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Assignment Of The Week: Kevin Johnson Management Assessment Answer!

Assignment Of The Week: Kevin Johnson Management Assessment Answer!
January 13, 2020
Author : Bill

In this modern generation, hardly there would be anyone who wouldn’t have visited Starbucks lately. But, have you thought who is responsible for taking it to the zenith? Kevin Johnson, the current president, and chief executive officer at Starbucks are the one behind this. Since 2009, he has been marching forward with 3,30,000 partners across the world taking on the legacy of Starbucks with him. Throughout the world, he has been a role model for millions of students, which is whyKevin Johnson Leadership style case studyrecords to be that one case study assignment, which probably every management student has come to terms with. If you are also searching for the answers to this case study/ report writing assessment, then ourmanagement report writing assignment helpexperts are exactly what you are looking for. In this blog, we would be talking about both the assessments that are rolled out to management students and try to figure out the best approach for both.

A Quick Glimpse On The Two Types Of Assessments:

Both the assignments play a crucial role in making students face real-life management problems and find suitable solutions for them, which is whyKevin Johnson's management report writing assessment answeris the assignment of the week. As this is the most recurrent assessment that has come to us this week, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts would now discuss more on these two types of assignments: 1. Part I-Reflection on leadership, a 1000-word report writing assignment (30 marks) 2. Part II-Kevin Johnsons Leadership Style Case Study, a 2500-words management report assignment (60 marks) Let us see how each of these is done by ourmanagement assignment writers.

Part 1- Reflection on leadership for aspiring leaders

In the first assessment, you are required to reflect on the given questions and explain the answers with the help of relevant models/theories. So, this is how our experts answer them reflection on leadership For the first four questions, our management help experts performreflection on leadershipstyles and then answer these. The answer to the first question deals with multiple leadership theories. There are8 types of leadership theoriesas stated below:
  1. “Great man” theories
  2. Trait theories
  3. Contingency theories
  4. Situational theories
  5. Behavioural theories
  6. Participative theories
  7. Management theories
  8. Relationship theories
Explaining each of these theories in the answer, we connect these with the concept of organisational behaviour. In the next question, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts talk about different contributions that individuals, leaders, and stakeholders make towards the organisation. With the help of these contributions, the vision and the mission of the company grow and spread in the world. The answer for the third question revolves around a variety of leadership strategies like:
  • Define and communicate the vision
  • Encourage recognition
  • Open your heart while speaking
  • Delegate and empower
  • Continue with educational opportunities
In light of these strategies, we establish a connection between these and maximising organisational potential. For the last question, ourmanagement assignment writersreflect upon the motivational theories and critically evaluate them for aspiring leaders. These include: v Maslow’ hierarchy of needs v Hertzberg’s two-factor theory v McClelland's theory of needs v Vroom’s theory of expectancy v McGregor’s theory X and theory Y Now comes the next section of this assignment, Potential Leadership Style ‘Potential Leadership Style’ is the concept around which the last section of this assignment centers around. So, we complete the reflection on leadership styles with this style and answer the given questionnaire. Ourmanagement assignment helpexperts talk about the key strengths, key challenges as well as the personal development related to this leadership style and present all this information in a power-point presentation.

Part II-Kevin Johnson leadership case study

The second part of the assessment is amanagement report writingthat is based on the information that you will get after critically evaluating theleadership styles of Kevin Johnsons, the president of Starbucks. In this report, you need to draft a management report on the current leadership styles of Johnson that has helped him and Starbucks operate in the present business context. Given this case study, our experts first go through the entire case study and then draft a comprehensive reference management report for students. This is how we do it. Kevin Johnson leadership style case study This is the background of theKevin Johnson leadership style case study. To draft the report, it is mandatory to be thorough with the background of the case. After knowing all the intricate details about the president and the company (Starbucks), ourmanagement report writing helpexperts study the business strategy used in the firm and make notes of the highlights of the company. Then, these are used in the report. This is the background of the Kevin Johnson leadership style case study. To draft the report, it is mandatory to be thorough with the background of the case. After knowing all the intricate details about the president and the company (Starbucks), our management report writing help experts study the business strategy used in the firm and make notes of the highlights of the company. Then, these are used in the report By studying this business strategy,Kevin Johnson leadership style case studybecomes clearer. Also, our experts get to know about all the ethical considerations which Starbucks follows while delivering services to its customers. These include: v Supporting customers to make informed and improved choices for nutrition v Responding to the racial discrimination incident that took place at the Starbucks cafe in Philadelphia In the end, ourmanagement report writing helpdraws a parallel between the perspectives of Starbucks and Schultz’s view of Johnson's performance and carry out a comparative study on both of them. After collating all this information for the report, we draft the reference report for students.

What Are The Sections To Be Included In The Management Report?

Now that you are ready with all the information required in this report, you are good to go. You can now begin writing the report for thisKevin Johnson leadership style case studyassignment. As each below mentioned section contains some weight, ourmanagement report writingexperts make sure to include these sections in the report:
  1. A brief introduction wherein, they talk about all the contents that they have included in the report. This is for 5 marks.
  2. A detailed description of the ‘servant’ leadership style and the repercussions of applying it in the VUCA environment of the present 21st century. This constitutes 10 marks in the report.
  3. Using the appreciative inquiry technique, ourmanagement helpexperts critically evaluate the leadership styles of Johnson that emphasises on improving the financial performance of Starbucks and also suggest solutions for the ethical challenges faced by its employees. As this is the most important section in the report, it encapsulates the maximum marks, that is 20 marks.
  4. The role of a personal brand as an effective leader for Starbucks, which is for 10 marks.
  5. A list of two or more recommendations that promote the sustainability and competitive advantage for the firm. This section is for 10 marks.
  6. The conclusion to showcase personal opinion on how good a role model is Johnson for aspiring leaders.
With the help of suitable concepts, models and theories, ourmanagement report writing helpexperts complete the report for students. Though we have tried to touch upon all the vital aspects of this management report, there are a lot of things that still need a detailed explanation from our end. To get the complete and detailed solution for this, simply get in touch with ourmanagement assignment helpexperts.

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We hope we have been successful in helping you understand the basic approach for writing suchreflections on leadershipand management reports. For more than a decade now, ourmanagement assignment writershave been engaged in providing high-quality reference solutions for these assignments. My Assignment Servicesis a dedicated organisation that believes in empowering students with expert guidance on every topic that comes as a hurdle in their way. In addition to the superior quality of work that you get from us, you can also get your hands on some exciting and lucrative value-added services. To get your referenceKevin Johnson's leadership style case studyassignment from us or to get personalised guidance on any topic, talk to our customer care team now.

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