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A to Z of Plagiarism in the University Assignments [4-min Read]

A to Z of Plagiarism in the University Assignments

What is Plagiarism?

Presenting someone else’s work or idea or thoughts as your own without the consent of that party can be termed as plagiarism. Be it published, unscripted, or in the email or electronic form; all of the falls under this category.

Having said that, what comes first to your mind when you read or hear the word? Assignments. More precisely, university assignments. For a student to spend hours and hours of research on a single assignment is useless as he has a life to live outside the walls of the university as well, don’t you? We feel you. Wait, who are we exactly? We, My Assignment Services, form an organisation that aims to provide the Australian students with assignment solutions. Your questions, our academic experts deliver the solutions.

Forms of Plagiarism?

  1. The most common form is found when you, the students, copy and paste material from the internet without giving anyone any acknowledgement or citation. Yes, there are services by the name ‘plagiarism checker free online Turnitin’ available on the internet. But think it through for one, writing everything at once, would it not leave the google algorithm confused?
    google error‘Free plagiarism tool’ would make more sense, and since companies like small SEO tools, would show up endorsing their free and non-effective plagiarism tool, that search query is of no use to you.
  2. The second is the verbatim form which occurs when you quote someone else ‘word for word’ without giving him/her any due citation or reference.
  3. Paraphrasing is the next type. Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s idea behind a write-up. When you paraphrase, you cite the author’s idea. That is what is being referred to as plagiarism here.

The other forms of plagiarism include Collusion, Inaccurate Citation, and auto plagiarism. Yes, services like Turnitin market themselves as the ‘free Turnitin check’, they are not free. But you need not worry, we have all those expenses taken care of and we provide a free Turnitin Check with every assignment we provide.

Importance of Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is when you learn what you are asked to. Not just the fact that it is considered as evil scholarship but violates academic principles. Did you ever wonder what could happen to you if your work was found plagiarised? You, along with your work, could be assigned to a proctor and get expelled. Also, if a breach is found, you could be referred to the panel for students’ discipline.

Should you ever use someone else’s research findings?

When representing your college or school among others, it is mostly recommended that you do situate. Talking about the essay, even the Oxford recommends you to use someone else’s but strong citations in your work. Citing them in your essays would accord their works. In case, your reader wishes to follow up on the references, he may very well do so by following the referencing style you put in.

There are so many technical aspects. One or the other would definitely catch you in its swamp.


So, what do you do? You come to us.

At My Assignment Services, we root a team of more than a thousand experts who have a great industrial experience! Since they use their own industrial experience, plagiarism is not an option for them. Coming to plagiarism and our value-added services, we offer proofreading & editing, a live one-on-one session and a solution to your ‘free plagiarism checker Turnitin’. We understand that the universities do not accept your assignments without a Turnitin check. Quit confusing Google with haywire queries like ‘free plagiarism checker Turnitin’, rather ping us over WhatsApp we would reply within 2 minutes (yes, we have a 365 days and 24×7 customer care service as well).


Author: Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson has been offering finance assignment writing help to the students of the Australian universities. He started as a finance expert at one of the fortune 500 organisations. After a few years with his job, he realised that he wanted to aid students who are struggling with their daily academic needs and assignment queries. That’s when he came on board with My Assignment Services. His knowledge and skills have earned him quite a reputation with the students and professionals alike in the industry. He has qualified the CFP Certification Program.

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