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ABS104 Fundamentals Of Project Management Assessment Answer

ABS104 Fundamentals Of Project Management Assessment Answer
March 08, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Variance analysis is a core concept whenever it comes to writing project management assignments. To write theABS104 assignmentseasily, ourproject management assignment helpexperts focus on a variety of aspects associated with it that allow students to get an idea about it. This is why students turn toMy Assignment Servicesover and again with all their assignment-related problems. In this blog, we will be talking more aboutthe variance between projects and respective industriesand also explain how we approach the assignments that students bring to us. Let us get straight to variance analysis.

What Is Variance Analysis In Project Management?

When project managers conduct a quantitative investigation of the gap between planned behaviour and actual behaviour, it is known as variance analysis. Using this technique, ourproject management helpexperts find the cause and degree in the difference between the baseline and performance of the actual project. Students understand various ways of maintaining and controlling a particular project. as per our experts, there are a total of seven commonly-derived variances that is used while analysing the variance. These are:
  1. Purchase price variance
  2. Labour rate variance
  3. Variable overhead spending variance
  4. Fixed overhead spending variance
  5. Material yield variance
  6. Labour efficiency variance
  7. Variable overhead efficiency variance
Other than these, ourproject management assignment writersalso make use of other types of variances which include material price variance, material usage variance, labour idle time variance etc.

How To Approach a Project Scoping Presentation?

The main task that students have here is to develop an initial project scoping presentation. This has to be done keeping given those people who have the authority to approve your projects like the manager or an investor. So, when students send us aproject variance reportor prepare aproject scoping presentationto make, our project management assignment help experts do it as follows:
  1. Discuss the project broadly and highlight its importance
  2. We talk about the objectives of the project objectives
  3. Our experts mention the key success factors that contribute towards the success of the project and anticipated deliverables.
  4. We also try to persuade an investor to demonstrate that our project is the best one to invest on.

How To Apply Variance Analysis In Project Management Assignments?

Variance analysis is one of the eleven analytical techniques forABS104assessments. Also, there are certain elements of these assignments that form the basic crux of these assignments. Now, ourproject management assignment helpexperts will be talking about those elements in detail. These are:

Scope control

There are several changes that a project undergoes until it reaches the project scope. In this situation, scope creep is bound to occur. Don’t knowwhat is scope creep? Reach out to our experts to know more about it. We will help you understand it. These are the steps that our assignment writers follow to regulate the scope changes in any project initiation presentation or project: v Implement the process of change control v Regularly reviewing the baseline of the project scope v In the end, we plot all the deliverable of the project on S-curve and based on this, track the weekly progress to visualise all the changes related to the scope of the project

Schedule control

Talking about the variance analysis in the context of schedule control, it is also a crucial part of the earned value management methodology (EVM). EVM is used to control the following project performance indicators which include:
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost
Ourproject management assignment helpexperts use schedule variance, schedule performance index to indicate variances and efficiency of performance.

Cost control

The next step that is followed by our experts in these reports is to monitor and control different aspects of projects. We use EVM to assess the cost performance of the project and this is done by focusing on several aspects like cost variance, cost performance index and variance at completion to set up cost variances.

Risk control

The last and the final step that is carried out in any project is to carry out the project risk analysis to find the costs, scope and schedule of the project. Ourproject management assignment writerscontrol all the risks involves in the project and enhance project performance. While drafting the solutions of these project management assignments, we make sure of two things, that is defining and finding the varying natures of the projects and to depict the understanding of projects and respective industries. This is it to the brief approach of project variance reports and project initiation presentation. If you feel, there is something that we did not touch upon, then you can always send us all your queries via WhatsApp. It would not take more than a few minutes to revert with the solutions to all your assignment-related problems.

Still unsure about how to begin writing ABS104 Fundamentals Of Project Management assignment?

With the help of this easy-to-understand blog, we have tried to make all the important concepts a little tricky for you.My Assignment Servicesis a decade old firm that consists of well-trained professionals who are thorough with all the requisites of project management assignments. Ourproject management assignment helpexperts bring out relevant and comprehensive assignment solutions for the reference purpose of students. With quality, we also make sure that you do not have to move an extra-inch by providing you with a wide range of value-added services as well. Want to know more about them? Just give us a call and we will get back to you in no time.

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