BIZ101 Business Communication Assessment Answer

BIZ101 Business Communication Assessment Answer
January 23, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Communication is the deciding factor for the success of any business organisation. Exchanging viewpoints within the boundaries of professionalism is what is expected out of every student nowadays who is studying business management.

While writing BIZ101 business communications assessment answers, you are required to demonstrate critical analysis, examine both the internal and external business environment to maximise the effectiveness of business messages, and more.

But are you finding writing these assignments challenging? Worry not, as My Assignment Services will guide you preparing your report in no time. In this blog, our business communication assignment help through guided sessions experts will take you around the approach that we use for solving such assignments with ease. Not only this, to clear all your doubts, we will also be sharing a quick glimpse of a reference assignment solution that we have recently compiled for a student.

business communication

How to Write a Business Communication Report?

If you are a student pursuing the Business Communication course at Laureate University, then in BIZ101 assessment 2, you might already be aware of the task requirements. They are:

Part A: Proposal

In the first assessment, you would be required to submit a 600-word proposal. This task contributes to 20% to the overall marks in this unit. The function of this proposal is to set a base for the report that you will be writing. Experts, with the help of their comprehensive research skills and critical thinking abilities, talk about all the information that would be included in the report, the questions that will be addressed in the report, sources of information that will be used and details about all the recommendations in the report.

This is the outline which our business management assignment writers use while writing the BIZ101 business communication proposal:

  1. Background details about the issue
  2. The chosen topic for the report
  3. Purpose of the report
  4. Target audience
  5. Organisation background
  6. Communication strategies that will be used in the report

Part B: Report

Coming to the Assessment part B, it is a 1200 word report that contributes to 35% to the overall marks for this course.

Let us talk briefly about how our business communication assignment help through guided sessions experts write this report.

task summary

This is the assessment detail for the report which you need to write in Part B. All throughout the report, you have to make use of modern techniques of communication. The technologies that you use here are crucial and the success of the business organisation depends on them.

So, let us see how our business communication assignment writers draft a well-structured business report for this assessment.

Using the report format, our experts first analyse the chosen topic and talk about its uses, benefits and disadvantages. When we get all this information, it becomes easier for us to implement them within the organisation and suggest recommendations for the same. Each new idea in the report comes under separate headings to maintain a clarity of thought in the report.

Now, let us discuss each of the headings in this business communication report in detail.

1.     Executive summary

This BIZ101 business communication report must also have the executive summary as the first section in it. In this part, our business management help experts highlight the main topic and the associated concepts related to it.

This is how our experts write the executive summary in an articulate manner.

executive Summary

In a way, the executive summary gives a recapitulation of the main highlights of the proposal. Also, it is access to the report that will be written based on the proposal.

2.     Introduction

After the executive summary comes to the introduction of the report. Here, our experts discuss the changing global environment and how communication technology has impacted it lately. The role of social media is also highlighted in this section.

This was our business communication assignment help through guided sessions experts maintain the coherence between the proposal and the topic that shall be extended in the report.

3.     The main topic and related information

This is the most important section of the report that establishes a connection between team ethics and competitive advantage, in relation to social media. Under this section, we first introduce social media and then talk about connecting ideas such as the uses of social media, advantages, disadvantages, implementation and the factors that impact it. As discussed, all these ideas come under separate headings to portray a clarity of ideas.

4.     Conclusion

With the help of this section, our business communication experts give closure to the report. Relating social media and communication technologies, our experts include the main idea of the report again in this section. With this reiteration of the idea, the audience is left to ponder over the solutions of the problems (disadvantages) that have been addressed in the entire report.

5.     Recommendations

In the end, based on the findings and information in the report, our business communication assignment writers recommend two new strategies for those companies which use social media technology.

Points To Remember While Writing a BIZ101 Business Communication Report Writing Assessment

Assessment task

In this 1200-word report, there are certain points which are crucial for you to include. Before you begin writing your own business communication report, make sure that you are acquainted with certain elements so that you are able to incorporate these in your report.

  1. The report must depict information literacy and critical thinking skills
  2. You must abide by academic integrity in the report
  3. There must be a comprehensive analysis of both internal as well as external business environments so that you are able to convey messages within multiple business contexts
  4. Recognise various communication skills such as using technology and applying them in different business contexts.

In case, you are not aware of any of these or you are facing in incorporating them in your BIZ101 business communication report, then you can rely upon our professional team to provide you with guidance. Realising the importance of communication in a business context, we have a dedicated panel of business communication assignment help through guided sessions experts who can handle a variety of such assignments and assist students in formulating perfect business communication reports.

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