Assignment of the Week: FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assignment Answer

Assignment of the Week: FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assignment Answer
December 30, 2019
Author : Andy

Fixed income securities are an imperative concept when it comes to solving a finance assignment. It is a debt instrument with which investors can get returns. These returns come in the form of fixed or regular payments. Owing to the importance of this topic, the finance students are rolled out to write the FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance assessment answers. As a finance assignment help through guided sessions provider in Australia, we are thorough with all the nuances of writing these assessments. For more than a decade now, My Assignment Services has been assisting students to deal with the different types of assignments that revolve around risk and return analysis. Hence, in this blog, we will get to know more details about fixed-income securities that would serve as stepping stones towards a flawless FIN4002 assignment.

Types of Fixed Income Securities: Pre-requisite for Writing FIN4002 Finance Assessments

The assignments that students bring to us for guidance mainly talk about the wide range of fixed securities that play a crucial role in them. Thus, our finance assignment writers are here with a list of the important ones that one should be familiar with when it comes to writing the FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance assessment answers. So, make sure to have a look at these before you proceed with your assignments. These are:

  • Fixed deposits (FD)

For an investor, a fixed deposit is considered to be the most preferred one among other fixed-income securities. There are two kinds of fix deposits, namely, bank fixed deposits and company fixed deposits. With the help of FDs, an investor can save a lot of taxes for a pan of five years or more.

  • Recurring deposits

Those investors who wish to invest regularly in small portions generally opt for investing in recurring deposits. When the amount matures, investors get a huge amount of money with the collective interest. As per our finance assignment help through guided sessions experts, RDs are beneficial for the middle-class investors who require interest with their accumulated money.

  • Bonds

Large companies and the governmental organisations' issued bonds that can be purchased by spending a lump sum amount. The tenure for these is fixed and along with a consistent rate of interest as well.

  • Fixed maturity plans or FMPs

FMPs are close-ended, therefore they have to be redeemed before maturity. There is a pre-determined tenure that regulates the rate of return as well. These are the 4 types of fixed-income securities that are the main highlights in these assignments. So, make sure that the FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance assessment answers that you write are centred around these. If you face any problem in understanding them, just speak to our customer care executives. We will help you get an in-depth analysis of all types of securities.

How To Write FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assessment Answer Like An Expert?

As discussed earlier, risk and return analysis is an imperative concept in such assignments. To help you understand it better, our finance assignment writers are here with a brief explanation of the concept with a FIN4002 assignment solution that has been designed for the reference purpose of students.

assignment details

As you can see, there is a table given in the question file that depicts the three types of bonds that are used to invest in the firm. We had already talked about what is a bond in the previous section. So, this FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance assessment answer centres around the bonds, wherein, students are required to state the reasons whether Ah Lee Go will go by Carol’s view on the constant nature of the bonds or not.

The second part of this FIN4002 assignment task asks students to carry out the risk and return analysis for the process. As per our finance assignment help through guided sessions experts, there is a correlation between risk and return when it comes to investing. Whenever the returns increase, there are chances that even the risk involved will be high.

So, the different types of risks are talked about in this section includes:

  1. Project-specified risk
  2. Market risk
  3. Industry-specified risk
  4. International risk
  5. Competitive risk

After this, the duration of each bond is analysed and the effects are evaluated.

This is just the brief of the FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance assignment answers. If you require a detailed explanation of this question file or any other similar tasks, then you can submit all the requirements to us.

Score Good Grades In FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assessments!

By now, you must have understood the toll that students face while dealing with these challenging assignments. For us, drafting reference FIN4002 Fixed Income Securities Finance Assessment Answers are just a matter of few hours. This is because My Assignment Services maintains a large panel of experienced and highly-qualified finance assignment help through guided sessions experts. To get personal assistance in writing FIN4002 assignments, contact us right away.

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