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A Key to Successful Essay Writing

A Key to Successful Essay Writing
June 18, 2020
Author : Kristy

Think about what if the sculptor of postmodernism Derrida could not write resplendent essays. Had he not expressed his ideas through mesmerizing essays, then we could have never explored the unavoidable theories of postmodernism. A successful essay reflects the idea and intent of a writer. But what are the features of an essay which can make it successful? Let us take a look at this.

Key characteristics of a successful essay

  • Lucid language and compelling words- A good essay should be written in lucid language. Instead of writing complex sentences, a writer should be working on explicating ideas in simple sentences. Using unusual words to substantiate difficult ideas sometimes can turn an essay insidious for the readers so they move away from the essay. Some easy but appropriate words are required to make an essay interesting.
  • Uses of paragraphs- An idea is equal to a paragraph. This is a very common saying. Creating appropriate paragraphs help readers to devoid of the monotony of a long passage. To divide your essay into successful paragraphs, you need to compartmentalize the flow of your thought. But one thing should not be avoided, which is the link between two paragraphs.
  • Maintaining the format- A prescribed format can be provided by your teacher, if not, you may follow any valid format prescribed by any international research organization. But they should be maintained properly. If you change the sequence of the chapters of a given format, the essay will be disdained. For example, analyses of the literature should be written after the methodologies and framework.
  • The authenticity of the sources of data used in your essay- If you pick up data from the anonymous sources without checking its authenticity, you are entitled to violate the research ethics. Sources should be chosen in cognizance of the expert's suggestion. You should explore multiple books, journals, articles, and previous research papers. The job may seem to be quite tedious, but you may seek an expert's advice on this matter.


Source: The Writing Center

Some significant tips to write a successful essay

  1. Choose a topic- The first and foremost task is to pick a suitable topic. You may have been assigned a topic or you need to find a topic in the field of the research area. While choosing a topic, you need to consider 2 important things. One, "will I be able to get sufficient time to work on it?" Two, "will I be able to collect all the documents and data required to write an essay on the topic?" In simple words, time and sources are the two key elements you need to plan for before you start writing the essay on the chosen topic. Another important task in this section is to write the topic - both heading and subheading. You should use an innovative way such that there can be hints for a new idea or new eventuality in your essay, and yes, this should attract the gaze of a reviewer. You need to narrow your area sometimes. That's why a given topic should be resurfaced sometimes and written accordingly.
  2. Outlining the ideas- This task is a determining task to create the framework of an essay. The better a framework can be, the more ideal would the essay become. This statement may seem to be generalized, but a successful essay should have a strong skeleton! Otherwise, ideas can never be constructed. The first task should be to write the literature you are going to review, bog down some important portion of the texts chosen by you, and the keywords you need to circle.
  3. Writing the thesis statement- The thesis statement can be said as the summary of an essay that conveys the message, purpose, and authenticity of the researcher's analysis. A good thesis statement should be written at the end of the introduction. A thesis statement should be critical, comprehensive, and topic-oriented.


Source: The Writing Centre

  1. Formation of the body- Structuring is so important in creating a successful essay. You need to jot down all the chapters' names and points in each chapter. This practice can help you keep your essay precise and it won't exceed the word limits.
  2. Beginning and ending- After the net practice when you enter the real ground to play a real match, you need to be meticulous about a good beginning and a better ending to have the best result. You will truly be in the win-win situation if you can start your essay with a powerful introduction. A powerful introduction should have these qualities.
  • An intriguing idea about what you are working on.
  • A comprehensive objective of your essay
  • Crispy way to set sail for the depth of your topic
  • List of keywords should be attached with the introduction

To end an essay, you need to use some good concluding statements, which should entail your stance, few words about new ideas churned out from your essay, some ideas about new findings, and lastly a neat hint about the future implication of the new ideas.

  1. A proper referencing- You need to dully follow the guidelines of referencing provided to you by your department or university. Technical ideas of referencing and its proper use gives a better and professional outlook of your essay. A good idea of referencing style should be attained by you to create a successful essay to have been approved by multiple academic committees worldwide. There is some clear guidance for different style sheets available. You need to figure out the demarcation between them. But assistance from an online essay writer can always be helpful here. An example is cited here.


Source: Murdoch University

  1. Detailed proofreading - The better you are a proof-reader, the more gracious and perfect your essay looks like. Sometimes in a hurry, we may overlook tiny mistakes. Even after a revision, they may be retained on the paper. These glitches can disrupt the ideas of yours put in the paper after a strenuous effort. You would never want your words to be detrimental to you. There is proofreading software to correct your writing, but you cannot rely on it always because you can only correct several types of errors manually which can never be corrected by artificial intelligence. So it's better to take assistance from an expert proof-reader and essay writer online. An example of proofreading is cited here.


Source: Gramlee

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