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Best tips for Writing Assignments for University

Best tips for assignments writing
October 09, 2020
Author : Alex

It is crucial to take cognizance of impeccable written communication skills when writing an assignment for the university. At this stage or phase of ones’ life, it is no longer business as usual or the haphazard pattern or writing attributed to the early learning stage.

Best Tips for writing

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Constructive writing is a key element in writing assignments for the university, so is adequate and proper research. It requires going the extra mile to ensure that your thoughts are not only coherent but also in line with the topic given. Length is an essential factor in a university essay. Academic writing follows a specific structure which must be adhered to.

How do you write a praiseworthy assignment for your university submissions? What is the format of an assignment? If you don’t know then here are some tips that you should follow while writing an assignment for the university.

  • Do some background work
  • Plan Properly
  • Watch your words
  • Acknowledge your sources
  • Stick to a writing format
  • Ask for clarity
  • Proofread

Do some background work

Do some background work

It is important to ensure that you understand the topic well, i.e. The student must read the assignment carefully to effectively understand the task at hand. It is important to perform painstaking research to understand you to have an in-depth meaning of the topic. At this stage, you should also gather necessary resources that would aid your work, all the materials needed like web articles, books, videos, etc. this helps with assignment in proper organization of the overall structure of the task.

Proper Planning

Planning helps to give your thoughts and ideas a specific organization, your work as the writer is to follow these plans and bob’s your uncle. Following a simple but intriguing writing style and sticking with it throughout the entire assignment writing process will give the reader a clear idea and a sense of coherence of the message being passed across. All the paragraphs must flow into one another.

organize your thoughts

Watch your words

At an advanced level, for assignment writing, it is important to choose your words carefully. You do not necessarily have to use big grammar or technical jargon to portray or relay your messages. Use academic words and try to avoid slang or social media language. Make sure that your words and sentences are in line with the topic, try not to divert from the main points. So if you mark your words, you won’t need anyone’s assignment help in future.

Acknowledge your sources

This is very important because when writing assignments at the university level, it is a very important key to give attributions to the sources used in the work or references cited. It is a grave offence and a form of cheating when you do not acknowledge your sources. It is important to be familiar with various referencing styles like APA, Havard, etc. Use the one recommended by the lecturer and stick with it throughout the entire assignment writing. Also, take note that consistency applies to reference sources. There are several referencing management software available online to avoid time-wasting through doing manually.

Acknowledge your sources

Stick to a writing format

Make sure that your work follows a logical structure. Start with an introduction as this helps to set the scene, avoid clichés, and be creative when writing an intro, this helps create a first impression and keep the reader hooked. Because you have already planned, therefore you have an idea of what each paragraph would entail in assignment writing. Each paragraph should introduce a topic sentence and supporting statements that would follow. Remember to maintain a logical pattern consistently also make sure that all your points are relevant and add to the overall topic. After coherently arranging all the paragraphs, depending on the assignment type, write your conclusions which summarizes the main points of the entire work.

Note that structure may vary depending on the type of assignment given as some academic writing requires more writing patterns like an academic writing or research paper.

Ask for Clarity There is no harm in consulting the lecturer or even colleagues for university help or ideas that would contribute to the overall success of the assignment writing. Also, asking others to proofread for errors can help to point out writing mistakes. 


You want to make sure that all your point and ideas are devoid of errors and spelling mistakes. Before using editing automation tools, read the entire work over again to see if it flows and make sense to you as the writer. Grammarly is a very useful grammar checker to use. Replace redundant words also expand your grammar knowledge. Do not stop improving on your written communication skills, no one is an island, consult various resources and tools also read books from time to time, this would also go a long way.

make sense to you as the writer. Grammarly is a very useful grammar checker to use. Replace redundant words also expand your grammar knowledge. Do not stop improving on your written communication skills, no one is an island, consult various resources and tools also read books from time to time, this would also go a long way.

Major Challenges

Some of the major challenges of assignment writing at the university start from not having flair for writing, it is important to develop an interest then the rest would fall in place. Being intentional about a written task with adequate research would yield a good result. Improper research is also a major challenge in poor assignment writing. Do not stick to one source or resource. Inconsistency in academic writing can be considered as a challenge because practice makes everything perfect and the more you write, you become better at it as consistency is key. 

Embarking on thorough research before starting cannot be overemphasized as a lack of adequate research contributes to the challenges faced when writing for the university. A poorly researched work is inherent in the vagueness it screams.


Overall, this paper highlights various formats, university assignment help, challenges in writing assignments and tips to adhere to when writing for the university, it is important to note that written communication is a skill that requires consistency and dedication therefore, special attention must be paid to it.

Some of the important points highlighted include proper research and planning that would improve the overall task. Also editing and proofreading are also a great way to improve your assignment writing.

Referencing all used source is another important tip mentioned in this paper, taking cognizance of all academic sources when writing an assignment for the university is paramount and very important to most lecturers and professors. Sticking consistently to a referencing style throughout the entire assignment is also highlighted.

In conclusion, acknowledging these writing challenges and applying these tips would aid better writing and error-free assignments.

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