Assignment of the Week: FPC002B Financial Advice

FPC002B Financial Advice
February 03, 2020
Author : Andy

Financial advisers serve as a means of regulating financial transactions in the lives of people, but there are several spectacles through which all these transactions are looked upon by them.  If you are aspiring to be one, then FPC002B Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice is a subject that is specially built for you. Through deeper analysis of the assessments which students have to face when they are enrolled in this subject, our finance assignment help experts will now take you closer to top-notch grades. My Assignment Services hosts a panel of academicians who have been associated with several students around the globe for more than ten years now and helping them deal with complex assignments. 

Let Us Have a Look at the Background of FPC002B Finance Assignment

Before proceeding ahead with the assignments, let us brief you on all the aspects that financial advice entails. Talking about the elements that it covers, it is an attempt to examine all the obligations of financial advisers through the spectacles of ethical and professionals frameworks.  These theoretical framework work under the FASEA Code of Ethics. Thus, studying FPC002B give students an opportunity to be efficient enough in identifying and responding to all the concerned dilemmas that may arise in the minds of the financial advisers, in different financial contexts. 

What are the Important Concepts Included in the FPC002B Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice Assignments

Now that you are clear with the foundation for this subject, it is the perfect time to let you know all the quintessential concepts that you would require while completing the assignments.  Thus, our finance assignment help experts have combined a list of all those topics for you:

  1. Ethics and associated aspects like individual cognitive bias, decision bias and sources of judgement
  2. Concept of professionalism
  3. Professional commitment (applying FASEA Code of Ethics)
  4. Values that underpin FASEA
  5. Quality process
  6. Ethical behaviour 
  7. Client care

All these concepts play a crucial role in helping you write a well-structured and relevant answer for your financial advisory assignments.  Now, we are good to go. Let us begin discussing the FPC002B assessments

The Quickest And The Easiest Approach To Gardner Green Financial Services Case Study 

As mentioned earlier, the FPC002B financial advice assessment task 2 is the most complex form of assessment that is rolled out to students. Hence, our finance assignment help experts are here to assist you in understanding these with ease.  Firstly, let us see the Gardner Green Financial Services Case Study that most of the students have brought to us.  Financial Services Case Study

Scenario 1:

Financial Advice Scenario The concepts that we have discussed earlier come into play while answering the questions.  Following are the concepts that are required to be included in Green Gardner Financial Services Case Study Answer 1Impact of Cognitive Decisions Based on the given scenario, we answer the following questions:

  1. Briefly discuss the issues raised by Sam’s current plan for her interview with Kelly about:

v Barriers to ethical decision making which may influence Sam v Compliance with relevant standards of the FASEA Code of Ethics In addition to this question, our finance assignment help experts also answer the following:

Scenario 2: 

Financial Advice Scenario 2 Other concepts that were not required in the first question will be required while writing the answers for the second scenario.  As you can see, these are the important ones upon which you have to answer the given questions for this scenario.  Our finance assignment help experts possess years of experience and scholarly degrees from a variety of renowned universities around the globe, which makes it easier for them to include all of these in their reference assignment solutions. Using the above concepts and all the associated aspects with these, our panel of finance experts answer the given questions in a relevant and easy to understand manner for students.  Record Keeping Obligation

Scenario 3:

This scenario mainly elucidates the importance of maintaining complete and accurate records of advice and services. And this scenario is written to validate that you have monitored her compliance with the asked requirement.   Finance Advice Question - Scenario 3 By taking into consideration certain concepts like FASEA Code of Ethics and using them to clear the dilemmas that the adviser encounters in the different financial scenarios, our finance assignment help experts answer the following questions: Record Keeping Obligation

Scenario 4:

Scenario 4 gives you an idea on the responsibilities under the FASEA Code of Ethics. And now you are required to talk about her conflicts of interest and value of diligenceValue of Diligence Using the concepts of professional obligations under the FASEA code of ethics and ethical dilemmas, our finance assignment writers approach the following questions.  Corporations act 2001 This brings an end to the Gardener Greens Financial Services Case Study analysis. However, this is not a complete solution. If you require one for yourself or have any doubts regarding any other similar case study, then you can straightaway give us a call. We will get back to you shortly with the entire reference assignment solution. 

Points To Remember While Writing the Solution For the FPC002B Financial Advice Case Study

After we have shared with you the quickest and the easiest approach to this case study, we would now like to draw your attention towards some common points that must be included in every financial advice case study.  These are:

  1. Role of ethical frameworks and professional standards that fall under the context of the financial planning profession. 
  2. How cognitive and decision biases impact the financial advisers
  3. Professional obligations under the FASEA Code of Ethics
  4. Ethical dilemmas that a financial adviser encounters in specific financial contexts. 

Just like we do, ensure that whichever assignment or examination you face, you have the answers to all these issues. 

Still Unclear With Certain Aspects Of FPC002B? Let Our Experts Write It For You! 

My Assignment Services has an abundance of KAPLAN and finance assignment help experts who have been rigorously trained to best suit the requirements of students. This is the reason none of the queries that come to us goes answered form our end. Not just this, we are available 24*7 for your assistance, so that we can clarify all your doubts then and there.  In addition to relevant and comprehensive case study solutions that we provide you, you can also grab an amazing range of lucrative added benefits that would surely encourage you to turn to us for guidance over and again.  To get Personalised assistance on FPC002B Ethics And Professionalism In Financial Advice Case Studies, fill in the order now form available on our website. Our customer care representative will get back to you in the shortest time.

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