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An Easier Approach for Writing ITECH 1101 Hackathon Report and Presentation

An Easier Approach for Writing ITECH 1101 Hackathon Report and Presentation
January 21, 2020
Author : Jess Healy

Problem-solving is the process of recognising a given problem, designing plausible solutions to solve it and making use of appropriate course of action for applying the solution in real-world scenarios. The main purpose of such assessments is to help students brush up their critical thinking abilities during the process of finding real-world solutions that are based on credible facts. These assignments form a major section in almost every field of study, but for now, we will direct our focus only onITECH1101 IT assignments. OurIT assignment helpexperts, atMy Assignment Services, have been engaged in designing a plethora of relevant reference assignment solutions for students on IT problems.In this blog, we will tell you about the different types of problem-solving assignments and also explain to you an easier approach toITECH1101 Problem Solving assessment answer.

Which Are The Different Types Of Problem-Solving Assignments?

There is a wide range of assignments that are rolled out to students, whenever the domain of problem-solving is concerned. Following are the categories of such assignments that ourassignment helpexperts have worked upon.
  1. Analytical problem-solving assignments
  2. Informational problem-solving assignments
  3. Argumentative problem-solving assignments
  4. Reflective problem-solving assignments
  5. Expressive problem-solving assignments
Now, let us narrow our area of focus and direct it towards anITECH1101 problem-solving assessment answer.

An Overview Of ITECH 1101 Unit

Students who are enrolled in this course are introduced to a variety of fundamental techniques and strategies that will help them in solving problems, particularly in the IT sector. As per ourIT assignment helpexperts, with the help of these assessments that contribute 15 credit points, students get an opportunity to develop a methodological approach for solving all the IT related fundamental problems. Not just this, after a student is able to complete and submit such an assignment, they also get the exposure to work confidently in real-world situations and apply solutions that they feel are the most appropriate one in that specific context. Now, let us proceed and give you an easy way of approaching these assignments with the help of a peer review assignment that has come to ourIT assignment writersrepeatedly from students.

ITECH1101 Hackathon Assignment

As the domain is problem-solving in the context of IT, students are required to identify a problem that is challenging and find possible solutions for the chosen problem in this assignment. The solutions that you find must also be applicable in the real-life scenario. When you do this assignment, you will have to complete three parts separately. Hackathon Assignment Also, make it a point to present an aspect of your work to your peers. In case, you don’t know how to go about with this peer review assignment, then no need to worry as ourpeer review assignment helpexperts can guide you on this. Let us now proceed with all the parts of thisITECH11001 assignment.

Part 1: Design documentation and peer review

In the first part of this problem-solving assignment, you are required to present forth the readers, an abstract idea about the project that you shall be undertaking. As per ourIT assignment helpexperts, this section must answer all the questions related to what you will design for the assignment. For instance, we decided to design a robot for solving a purpose. So, in thedesign documentation and peer review assignment, our experts talk about the reason why they think this would solve the problem, what is the purpose of the robot and how it will solve the problem. We explain how by using theLego Mindstorms Kitwe will design the robot.

Part 2: Writing the Hackathon report

The previous section was just a brief summary of the entire project that we shall develop. Now, this is theHackathon reportthat will explain the robot further. There must be separate headings in this report such as the objectives, user guide etc. OurIT assignment helpexperts incorporate this section as follows: 1. Objectives The objectives of the Hackathon report is to design a mechanical bot that can be really useful for humans in folding with a touch of a button. Also, the way how it will be achieved is explained in this section. 2. User guide The cascading approach for designing this robot is discussed byIT assignment writershere. Using a well-informed diagram the user guide gets clearer as shown below: portrays the procedure This image clearly portrays the procedure that this bot will be following in achieving the objectives. 1. Introduction The introduction is the next section in this report, wherein, with the help of idealization and real-world implementation, the entire document of the design is put forth the readers. As per ourIT assignment helpexperts, it has to be articulate and self-explanatory of the course of working of the bot. 2. Purpose Now, in this part, we give an entire overview of the idea of the robot, the background details, the context in which it shall be used, implementation and goals. You will also be clear with the statement of the problem, cases used, all the used components in it as well as the hardware and software requirements for its working. With the help of this project, the purpose of defining the functionality of the robot also gets fulfilled. Not just this, in this section, ourIT assignment writersalso bring the generic idea of the robot to the surface. 3. Scope and overview The scope of the robots has to be demonstrated in this section. Here, our experts talk about the Product Scope, characteristics of the users, Design and implementation constraints, Assumptions and dependencies, Use Case Snapshot, Components Used, Code etc.

Part 3: Preparing your Hackathon presentation

This is a practical section of the assessment that requires you to present all the recorded information and findings in the form of a presentation. Demonstrating the working of the robot practically using the snapshots of used cases, Hackathon presentation is considered to be the most vital section of this assessment.
  1. There must be a relationship between the goal-setting and plan formulation in your problem-solving assessment
  2. A lot of different problem-solving strategies need to be compared and contrasted
  3. With the help of a lot of problem-solving tools and techniques, the problem has to be modelled and described.
  4. Concepts like the value of reflection, attitude and self-efficacy have to be used in the Hackathon report
  5. OurIT assignment helpexperts also use algorithms based on conceptual models that are used in programming.
Our experts make sure that all these points are incorporated in the reference assignment solutions that we draft for students. In case, you are still not clear with any aspect ofITECH11001 IT assignments, then you can directly turn to ourinformation technology assignment helpexperts for guidance.

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Just like we helped you understand all the three assessments that come underITECH1101 IT problem-solving, ourIT assignment helpexperts can assist you with more such topics. In addition to the superior-quality reference assignment solutions,My Assignment Serviceshas also played an important role in the lives of students by offering them a wide range of value-added services. Know more about those and get personalised assistance with all yourITECH11001 assignmentsright at your doorstep.Get in touch with us today and grab all the lucrative benefits that we offer to students.

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