What Are the Benefits of Data Science In The Business Environment?

What Are the Benefits of Data Science In The Business Environment
April 13, 2022
Author : Charles Hill

According to the report published by The Economist in 2017, data has surpassed oil as the most expensive commodity on the planet. Yes, data has stepped up as the new commodity in this fast-growing economy. The reason for the same can be the distrust that people have shown over the business and social platforms.

The top firms like Facebook, Amazon and Google are the prime contenders for possessing data. Data has become the digital oil as we move forward to the new era of technology and hence the need for data sciences arises. The possession of data isn’t a crime or harmful per se, but data breaches and illegal possession of data are where it gets dangerous.

The global Data Science industry is predicted to be worth more than $115 billion by 2023. - PRNewswire

A business must collect data to develop its business, yet it shouldn't result in insecurity in the population's minds. The Cambridge Analytica issue, for example, depicts how these business giants can initiate unfair practices. Are Such instances harmful to the population or the market in general?

Can data science be used for business development and help get rid of the issues and create a safer environment for users? Let’s discuss the same in this blog.

data science trends for 2022

In What Ways Does Data Science Add Value to Businesses?

Unless the experts in the fields are equipped to turn cutting-edge technology into visible insights, Big Data isn’t useful. It’s now a reality more than a mere truth that businesses are now indeed awash with overflowing data. Data scientists are the only vigilantes that can save businesses from such crises.

Here is how data science is adding value to businesses:

  • Now businesses are practising empowered management and decision making with the aid of a new age of technology - hyper automation and machine learning.
  • Data scientists analyse the business data to help formulate effective business strategies that are on par with the trends and meet the customer needs swifter than before.
  • Data science in the business environment also entails the entire company staff adapting to the new technology and generating insights for an action plan.
  • As businesses interact with the newer technologies and strategies, they also work on seeking and creating new opportunities for transforming the current practices and processes.
  • Decision making is now more evidence-based and quantitative as the insights can be generated based on data analytics.
  • Testing future strategies or overseeing the functioning of the current ones is also made easier with data science for business development.
  • Recruiting the right people and analysing the future business transformations based on the right target audience is another upside of such advancements in a business process.

The earliest proof of data analytics use is depicted through the public policies for better sanitisation for the British soldiers. - datacamp

Data science definitely adds value to the various business processes when implemented effectively. From drawing insights and statistical data for the workflows of the current workforce to hiring new employees or making informed decisions, data science is absolutely a valuable tool that any and every industry needs.

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What Australian Businesses Are Turning to Data Science in the Business Environment?

Data scientists ranked at #6 among the top ten most in-demand professions globally, according to Indeed. The fourth digital revolution is underway, and so are the new emerging opportunities in various industries. If you plan on pursuing a career in the data science field, a few must-know firms in Australia are changing the game for the better.


It is one of the learning tech firms in Australia dedicated to assisting businesses in decision making and resolving complex data-oriented issues. Working through big data, cloud computing, establishing FTP/API and managing data leaks are among the highlighted services offered at Unisys.


The data science teams at VMWare are apt at delivering IT support through artificial intelligence platforms. They are responsible for developing and enhancing tech solutions for pre-existing digital platforms by teaming up with various businesses' developers and stakeholders.

The average salary of a senior data scientist in Australia is around 73,459 Australian dollars - ABS


Data science experts at SAP help reinvent the application software used by different businesses worldwide. As a leading tech firm, SAP focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative aspects to design solutions best suited for the varying nature of the various businesses.


Using data science for business development is done better by this firm as they view data as the digital currency that is of the utmost importance for organisations. Data is indeed a critical asset for managing and developing organisational merit. Veritas is particularly developing solutions concerning various corporations' big data and data analytics.


The nbn data experts are working toward resolving the tech ecosystem-wide issues in communication, network convergence, implementation of automated technologies, and analytics. They use advanced analysis techniques to resolve issues in new innovations and conquer challenges per evolving business requirements.

All these tech firms are the game-changers in the field. All of them are continuously working towards helping businesses adapt to the new age technologies and optimising the best solutions for the ever-evolving nature of the industry. It isn't easy for every business to implement and smoothly adapt to the latest trends and technologies.

Hence, data analytics and data science management are required to resolve all such issues faced by businesses and develop strategies that focus on big data management and machine learning.

5 applications of data science in business

What are the Top 2022 Trends in Data Science?

Data Scientist is among the fast emerging and most sought career choices. As reported by LinkedIn, it has been dominating the job rankings globally with a 37 per cent hiring rate for three years now. Data science in the business environment is transforming almost every business and industry; it is becoming popular by the day. Here are the top ten data science trends in 2022:

Over 80 per cent of Australian corporations have been using big data analytics for data management in the recent 12 months. - International Data Corporation

  1. To save businesses from getting overwhelmed by abundant data that is still piling up as you read this, Big Data is now being saved on Cloud services, which can be accessed when required through cloud computing.
  2. Augmented Analytics is another useful tool for data analytics based on AI, ML and natural language.
  3. Edge Intelligence is useful along with IoT (internet of things) as it is based on data analytics through a network.
  4. The fastest trend that may go live in a few years is Hyper Automation; it involves automating minor decision making, replying to emails, ect, leaving the mundane tasks to the machine.
  5. The algorithms are getting redesigned by integrating IoT for Big Data management.
  6. Data cleaning automation is in use, and it will be more efficient soon as we reach the edge of automation.
  7. The Decision-making process will be made more effective, and analytics will catch a new pace through Quantum Computing supporting Faster Analysis.
  8. Machine Learning is the new and controlled version of AI, and it will yet again get AI support through Automation of Machine Learning.
  9. Blockchains are a part of the leading tech services in health care, and they will become more efficient through data science for business development.
  10. Python is yet again emerging as the Top Programming Language worldwide.

These are the top data science trends in 2022 that will continue to make tech services more efficient. Data science will stay in the limelight in the future as well, and the need for data analytics, AI, and machine learning will grow manifold, resulting in innovation and employment opportunities.

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