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Brand and Branding Element Assessment Answers

Brand and Branding Element Assessment Answers
July 16, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

In simple words, the brand is recognizing symbol, logo, mark, name of a particular company that is used to differentiate their product and services from other companies. If you are a management student looking for a brand and branding element assessment answer, then My Assignment Services is the perfect destination for you. According to our management assignment help experts the brand develops positive sentiments among the potential customers and also helps to build brand equity of the company. There are some examples of recognizable brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook and Microsoft etc. If the branding of any product and services is done correctly then it leads to increase the sales and also develop trust among the customers. Sometimes the firm's brand and public awareness is used to assess the company success. However, the brand is denoted by the several tangible components that develop and convey the visual and auditory brand identity. The brand of any company includes the brand logo, tag line, letterheads and promotional materials etc.

What Are The Brand Elements Used In a Brand And Branding Element Assessment Answer?

According to the experts of our management assignment writing services, there are various types of brand elements used in such assignments that are mentioned below

Brand Image

The brand image indicates the idea of the particular brands that take place in the customer's mind. For example, Rolls Royce has the brand image of the luxury car manufacturer.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the element through which the people easily recognize the specific brand of the company. For example, the logo of Nike is easily recognizable and its punch line is also famous " Just Do it ".

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning deals with the product and service position in the market. The objective of brand positioning is to target a particular segment of the market.

Brand Personality

Brand Personality deals with the personality of a human being such as emotions or personal qualities. For example, youthfulness is related to the Pepsi and roughness is related to Wrangler.

Brand Equity

The value of a brand denotes brand equity. For example- Apple is associated with technology brand and customers perceived it as premium and quality product.

Brand Expterience

It is the combination of the customer's purchasing experience and after using the product. Therefore, KFC maintains a uniform standard of experience across the world.

Brand Differentiation

The word differentiation itself indicates how the specific brand is different from the same kind of product. For example, people choose to purchase the Dell computers because they use their own components and assembly line which is different from other computer companies.

Brand Communication

It is a message associated with the product and it delivers through several sources such as hoardings, adverts and punch lines etc. To increase the sales of the brand the company needs to clearly communicate the core advantages to its potential customers.

Brand Gap

It is the difference between the brand promises to deliver and what it actually delivers to its customers. The efforts of the advertisement or content marketing cannot save bad products or brands.

Brand Extension

It is the idea of exploring the new field or areas.

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