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Assignment of the Week: BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Assignment of the Week: BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management
January 27, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

In today’s fast pacing world, the leaders and managers have an upper hand in everything they do. Thus, if you aspire to be a leader or manager, then you need to possess all the required skills to sustain in this changing business environment. BSB51918is a diploma TAFE course that will give you a basic idea of all the requisites for leading and managing others within any professional front. Once you are done with this TAFE course, you would have honed communication, team leadership, mentorship and management skills and be able to apply them in technical or operational environments. Do you find these management TAFE assignments challenging to write? Why not read this blog and get clarity on them? OurBSB51918 Management Assignment Helpexperts would guide you on thediploma of leadership and management assessments.

Assessment Modes That Are Covered In BSB51918 Diploma In Leadership And Management

There are 3 assessment modes that you need to cover under this course. You can turn to ourmanagement assignment writers, whenever you get stuck in any of these. Following are the assignments where you can seek assistance from us.

Task 1: Assignment

Task 1 is an individual assessment. This is a reflection, wherein, you need to reflect upon your own emotions and give a brief of how it is going to affect the workplace you are working in. As per ourBSB51918 Management Assignment Helpexperts, the best way to analyse the strengths and weaknesses is to use tools like SWOT analysis, workplace 360-degree evaluation or online emotional intelligence test. Using either of these, you have to draft a well-written reflection on therole of emotional intelligence in the workplace. role of emotional intelligence in the workplace In this assignment, you also give various instances and details of the event as per it is asked in the question. As you can see in the question file, students are also expected to make use of proper evidence and context to back up whatever they have mentioned in theBSB51918 Task 1 assignment.

Task 2: Case Study

Again, task 2 is an individual assessment. It is tested how well you are able to demonstrate your written response for different case study-based scenarios. As a case study is the best way of gauging the analytical and logical skills, our experts saw it become one of the most requested assignments by students. So, we will give you a basic approach to theAustralian Hardware Case Studyin which we have helped students.

Task 3: Role Play

In theBSB51918Task 3 assignment, you will be paired up with another student and you both have to perform a role-play. In this, you have to record how you both respond to a scenario in your workplace by taking part in this role-play. For this task, you need to draft a coaching plan in response to the scenario. Now, let us proceed and give you a detailed description ofBSB51918 Task 2 Case Study.

Task 2 Australian Hardware Case Study

Here’s a screenshot of the Australian Hardware case study assignment that you must have received: case Study - Australian Hardware Using all the principles and theories of leadership and management, our experts analyse the case study within the concept of the Australian Hardware. Now, let us discuss each of the questions in detail and see how ourBSB51918 Management Assignment Helpresponded to each of the questions.

Question 1:

For the first question, we described the best way that can clearly depict the behaviour of the store manager. In this context, our professional team of management experts also talked about incorporatingpositive leadership behaviourin the manager. Question 1 We also used theprinciples of emotional intelligencethat were missing in the behaviour of the store manager. Our management assignment writers suggested an alternative way of how he should have acted and communicated. In the end, we established a relationship between the behaviour of the store manager and store morale. Also, we brought to light all those parameters which affected the behaviour of the store manager as well as the performance of the store.

Question 2:

This is the scenario that has been given for theBSB51819 Task 2 question 2. Based on it, our management assignment help experts provided two examples that depict instances ofmisinterpretation of expressions or behaviour in the context of a diverse workforce. Question 2 Then, we talked abouthow cultural expressions may have been misinterpreted. In addition to this, we also suggested how awareness can be raised for this so that effective communication can be fostered in the team.

Question 3:

In this question, we reflect upon our own emotions to talk about how employees feel in certain work conditions. Here, we use theprinciple of emotional intelligence.Using different types of learning styles, communication styles and personality types, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts show how employees adapt to the workplace. Question 3 In the end, we describe ways to fulfil different needs of the employees such as the emotional needs, meeting performance standards and maintaining the cohesiveness in the team. Other than this, there are a few more questions for thisAustralian Hardware Case Studythat haven’t been discussed in this brief blog. If you require us to guide you with the entire solution, then you just need to submit the requirements to ourBSB51918 Management Assignment Helpexperts. We will get back to you with an accurate reference solution to this case study assignment.

Having Trouble Writing the Solution For Leadership And Management Case Studies? Let Us Help You With Them!

We hope we could clarify all your doubts regarding theAustralian Hardware Case Study. Similarly, we will be happy to help you with similar kind of case studies that come as a hurdle in your way. Our highly-qualifiedmanagement assignment helpexperts have scholarly degrees from a variety of elite institutions all over the world. This makes us profoundly experienced in combating with all your assignment perils with ease! My Assignment Serviceshas now hired a new client satisfaction manager who looks after all the queries of students related to quality and authenticity. Also, you can get an overview of the entire assignment file before payment to get doubly-sure of our working. In addition to this, we have also updated our value-added services for you to make the task of writing comprehensive solutions for the case studies easier and hassle-free for you. To get a callback from our customer-care executives, fill in the order form now available on our website.

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