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All You Need to Know About Ottawa Charter in Public Health Assignment

All You Need to Know About Ottawa Charter in Public Health Assignment
May 16, 2018
Author : Amy

To become a Public health specialist, you will need to have an extensive theoretical knowledge of this subject, and along with that, a lot of practical exposure to gain valuable experience in this field. It is also important for you to learn and adopt various tools that will help in investigating, managing, critically analysing, and responding to every social and health issue that is faced by the public both locally and globally. A Public Health course such as in Deakin University will help you in building a right set of skills that enables an easy interpretation of health and mental information of your clients, which is the general public. This course shall require you to write various Public health assignments on the important topics to assess your basis of understanding of this field. With our Public health assignment help, you can easily get exceptionally-written assignments without having to worry about learning tough concepts needed for your work. In this blog, we will explain a few benefits of using our services as well a brief overview of Ottawa Charter, which provided an important insight into the way public health is practiced today.

Is Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) still relevant in the 21st century?

ottawa charter public health It was 21st November 1986, the day when the first International Conference on Health Promotion was held in Ottawa, Canada. Its primary aim was to start an action to support and improve low levels of health in the entire world and achieve Health for all within a decade and beyond. This Charter helped in broadening the scope of Public health and opened up new opportunities by introducing elements under its Five Action areas:
  1. Strengthen community actions
  2. Develop personal skills
  3. Build healthy public policy
  4. Create supportive environment, and
  5. Reorienting health services
Coming back to that question which asks whether it is still relevant in the 21st century, we will have to identify the opportunities emerging in its action areas today, and how this Charter can be used make a healthier environment for future generations. While building a Healthy Public Policy, there is now a higher level of transparency and number of Health organisations are seen participating in it. Also, its entire process has become more efficient than it was years ago. To create supportive environments, a global and more sustainable approach for a longer term is utilised. Moreover, this has also enabled various successful partnerships between both public and private sectors that aims for a healthy urban and rural planning. Strengthening community actions also saw a large number of horizontal and vertical partnerships. Its communication process got stronger, providing a greater transparency for a community. Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion has successfully led to a development of personal skills by improving health literacy in the 21st Century. It has provided new ways of implementing life skills education in basic education. Lastly, its fifth action area ensures that people all around the world get a fair access to health care. It was important to build a strong health promotion on a macro level so that, an international health promotion is able to facilitate itself in the most effective manner.

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