ACBUS5101A Case Study Report Assignment

ACBUS5101A Case Study Report Assignment
May 13, 2019
Author : Celina

The students who want to be an education professional in their future must develop themselves to think beyond the conventional. That’s why the assignments are designed to enhance the thinking ability of the students. If you are also working for the same goal and have to write ACBUS5101A case study report assignment, then you have come to the right place.

What is the assignment?

In this assignment, you are given a scenario. On the basis of this scenario, you have to assume a role and then evaluate the scenario on the basis of several theories.

Here is an excerpt from the question file.

Question File

This part discusses the week 3 of a subject. In this, there was an assignment task that was given to the students whose details are there in the assignment question file. Using this information, you have to achieve the following objectives for ACBUS5101A case study report assignment answer -

Assessment Answer

How to write the assignment answer?

The answer to this assignment is in a report form. You need to assume yourself as the professor of these students and evaluate their assignment. How? By using various theories that you have studied and with the help of some secondary research.

1. Define the scenario details

You cannot simply just start writing. You need to first take out all the relevant and important details from the case study scenario. This can be the smallest detail or the major plot, doesn’t matter. Whatever that can help you prepare the report in a more comprehensive manner has to go in here.

For example, the following information is in the first paragraph of the case study scenario.

  • Week 3 of the study
  • Groups of 4-5 students
  • Prepare marketing plan and presentation for a product
  • Marketing plan - 3500 words and presentation - 10 minutes
  • Team yellow - Cynthia, Matthew, Daryl, Cheryl and Nadia

The above information is extracted from the description of week 3. You have to extract the useful information out of the scenario from other weeks as well like this.

2. Refer to theories

The question specifies that you refer to at least 4 different academic sources for the answer to this assignment. Take up the scenario and try to find the relevant theory for that.

For example, in the assignment, there was a scenario where it is mentioned that Cynthia did not want to talk in front of the class. Here, you can refer to the theory of leadership and work with if Cynthia lacked sufficient leadership skill or not and if grades should be deducted for that.

Another one is where the meetings were not fruitful and Cynthia never showed up. She also disappointed Matthew over and over again in the process by not doing what was expected of her. Here, you have to evaluate Cynthia but have to take into account that there is no evidence against her - absence from meetings, no apology, not reading the text, etc.

3. Take into account the areas of development

The question defines 5 areas of development out of which you need to take up 4 for the analysis. Oh, and do not forget to relate these with the literature and theories while preparing the evaluation.

For example, if you are taking up the area of “Team Communications”, you need to give instances where you think the team communication was strong, where it not up to the mark and how the literature theories define team communication here.

You have to correctly identify the issues where they lie, do not just repeat the situation as mentioned in the question file. Look beyond what lies in front of you and read the case study from different perspectives.

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