TAFE courses are funded by the Australian Government. Numerous prominent Universities in Australia like The Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne), Victoria University, Canberra Institute of Technology, Western Sydney Institute Et.al. TAFE courses and their various disciplines are perfect for students who are looking for skill-based training that can help them gain an employment without having to go for further education. It is also beneficial for those looking for a pathway to University Degrees and for those international students who wish to undertake higher studies in Australian Universities or are seeking employment in Australia.

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Figure I. TAFE in News

TAFE Courses, Assignments and Examinations: A Complete Overview

There are numerous courses and disciplines that comes under TAFE. You can select any course depending on the industry you want to work in. Like for example, if you are good at understanding cars and what goes on inside the hood of a car, you can opt for automotive trade and services, where you will be able to have practical training and skills to work as a motor technician, car body painter, engine mechanic, light and heavy vehicle mechanic and so on. In the below diagram you can see the different study areas that fall under TAFE.

Study Area

Let’s take a quick look at courses level offered by TAFE providing Universities.

Course Levels

TAFE Assignments/Assessments and Examinations

Students who have undertaken TAFE courses have to appear for examinations, both offline and online, and have to submit assignments or projects required of them during the course duration. Different disciplines have different assignments that can be both theoretical assessment as well as on-job assessment, depending on their study area and industry. However, TAFE assignments come with their own set of do’s and don’ts. Although, the purpose of TAFE assignments remain the same as any other degree program that is, to demonstrate whether the student has understood the learning essentials from the course or not, it has its own set of criteria to evaluate. Here are some examples of a TAFE assignment, the requirement, and how you have to approach them.


Focus Area

Figure II Assignment Questions Specific Requirements

purpose of intervention strategy

Figure III Template for Writing Answer (TAFE Assignment)


key observation

Figure IV Template for Writing Answer

Approach to Writing TAFE Assignments

While assignments for degree courses allow students to research peer-reviewed journals, books, case studies and other informative and relevant literature (and use them for citations), TAFE Assignments come with their own reading material and supplemental literature. Students have to read everything provided with the assignment question including the given case studies, policy documents, survey reports etcetera and use these given sources as references. Students are advised not to use any other literature other than the provided ones to complete their assignment. Same goes for writing template. As you can see in Figure II and III above, you have to write your answers or tick the multiple choice questions only on the template provided. Similarly, the assessor has another template where he/she notes down how you performed, basically the evaluation. Let’s also take a look at the assessor’s template.


Figure V. Assessor's Template

Here is an example of the reading and supplemental material provided with the assignment.

reading material

supplemental material

Figure VI. Reading and Supplemental Material in PDF form.

While dissertations, thesis, essays, etc. for degree courses follow different formats of writing and are evaluated for theoretical understanding of the subject in detail, assignments for TAFE are evaluated on your understanding of the subject and how to use your skills in real-world scenarios. At My Assignment Services, we have a team of dedicated TAFE assignment writers who are well-versed with the assignment requirements. Our TAFE subject matter experts have years of experience in writing assignment solutions that matches your professor's expectations and help you achieve good grades.



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