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APA Referencing Generator – Things You Did Not Know

APA Referencing Generator

Students look for free APA referencing generator on the internet. The primary reason is that students do not want to make many efforts.

I understand this. Everybody at My Assignment Services does.

We know that any assignment which requires you to follow an APA referencing style is nothing but pain.

But using APA referencing website available for free has more disadvantages than it benefits you.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not use any free APA citation generator 

1. They Are Not Reliable

The online generators are not reliable because they use software and a script. No software can accommodate everything that you want.

APA referencing style is set by the American Psychological Association. The association keeps on updating their guidelines. This is why there are editions that come out. The current one is the 6th edition. For that, the students look for an APA 6th referencing generator online.

But using such phrases is not going to do this any good.

Let us assume that I am running a free website where I am giving you a free to use APA referencing generator. Since it is all free, I am not earning any money. And updating the website and the generator as per the modifications, it is not an easy task and needs money. So what do I do? I leave it as it is and write that I am giving you the APA 6 referencing generator. But actually, it is still the same generator that was used 2 years ago.

Citethisforme was not able to extract the information from the link I posted. What is the point in using these online generators when you have to manually type in all the information? Saving time? Just an illusion.

You see, kid, why these websites are not reliable?

2. These generators are not based on university specific guidelines

It happens a lot that the universities modify the standard referencing guidelines. This is done so that the students are able to get the simplest form of referencing guidelines.

But when you are looking for citethisforme APA or any other website, you do not get your customised referencing. These guys follow the outdated structure. At such a time, you look for a Deakin APA referencing generator, UNSW APA referencing generator or others. I have been in the same spot as you, kid. They do not help.

This citation was generated by Google Scholar.

But if you are a student at Victoria University, they say that an online journal article should be like this –

Your university specific referencing cannot be found at any APA referencing generator. You either have to contact them personally and request them to upload your university’s referencing. Or you can give the guide to an expert and ask them to reference the assignment as per the guidelines.

Using a referencing generator APA has not approved is not a wise decision. There is a high probability that the citations generated will not be according to your university’s standards. You will lose valuable grades only because you decided to be lazy.

3. The free websites are mostly spam and virus infected. 

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, I am sure you have heard enough of this. So why do you think that the APA referencing tool you are using is also giving it out to you for free?

In the 21st century, you don’t even get porn for free. Why would someone give academic guidance for free then? And that too for something like APA referencing generator online. No, sir. This does not work that way.

When you log onto such websites, you will be hit by a lot of pop-ups that open up as soon as you click anywhere. Some even start downloading a file on your system without your permission. Some of the APA referencing websites are even redirecting you to some other portal where you have to spin the wheel and win a prize.

Keep your ad blocker up and running.

This is all spam. Try to keep yourself away from them all. You need an authentic guide or an expert, not these spamming websites. Do not let yourself be surrounded by such ducks in the middle of nowhere.

4. You cannot know for sure if the citation is correct or not.

The citations generated by an APA style referencing generator are not sure to be correct. What is the point of using a referencing generator APA when you have to cross check it all against the guide?

You might as well use the guide and write the citations yourself. Therefore, you cannot rely way too much on the APA referencing generator available online.

Your references, if not correctly written, will lead to your own doom. What will you do if the online reference generator gives you the citations as per the standard guidelines and your university follows its own? Will you not be wasting your time checking every single reference?

Did this ease your task or made it more complex?

What to do instead? 

When you are looking for an APA reference generator, know that it is not a wise decision. You can either download our APA referencing guide for free to get the APA referencing style guidance.

Or you can take the help of professional assignment writing experts. The experts know the details very well and can reference the assignment exactly the way you want it.

Trust authentic academic experts than some outdated APA reference generator that is not even reliable. Choose wise, choose the best.

Author: Sara

Hey! I’m Sara from My Assignment Services, an academic writer by profession and writer by choice. I’m graduated from Harvard Law School and after practicing and teaching law for several years, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. I’m working for the benefits of the students by providing them help with their assignments since 5 years and I really enjoy doing that.

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