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BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans Assessment Answer

BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans Assessment Answer
April 08, 2020
Author : Andy

In Australia, several organisations have financial sectors underlying how powerful their management skills are. For all the students aspiring to work efficiently in these sectors,BSBFIM501is a unit that is specially designed for them. Tomanage budgets and financial plansis one of the key responsibilities that you will have when you work in one of those organisations. But first, ourfinancial management assignment helpexperts will show you how to approach these assessments with ease in this blog. Not just this,My Assignment Servicespossesses a large number of professional experts who can guide you on different management topics like these.

Most Important Topics In BSBFIM501 Assignment

To draft perfect financial management assignment solutions, you first need to have a firm command over the most imperative topics associated with managing budgets and financial plans. A lot of students have contacted us with their queries on a plethora of topics like:
  1. Managing financial processes
  2. Planning and implementing a variety of approaches in financial management
  3. Support team members
  4. Monitoring and regulating finances
  5. Reviewing and evaluating how effective is the management process
  6. Profit and loss statements
Ourfinancial management assignment writershave been successful in helping students understand all these topics, which is why students do not hesitate to turn to us over and again with their doubts. With the help of our well-researched and comprehensive referenceBSBFIM501 assignment solutions, students have been able to reach a step closer to their dream grades.

Let Us Look at theBSBFIM501 Assessment Tasks

Now that we all know the concepts covered in these assignments, let us talk about the assigned tasks which are sent to us by students. For the tasks which come under this unit, there will be certain scenarios given. We need to respond to them, which ourfinancial management assignment writersdo by gathering and analysing the given financial data. In the process, we also need to make recommendations to bring changes to the current process. For this, we need a plan that will help us to implement and monitor solutions. Not clear? Let us make you understand with the help of the scenario that we got for this assignment.

Task A

BSBFIM501 manage budgets and financial plan The scenario given is based on Big Red Bicycle Pty Ltd, a manufacturer in Victoria. It manufactures bicycles and supplies them to the domestic markets in Australia. In the above-given table, students are introduced to the senior management structure of the company. Together with the table, we are also given a brief background of the firm. As a senior accountant, we have to carry out certain tasks, which are as follows: We have the following information with us. As per ourfinancial management assignment helpexperts, one of the key risks to the strategic plans of this organisation is bad debt and poor cash flow. With this and the information provided in the table, the firstBSBFIM501 Assessment Taskis to complete the given questions, which are as follows:
  1. To calculate the average debtor days
  2. To calculate the average creditor days
  3. To calculate the average stock turnover
In addition to this, our financial management assignment writers also include two recommendations to bring an improvement to the existing process of financial management.

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Task B

Statement of Financial Position Based on the information given in the image above, theBSBFIM501 assessment task Bis tocalculate the current variable cost to achieve a profit target. Just like the previous task, ourfinancial management assignment helpexperts also make one recommendation for this task. To complete this task, we list out three sources from where we have extracted our information.

Task C

TheBSBFIM501 assessment task Cis to prepare a Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the first quarter. For this, our experts calculate the total number of years that will be required to keep GST records by satisfying the ATO requirements. Following this, we complete the budget that has been given in the question as follows: GST cash budget, cash receipts

Task D

Using any one of the recommendations that have been developed in task A and B, ourfinancial management assignment helpexperts develop an action plan to implement and monitor them. In this action plan, we also include suitable activities, timelines and accountabilities.

Task E

This is the last and the final task inBSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans Assessment. Here, we guide students with effective ways of reflecting on previous tasks. In this process, we include several concepts like accounting principles, profit and loss statements, cash flows, ledgers and financial statements etc. This brings an end to the assignment. Though we have covered all the basic points in each of the tasks, several complex concepts in these need an in-depth explanation, in case, you require a fresh complete solution of this file or any other similar kind of assignments, then you can simply send us the requirements and we will get back to you shortly with the complete referenceBSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plansanswer.

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