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Assignment of the Week – Reflective Essay

Assignment of the Week – Reflective Essay
April 12, 2018
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Reflective has become quite common among the university courses. The universities, as well as professors, clearly have understood how important this form of writing is because of its ability to reflect upon a specific issue or event. A reflective essay has much more to it than meets the eye, the assessment of reflective writing is only a portion of it that attract some students. However, the large part of the academic crowd does it as a dairy writing on regular basis.

How to Structure Your Reflective Essay?

How to write a Reflective essay The “what” includes the description of the event or the issue that we are discussing. For example, in case of a nursing reflection, the focus will be normally on what was the disease or anomaly that the patient is suffering from. While deliberating on the “why” section, we need to go into the background of how the issue took its present form. In the “how” component, the primary goal is to study the sequence of events. Finally, the “so what” deals with what should be done as the event or issue has occurred.

Why Reflection? University’s Favourite and Students’ Nightmare!!

While presenting a reflection, a student is required to explain how she/he has perceived the daily/weekly lectures. It can inquire the students about a past-experience regarding their respective topics. However, a student generally makes a common mistake they get involved too much into the description while what they must be concentrating more on the analysis part of it. Reflective essay tips Let us have a look at a reflective essay sample that our experts solved a few days back. The essay was reflection on mental health.


Context: There are many sources of motivation that inspire an individual to work within the Human Services. Understanding those motivators from a cultural, spiritual, organisational and personal perspective is important for Human Service workers, as so much of these perspectives underpin worker values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. This assessment provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect on the content of the first two modules in this subject, and to demonstrate their awareness and analytical capacity through a review of historical and current trends in human social and service provision, both internationally and in Australia. Instructions: Write a reflective essay of 1000 words in which you consider the following: ? Motivations for undertaking a career in the Human Services and what motivators particularly have influenced your own personal career choice. ? Human Services operations internationally and in Australia and where you feel you might be able to make a contribution as a Human Service worker. ? Your own areas of skill and strength that will support your work as a Human Service Worker and areas that you would like to develop during your time in the Bachelor of Human Services program.


The field of Human Services is focused on the prime objective of addressing the basic needs of the human beings through the application of a knowledge base with the ultimate aim of elevating the overall quality of life. The essay explains on my personal motivation and commitment for a career in the Human Services Sector. It also reflects upon the organizational constituents of the human services sector and the various aspects involved in operating as a practitioner in the sector along with the required competencies. The principal motivation of building a career in the sector of human services is the fundamental essence of the field relating to the upliftment and maintenance of the aggregate population of a geographical area. As described in Woodside and McClam (2014), human beings are not always capable of meeting the individual, group or community needs on their own. Thus, Human Services is a sector which concentrates on assisting the people to meet their needs to live a better and fulfilling life. As I look back and analyse, it becomes evident that the factor associated with my motivation for pursuing a career in human services is of social in nature. The social context of motivation backed by a passionate desire to contribute towards the welfare of others is central to such system of belief (Heckhausen & Dweck, 1998). My career of ambition of becoming a successful mental health counsellor and serving the socio-economically backward sections of the society is focused on “internal motivation” solely inspired by internal rewards (Ricketts & Ricketts, 2010). I have learnt that the professionals working in the human services sector who work with the clients to find solution to their specific problems and strategize to help them out from the negative environment. This kind of role is more crucial in case of a Counsellor for he/she needs to act as a consulting authority for the solution of such problems areas. While describing the personal motivators of career, Dunning (2010) has explained that “enhancers” are generally idealistic and highly devoted to people or causes and possess a sense of purpose. On the other hand, the research of Herzberg revealed that true satisfaction factors on the job can be better accomplished through challenge, responsibility and recognition (Raelin, 2002). My career aspirations in the human services sector are also aligned with a sense of purpose for the people’s causes and the factors identified by Herzberg. As per the study report of the Australian Government Productivity Commission in 2016, certain priority areas has been identified or the improvement of the human services sector and the community. These are social housing, end-of- life care services, public hospitals, services in remote indigenous communities, public dental services, government-commissioned family and community services. As described in the report, I have understood that there are several key stakeholders in the human services ecosystem in Australia who have been providing services for the growth and development of the sector such as government departments, non-governmental providers such as sole traders, mission-driven organizations, cooperatives, unpaid informal carers, mutual organizations with a cumulative public and private expenditure of $300 billion in 2013-14(Australian government productivity commission , 2016). In Australia, though the governments work as the main funders of the human services sector, in many cases the workers need to work in diverse & complex situations with limited financial & infrastructural support. As described in Healy and Lonne (2010), the workforce includes social welfare professionals, professionally qualified social workers, intermediate support workers, paraprofessionals, youth workers or family support workers etc. which has been constantly facing the challenges of growing demand of services, community based residential care, age-care support and community based disability support. Through my basic research of the human services sector, it has also been observed that social work is a registered profession in the countries like the U.K., the USA and New Zealand, occupations relating to human services are not subject to any kind of jurisdictions or government regulations (Lonne & Duke, 2008). Though, the problem of attracting enough workers in the human services sector is also available in highly regulated countries like the USA also. As mentioned in a report, the demand of human service workers only in Massachusetts is for 25,000 positions in the coming decade (Tuoti, 2017). Thus, the cumulative demand of workers can easily be considered to be substantial in the whole of the USA. The main roles and responsibilities of the human service workers range from identification of the problem areas, organizing, conducting and promoting the programs directed towards the fulfilment of the core objectives. One of the key skills & strength areas of the professionals is interpersonal and intercultural communication skill. The importance of a workforce with intercultural competence in successfully carrying out the areas of responsibilities in human services sector is also emphasized in (Cousins, 2014). Additionally, as highlighted in Neukrug (2016), there are other skills & abilities such as relationship building, cognitive complexity, empathy, genuineness etc. On the other hand, other skill sets comprising of interdependent judgment, exploratory mind-set, conflict resolution, organizational capabilities & collaborative approach are also crucial in human services sector (Austin & Hopkins, 2004). Also, it needs to be maintained that all the strength areas discussed above should be developed along with the abilities of the specific areas of human service such as rehabilitation, disability services, mental health etc. In my preferred focus area of mental health, the common strength areas of human service workers are also applicable. I sincerely believe that my personal traits of empathy, interpersonal skill sets and strong interest in human psychology will prove to be helpful in building my career as a successful mental health counsellor. At the same time, a counsellor needs to work in a leadership role in organizing camps and workshops among the communities. Therefore, I have been trying to build my foundation for the areas of administrative, informational, organizational competencies (Sears, Rudisill & Mason-Sears, 2012). The need of diagnostic and treatment planning skill sets are also essential needs for the mental health professionals (Schwitzer, Alan & Rubin, 2011). At last, as indicated in Smith and Jury (2017), I also believe that the need of a culturally competent workforce is immense in mental healthcare profession. Therefore, I am determined to prepare myself in such a way that I can competent enough to work productively in culturally diverse communities. At last, it can be concluded that human service is a noble profession which concentrates on enhancing the quality life of the people from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The area touches almost every important aspect of human life such as disability care, rehabilitation, housing, nursing care, mental health etc. The reflective essay also emphasizes on the demand of quality, culturally competent workforce and more funding requirements in the Australian human services sector. Ultimately, it reflects upon the set of strength areas of a human services professional and deliberates upon my personal resolve to be an efficient mental health counsellor through the acquisition of the desires skill sets.

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