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BFF2401 Commercial Banking And Finance Assessment Answer

BFF2401 Commercial Banking And Finance
January 25, 2021
Author : Andy

There are several risks that are associated with the working of different financial institutions in the world. In Australia, students who are enrolled in banking and finance have to decipher a number of issues that a wide range of financial of institutions face day-to-day. To know these, students need to be aware of the basics that revolve around commercial banking and finance. This is the basic crux of BFF2401 unit.

In this context, our finance assignment help experts have researched the topics well to handover credible academic assistance to students to “make assignments simpler” for them. Since 2010, we have been tracking the changes that have taken place within the boundaries of the financial institutions in Australia. There are several facets to this; relying upon authentic sources, our experts make dedicated efforts to help students understand all the intricacies of this subject.

There has been a major transition in the establishment of banking institutions in Australia. The first bank that was established here in the country was in the year 1817 and known as the Bank of New South Wales. After that, a wide range of local as well as foreign banks came into existence that impacted the banking industry of Australia. With the CoronaVirus pandemic, there has been a lot of upheaval in this sector due to which there are several issues that students study in BFF2401.

Owing to the significance of commercial banking and finance, we are fully geared to help you with the assignments that come your way for this unit. Over the last decade, there has not been a single query that we have let go unanswered from our end. So, if you have any queries then you can send them over to us.

investment banking vs commercial banking

Vital BFF2401 Assignment Topics That We Have Covered For Students

There are a plethora of topics that form an assignment on banking and finance in Australia. In these years, we have studied all these topics and conducted extensive research on them so that we can easily help students complete their assignments.

Before we get on discussing a sample on this topic, let us have a look at these topics that we have catered to for students repeatedly.

  • The environment of the Australian banking system
  • Capital adequacy
  • Performance of the bank
  • Investment management
  • Risk management of the bank
  • Liability management
  • Credit
  • Loan pricing
  • Capital
  • Interest rate risk
  • Liquidity

Under the broad paradigm of commercial banking and finance, these are some of the most important topics that we have covered. You will notice that most of the assignments that you will come across for this subject would centre around these topics. In case you are not clear with these or have some other topic to seek guidance on, simply hand them over to us. We are available 24*7 to assist you with instant answers.

Now, let us get straight to discuss the application of these topics in the assignment sample that has been drafted by our finance assignment help experts.

How To Approach A BFF2401 Assessment Answer Just Like A Pro Writer?

In the last decade, our commercial banking and finance writers have established a large repository of valuable samples for students to mitigate the challenges that come their way while drafting a BFF2401 assignment solution. These samples are designed keeping in mind all the intricacies of financial issues and risks that a student needs to know, in the context of the Australian banking system. Also, the topics that we have enlisted above have an underplay in these samples.

Let us see how our finance assignment writers approach these assessments.

BFF2401 commercial banking

This is the assessment brief for commercial banking and finance essay assignment. As you can see in the image above, the main objective of this task is to write an essay on the bank’s performance analysis. For this, students have to use the DuPont model for analysing the risk-return performance of the bank.

Here, our finance assignment help experts plot a graph representing the annual return on assets for the top 4 banks in Australia during the years 2014-19. The concepts that are used here include return on equity and leverage multiplier.

The four major Australian banks that have been chosen for this question are as follow:

  • National Australia Bank
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
  • Australia And New Zealand Banking Group

Below is the graph of the return on equity.

BFF2401 return on enquity

Similarly, this is the graph representing the annual return on assets.

BFF2401 return on assests

Talking about the calculations, this is how our experts carry out the calculations for this BFF2401 commercial banking and finance assignment.

BFF2401 return on assests income

Coming to the next sections of this question,

BFF2401 return on assests income2

The task is to conduct trend and peer analyses for all the information that has been represented in the form of the graph above. With these analyses, our finance assignment help experts advise students on the operational, investment and funding strategies associated with the banking system.

This brings us to the end of this assessment. However, this is not a complete solution. In case, you want us to garner some reliable information for your assignments, just hand us over your commercial banking and finance assignments. You can also directly talk to us and get all your doubts cleared from us via the live one-on-one sessions, as per as your convenience. Be it midnight or early in the morning, we are there to assist you with instant answers!

How Our Finance Assignment Experts Help Students In Excelling In BFF2401 Assignments?

Dealing with these financial and baking assignments is not a cup of tea for every student; the kind of research that goes behind these assessments is something that is mentally strenuous for them. In addition to the time and effort that is required for writing these technical assignments, students also need to have a lot of practice in solving the numerical problems concerned with the topics. All of these aspects have already been taken into account by our experts.

My Assignment Services is a trustworthy organisation that hosts a professional panel of accounting and finance assignment help experts who are masters in their own fields. With a large industry experience of over ten years, they also hold scholarly degrees in finance and accounting from a plethora of recognised universities across the globe. Naturally, it takes quite less time to equip students with instant answers with efficiency.

The precision that you can see in the commercial banking and finance assignments delivered to you is self-explanatory of the diverse knowledge that we possess in this subject. If you get stuck at any point, you can simply refer to the high-quality samples that we provide you with each question for a better understanding.

What Else Can You Get Your Hands On?

We are known for the pristine quality of work that we hand over to our customers. With a total population of over 2,500 PhD writers in our team, we have a designated panel of experts working for students worldwide. Other than equipping them with unmatchable academic guidance on all their queries, we also cater to other requirements of students as well.

When you place an order with us, you also get the following benefits from us.

  • Multiple quality checks that are supervised by our new client satisfaction manager
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