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Adopting a Basic Standard of Safe and Competent Nursing

Safety standards and nursing practice
May 28, 2021
Author : Keith Morris

Even after all these years and the science of nursing has evolved into the multifaceted discipline that it is today, it is difficult to determine what would fall under the purview of safe or competent nursing practices. Owing to the challenges posed by limited resources and various other constraints such as organizational limitations

Limited resources and organizational constraints often pose significant challenges in developing the basic standards of nursing care.it has also been found difficult to compare the complex factors influencing nursing across the world. In practicality, nurses are often required to constantly make important choices and decisions regarding the available resources. they must ration the nursing care and decide what kind of care and treatments are required more immediately than the others. Often the nurses must also make the important decision of who requires a certain treatment more than the others. Postponing certain treatments, completely omitting their need or changing the existing course of treatment are all important decisions that nursing professionals must take daily.

Safe and Competent Nursing

Setting Basic Standards of Safety and Efficiency

In countries that provide a basic level of tax-funded treatment for individuals, it is also equally important to be able to decide if the rudimentary level of state-sponsored treatment will be sufficient for the patient. Whereas this process has been largely effective until now in diagnosing the ailments that the patient is suffering from and also in setting the future course of treatment, however, in the recent times of a pandemic stricken world, there has been an increasing need for developing a basic standard of health care. It is believed that the patient and nursing staff would equally benefit from devising a bare minimum nursing protocol that must be administered to all patients. Many experts argue that there are important legal, regulatory and ethical considerations that must be addressed while devising such as bare minimum protocol.

The need for a Basic Protocol

In recent times, the panic and pandemic stricken world has noticed that medical negligence can cause loss of life. It is also wrong to manifestly blame the nursing staff and personnel as they have been overwhelmed with several patients in recent times. Therefore the need of the hour is to create a formulaic approach to providing basic medical care to all patients even when their actual diagnosis is in process and accurate health results are still awaited.

This blog post focuses on devising a rudimentary level of safe and competent nursing care. Devising a basic standard of nursing and healthcare must include within its gambit complete knowledge of the vital principles of nursing and medical ethics. Devising a bare minimum protocol also takes into account the variegated managerial issues like manpower planning, skill-specific training, and timely care and treatment

Devising a Standard Medical Protocol

To be able to come up with an effective standard of health care that is basic and yet covers the essential aspects of primary health care required for patients, the practices and protocols must be in adherence with the accepted norms of nursing that have been developed after empirical and quantifiable scientific research and evidence. Here it is also important to review the basic standard of health care in the light of the code of ethics and the prevalent practices in nursing and health care. It is important to ensure that the basic health care standard so devised is in accordance with ethics and professionalism which also renders sufficient treatment to the patient with the latest standards of technology in health care.

The Alternative View to Devising A “Bare Minimum” Nursing Standard

Many medical caregivers and experts also argue that instead of setting a basic standard of nursing and health care, as a part of a one size fits all formula, it is of more importance to create a more flexible system that accommodates the individual needs of a patient. They have stressed the importance of creating a health care mechanism that can be constantly adjusted as per the needs of the patient in different contexts of health, overall condition, age, pre-existing conditions etc.

One of the biggest challenges faced by medical infrastructure units across the world is the lack of funds or the fiscal impediments. The increased pressure on the health care personnel due to an inflating pandemic has also put undue pressure on medical resources.

Therefore, it is also important to take into account efficient utilization and allocation of resources within the gambit of safe nursing practices. While providing health care, the management and health care professionals must always remember that allocation of resources should be such that it does not become a detriment to the very purpose that it has been created to solve.

tips for nursing staff

Prioritization and Rationing

It is important to train medical staff and nursing personnel in the difficult art of prioritization and rationing. This includes deciding which elements of nursing care must be meted out to patients with what kind of symptoms and impending conditions. These decisions are of vital importance as any delay in vital health care can cause considerable trouble and stress to the patient and can also further complicate the treatment.

Patient Hygiene

What is often ignored as the secondary level of nursing and health care is actually of primary importance. Providing the patient with a high level of hygiene throughout diagnosis, prognosis and treatment can pave the way for a more efficient and effective medical treatment.

Patient Comfort

Many caregivers may ignore this basic element of health care. The patient's comfort also includes his or her knowledge of the procedure which is about to be performed on the patient. The nursing staff must only proceed after providing the patient with complete information about their condition and the alternative therapies suitable as per their condition.

Patient education:Doctors and nursing staff around the world have been placing a lot of significance on patient education. It is important to make sure that the patient is informed about his health condition as well as the severity of the condition that the patient is suffering from.

Discharge planning:It is a part of the ethical medical standards to make a patient feel cared for and comforted. For this reason, the patient must be taken into confidence while planning his or her discharge.

After the recent pandemic which has taken over the world, the medical infrastructure including medical resources and nursing staff has had to bear the brunt of the increased pressure. Therefore, there is no doubt that a set standard of medical infrastructure is of vital importance. However, it is also essential to take into account the diverse factors associated with health care as well as the availability of resources. Over the years, due to the growing stress on static infrastructure, there have also been problems such as lack of sufficiently trained personnel on the field. The new nursing standards of safety also need to address this vital flaw and ensure that the medical personnel are sufficiently trained with the latest technologies and techniques in the medical field.

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