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Get the Best Help for your Reflective Essay by Experts

Get the Best Help for your Reflective Essay by Experts
September 14, 2017
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Students are usually allotted to do a lot of assignments when they leave their schools and head for higher studies. The students are usually encouraged to learn more about the concepts and with this aim, the university allocates loads of assignments. These academic writings involve a lot of research work and require the student to be diligent and disciplined while working on them. We know that’s too much for you, with average writing skills it’s difficult for you to complete these assignments on time. But, if you looking for a trustworthy and value for money academic writing service which is capable of handling step-by-step guidance in the process of reflective essay assignment help, you just need to contact My Assignment Services. As we are here, to produce your academic paper which is flawless, professional and presentable. Our reflective essay assignment experts in Australia make sure that the assignments are prepared only after comprehensive research. We provide one of the best reflective essay assignment help so that you don’t lose your marks because a major section of your examination score is based on your assignments. Still, have doubts? Then read on to see the process of writing a reflective essay before being delivered.

How Our Client Approached Us?

Our client Joseph has contacted My Assignment Services on with his assignment details and a major concern with quality. He seemed to be a bit unsure about the services as  

Joseph’s Mail: I have to do one reflective essay with the learning outcomes of 500 words with 4 references This is the way it should be This the information i need in the essay And this format And this is the learning outcomes from which this essay should be related to leaning outcomes 1,3,5 and 6.

in the past he has never availed any assignment help. Our executives made sure that his mail was addressed as soon as possible. They connected him with one of our highly experienced expert, who cleared his doubts about the quality and asked him to relax further promising to deliver a high quality work. Joseph seemed impressed with the expert’s guidance and he shared his assignment details. Joseph made sure that he provides all the relevant coursework to us with all the details of his assignments. Now, as described by Joseph the message was conveyed to our “Quality Assurance Team” whomade sure that the assignment was allotted the most experienced academic writer in the relevant field. Assignment requirements were as followed: Subject- Reflective Essay Word Count- 500 Quality Words Due date- 24 Hours Our experts had only one concerned, which was conveyed to Joseph and he accordingly provided the requirements or rather cleared the doubts.

Expert's Comment: We are proceeding with the reflective essay and trying to address all the points. Just one question, it is written that “You will need to include links to other modules that you have undertaken during your time at Middlesex University" I want to ask, are they the same learning materials that you have sent to us or there are any other modules also. Please confirm!

started by our experts to make sure that the work is completed on time or rather before time.

My Assignment Services delivers assignment before deadline

  As promised our academic expert kept his words and provided a high on quality work to the quality assurance team much before the deadline. The work passed through quality checks done by “Quality Assurance Team” to make sure that we submit an error free assignment. Moreover, the plagiarism was also checked to maintain the uniqueness of the assignments. After this process, the complete assignment was delivered to Joseph within 10 hours of placing the order on a priority basis.

My Assignment Services Mail: PFA the completed assignment. It was really great working for you and looking forward to assist in your next assignments.

Joseph seemed quite impressed with our work as all the guidelines provide by him was followed carefully. Our expert did not missed even a single guideline and have delivered a very high quality work to Joseph. Joseph is still one of our most frequent client and we make sure that he is never disappointed.

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Assignment Solution Provided by My Assignment Services

Reflective Essay

  Business planning is a process which involves a lot of deliberation, analysis, strategic planning, collaboration and team work. As a result of the learning materials, modules, own learning schedules and communicating with the team members, I have learnt about the fundamentals of construction of business and business-planning basics. The essay reflects upon my learning outcomes, understanding and the shaping of my thinking process as a result of the materials I have researched and activities that I have undertaken. As per my overall learning in the subject of business planning, I have understood that group dynamics is the most important aspect to start with. It has been observed in Abrams (2003) that business planning process is very much associated with the “real world” skills of working in a group environment in order to build a business. Business ideas and prototypes can be developed into a self-sustaining business only through a productive team environment with human resources from different skill sets. Suck kinds of observations led me to believe that developing a compatible and ambitious team should be the primary responsibility of the co-founders and future business leaders proceeding with a business plan. Another factor of understanding the process of business planning is to explore the business opportunities. After going through the resources, it becomes clear to me about the macro and micro elements of business opportunities form the basis of a business plan. It is mentioned in Friend and Zehle (2004) that the businesses can act towards attaining favourable future outcome through planning and identification of the risks and opportunities. The macro opportunities are generally market riven and consist of areas of importance such as unsolved problems, shortages, specific needs etc. On the other hand, I have learned that there exists micro opportunities also which are based on elements such as economic, social & prestige, acceptance etc. People should value the importance of these opportunities before starting with the actual business plan. In addition to the basic building blocks, I have also gained significant knowledge about the elements of a comprehensive business plan such as Organizational Plan, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, and Financial Plan etc. As described in Pinson (2008), the summary of the business is incorporated in the Organizational Plan section which establishes the foundations of the business, provides a broader overview of the business along with the detailed business model. I believe that these components along with the Vision and Mission Statements constitute the foundation for all other sections of the business plan. For example, if my future business plan is based on a market driven approach to close the unaddressed gaps in student market. Then, the whole business plan would be based on the foundation of the business idea as well as the solution which is proposed to build the gap. In addition to the elements, I have also gained appropriate understanding about the range of analytical tools that are used in the business planning process. Though previously I considered business planning to be a much simpler process, after doing through the module contents, academic resources, I have realized that it is based on a lot of tools and techniques that ultimately contribute for increasing the effectiveness of the overall planning process. As explained in Doyle (2010), there are various types of tools such as Strategic Analysis Tool, Environmental Analysis Tool, SWOT Assessment Tool, Competitor Analysis, Customer Profiling etc. Also, it is important to understand about the importance of the use of these tools in specific sections of the plan as per the requirement. Finally, it can be concluded that the overall learning activity has contributed immensely for strengthening my concept about business planning process. I have learnt to become more meticulous and realized the importance of consultations and research in constructing a profit making organizational entity. Thus, I consider the process as a fruitful learning experience. References Abrams, R.M., 2003. The successful business plan: secrets & strategies. The Planning Shop. Doyle, E., 2010. Back to Business Basics: Six Useful Toolkits for Small to Medium Enterprises.Xlibris Corporation. Friend, G. and Zehle, S., 2004. Guide to business planning. Profile Books Limited. Pinson, L., 2008. Anatomy of a Business Plan: A Step-by-step Guide to Building the Business and Securing Your Company's Future. aka associates.

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  This was an explanation of the process followed by our reflective essay assignment helpto deliver the assignment before deadlines. As you might have noticed that this assignment has a deadline of 24 hours but our team worked on it on a priority basis to make sure that the student doesn’t have to suffer. My Assignment Services not only promise customer satisfaction we work for it, as our reflective essay assignment experts in Australiahelp you till the time you score a high-distinction in your assignments. All the assignments go through a strict quality check to ensure that not a single assignment lacks on quality. If you are satisfied with the way we handle your assignments and want to avail reflective essay assignment help from My Assignment Services then contact our team right away!  

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