Everything You Wanted to Know About Literature Reviews 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Literature Reviews 
August 09, 2019
Author : Bill Williams

A literature review can be a solo assignment or may be required as a part of your assignment. These are generally at the graduate and undergraduate level. A literature review must not be confused with an essay or thesis. They have a very specific and distinct purpose, especially in academic writing.

What is a literature review? 

When our literature review assignment help Australia team talks about any academic piece of writing which includes thesis, research papers, essay or report we may put forward arguments in support or against the particular topic. These arguments are required to be backed by specific and relevant studies or sources. These sources for a part of the literature. A literature review is a research which put together the essential point studied and concluded by the different scholar at different points of time regarding the topic. It gives us a broad understanding of the topic and also helps us understand the loopholes of the research and decide on which part needs more thorough research. A good literature review is one that covers a broad spectrum of views both for and against the topic and presents the maximum viewpoints available on the topic. 

Why a Literature Review is important?

  • It helps in better understanding of the topic chosen for the research

  • It provides an update on the current views on a subject which in turn help the critiques and scholars to follow your theories and research better
  • It also helps to understand the gaps in the findings and choose a relevant scope for the research and explore the areas which need more research

What you should know?

  • A literature review must never be confused with an essay.

  • It is not to develop or prove any specific point rather evidence for the points which the researcher wants to support

  • It is not an argument but is only comparative in nature and focuses on present as many views as possible on the topic in hand. 
  • It is not a summary of the sources used but rather talks about the relevance of each source and helps understand and develop a background for the study.

What are good sources of literature review?

While looking for a literature review choosing a wide or narrow topic may not yield specific resource material. Hence, it is advised that you select a  topic which is focused on.

It is best to use the peer-reviewed and credible article as a source for your review. This further clarifies that referring to school texts or some general online content will not make for strong literature. Some examples of strong literature are:

  1. Academic databases
  2. Annual reports y the government or companies
  3. Dissertations
  4. Libraries that are universally acclaimed
  5. Journal articles
  6. Monographs
  7. Empirical studies

We may also use sources used by other authors within their reports to further increase the available data on our topic.

 Essentials to remember

Literature review assignment help providers suggest that you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Depict a thorough understanding of the topic
  • Explain the terminologies used
  • Broad coverage of all key points and aspects of the topic
  • Use a critical style of writing and relevant presentation of findings
  • Highlight opportunities for future research.

Now, here’s a simple way to ace in Literature Reviews!

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