BN710709 Essay Writing Assessment Answer

BN710709 Essay Writing Assessment Answer
March 03, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

In the broad sphere of nursing,BN710709 primary healthcareis just a small unit. Students who are enrolled in this unit are taught to fit themselves in the multi-facets of nursing. One understands the needs of individuals, groups and communities in a specific primary healthcare setting. At My Assignment Services, ournursing assignment helpexperts have handled several assignments that critique selected contemporary settings and the initiatives that have been taken by nursing professionals around the globe. Also, we guide students on the impacts these have on different population groups. In this blog, we will discuss therelationship between primary health care structures and policiesthat underline the basis of the assessments that are rolled out to students studying this unit.

There are three tasks in the BN710709 Assignment

For more than a decade now, we have worked upon several assignments which highlight primary healthcare in different clinical settings. Talking aboutBN710709, three assessment tasks are generally given to students.

Task 1:

The first task for primary healthcare is set uponthe primary health care strategy. Together with it, you are required to choose any one out of the following plans and demonstrate how it will contribute to the development of Primary healthcare in New Zealand. For this task, ournursing assignment helpexperts begin with an introduction. Here, we define the key regions of government and then talk about the strategy and elaborate upon all the associated aspects of this task. This includes key directions and vision of the primary health care strategy, strategy plan of career from 2015 to 2018 and its evaluation, all the risk factors included in this project, contemporary health promotion initiatives from a nursing perspective, strategies for self-management and the conclusion.

Task 2:

Coming to theBN710709task 2, ournursing assignment writershave guided students with effective ways to identify a modifiable risk factor (MRF) that is the cause of the progression of any health condition. MODIFIABLE RISK FACTOR In addition to this, we also consider several contemporary health promotion initiatives to respond to the MRF again from a nursing point of view. As per ournursing assignment helpexperts, some of the MRF for the people of New Zealand include:
  1. Obesity
  2. Alcohol consumption
  3. Smoking
  4. Consumption of red and processed meats
  5. Physical activity
However, there can be a plethora of MRFs depending on the disease that you choose for your assignment. In case you require our suggestion on selecting the most appropriate MRF, then you can simply turn to our experts.

Task 3:

Self-management is a crucial concept when it comes to solvingBN710709 primary healthcareassignments. SELF MANGEMENT STRATEGIES For the final assessment, our experts devise out certain effective strategies for self-management. The strategies that we give to students are not only following the healthcare procedures but also support Nurses in primary health care. In addition to this, ournursing assignment helpexperts make sure that these address all the healthcare needs of individuals, community, and groups who are connected with the health condition that has been selected in the previous task. This brings an end to theBN710709 primary healthcaretask 3. though we have tried to touch upon every imperative element in these assignment tasks, there remains a lot that still needs to be explored. To write relevant and comprehensive nursing assignments, these are mandatory. Thus, if you wish us to guide you with those, then simply get in touch with us for assistance.

Points To Remember While Writing the BN710709 Primary Healthcare Assignment

Now that you are clear with the basic approach to all the tasks that fall under this unit, it will become much easier to understand the requirements of the tasks. Our experienced panel ofnursing assignment helpexperts makes sure to include certain points in the reference assignment solutions which they draft for students worldwide. Therefore, make it a point to cater to all the following points if you wish to secure top-notch grades in them. These are:
  1. The solutions that you write must assess the needs of the individuals/patients you are catering to. Any individual, group or community that you are dealing with must be able to demonstrate their needs.
  2. Ournursing assignment writers present a critique of some selected contemporary primary healthcare initiatives and how they affect a specific group of people within a set population.
  3. Our reference assignment solutions demonstrate the relationship between existing primary health care structures and policies.

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My Assignment Servicesis a trustworthy firm that specialises in different kinds of assignments in nursing. For more than a decade now, ournursing assignment helpexperts have drafted comprehensive reference assignment solutions for students that have helped them add a feather to their academic careers. Now you can even approach us with all your assignment-perils 24*7, thanks to our team’s round the clock assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call right away and get your referenceBN710709 Primary Healthcare Assignment solutionright at your doorstep!

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