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A Detailed Look Into Peter Mitchell Case Study

A Detailed Look Into Peter Mitchell Case Study
September 12, 2019
Author : Keith Morris

Chronic health care practices are important to learn if you are pursuing a course to become a professional nurse. Many universities impart these learning by taking the help of theoretical group sessions, practical nursing observatory classes, and assessment tests. However, a lot of students find it difficult to crack these sessions and medical case study assessments, thereby, making them go see a professional nursing assignment help services. The corresponding blog is about a case study that is immensely popular in nursing and discusses the implementation of the clinical reasoning cycle to sort out chronic health elements together. Peter Mitchell Case Study nursing Let us begin.

Peter Mitchell Case Study Assignment Sample

The corresponding Peter Mitchell case study is about a 52-year old individual with Type-2 diabetes who was admitted to the medical ward. The symptoms observed by his General Physician were increased hunger, shakiness, diaphoresis, high BGL levels as well as difficulty in breathing. With the fact of being a heavy smoker, he was previously treated with high protein and low energy diet to reduced weight. Also, his dietician advised us to take up light exercises to manage his weight and enhance his metabolism. Given below is the assignment sample of the following case study. Peter Mitchell is a 52-year old male The assessment task required us to prepare the integration of various principles of managing the care of patients with chronic conditions. Our experts responded to the Peter Mitchell case study by centering their research on prioritising the needs of the patient. By making use of clinical reasoning and effective decision making, they were capable enough to design the care process with the fact of avoiding adverse outcomes. We were also given his current health conditions and medications as well which our nursing professionals have perfectly identified. Medical History of Peter Mitchell By carefully looking into the major problems, it was clearly evident that obesity and diabetes are associated with each of the symptoms that Peter was facing. While obesity increases insulin production which compensates for high glucose levels by subsequently resulting in weight gain. Careful research was conducted by our nursing care plan assignment experts where they found out that diabetes associated with shakiness and diaphoresis along with unusual sweating is a common symptom that occurs in overweight individuals. From the above information, it made easier to prepare managing care plans for chronic patients where our experts had effectively utilised the eight stages of the clinical reasoning cycle to provide accurate analysis. The following are the eight stages of the clinical reasoning cycle. Clinical Reasoning cycle
  • Considering and assessing the situation of the patient
  • Collecting the patient demographical information
  • Processing these information
  • Identifying the patient’s problems
  • Establishing the specific goals or measuring an effective treatment plan
  • Taking accurate actions
  • Evaluating all the outcomes
  • Reflecting on the whole clinical process
Our community-based care nursing assignment experts were efficient enough to provide better suggestions on how they can treat or reduce these symptoms that would help in reducing diabetes levels. You can get the complete answer from My Assignment Services just by contacting our nursing experts via phone, email, Whatsapp or live chat. If you have a pending assessment based on new requirements, feel free to opt for our nursing assignment help.

Significance of Case Study Assessment Tasks

Many universities often give out nursing case study assessment tasks to their students to incorporate effective learning capability and build a good understanding of the concepts. These case studies involve considering a situation where students get to learn about critical analysis and decision making skills. After having done their analysis and research, then they need to frame their answers in a proper structure. Given below is a basic structure followed to answer such nursing case study assignments.
  • Case Study Question/Summary
  • Introduction
  • Statement
  • Outcomes
  • Methodologies
  • Treatment Plan
  • Alternative Plans (if any)
  • Conclusion

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Keith Morris

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