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Assignment of the Week: BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change

Assignment of the Week: BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change
February 24, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

BSBINN601 Lead and Manage organisational changeis a unit that helps students in gaining a deeper insight into the strategic change requirements within an organisation. After completing this unit, students become efficient in developing, implementing and regulating a plethora of change management strategies. If you are an aspiring manager, then this unit is something that is specially designed for you. Don’t know how to approachBSBINN601 assignments? No need to worry as ourmanagement assignment helpexperts have mastered the task of writing error-less management assessments and are now going to help you with them. At My Assignment Services, we do not even leave a single stone unturned for you. Be it a reference assignment solution, value-added services or guidance over imperative concepts in management, we are fully geared to provide you with the answers to all your queries.

Requisites For Writing Lead and Manage Organisational Change Assignment

Before we go on discussing the questions that students get in these assignments, why not recapitulate you with some of the foundational concepts related to these assignments? Using them, our management assignment writers draft comprehensiveBSBINN601 assessment solutionsfor the reference purpose of students worldwide. These are:

1. Change management

One of the most vital concepts that apply to these assignments is theconcept of change management. Change management is not just a word; it is an entire process that takes place within an organisation. All the resources, techniques and tools that used to manage change in a company is a part of this process. Change management aims to achieve the set objectives of the organisation.

2. Change management project plan

The difference between the success and failure of a project is depicted through a change management project plan. Tolead and manage organisational change, this plan is something which drives us to adapt to the changes within the organisational boundaries.

3. Barriers to change management

The factors due to which the change management process initiative generally fails are known as the barriers to change management. For every separate organisation, the barriers are different. However, some of the common ones include individual change resistance, cultural barriers, lack of communication, lack of consistency and lack of strategic decision.

4. Strategic development needs of an organisation

Also known as strategic planning, strategic development is prime whenever it comes to running a business. It helps to fulfil the organisational goals and can be regulated as per the requirements of the organisation. These are the 4 vital concepts that are applicable in everyBSBINN601 Lead and Manage organisational changeassignment. Now we are good to go. Let us proceed with the assignment and see how ourmanagement assignment helpexperts approach these assessments.

Writethe Answers for BSBINN601 Lead And Manage Organisational Change Assignment

Primarily, the assignments that are rolled out to students under this unit encompasses several questions that are based on different management concepts. The above-discussed ones are some of those. Without any further ado, let us see how these are applied in the questions.

Question 1

change management We have already discussedwhat is change managementin the previous section. Talking about thethree elements that drive change, these are:
  • Transformation of organisational culture
  • Rendering business innovation
  • Technological advancement
Ourmanagement assignment helpexperts explain the Lewin’s change management process for this question. This management cycle consists of three phases which are as follows:
  • Unfreeze
  • Change
  • Refreeze

Question 2

components of a change management process

For making a solid change management plan, ourmanagement assignment writersfocus on several components like:
  • Risk factors associated with the change
  • Carrying out surveys or interviews to understand the views of employees on change management
  • Attract positive response from employees on the project plan

Question 3

barriers to change The five barriers to change that have been identified by our experts are:
  • Lack of employee involvement
  • Lack of communication
  • Financial constraints
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of appropriate risk management process
Ourmanagement helpexperts also bring out some effective strategies to mitigate these barriers within the organisation.

Question 4

strategic development needs of an organisation After explaining the strategic planning process in the organisation, our experts talk abouthow to identify strategic development needs of an organisation. Some of the ways are: v Interact with the stakeholders v Establishing goals and objectives of the company v Studying and analysing the risk factors v Implementing plans to mitigate the risks Other than these, there are numerous other questions in the assignment as well. In case, you require us to help you with all the rest questions in thisBSBINN601 Lead and Manage organisational changeassignment, then you can simply rely upon ourmanagement assignment helpexperts for guidance.

Vital Points To Remember InLead And Manage Organisational Change Assignments

If you wish to write these assignments easily and secure top-notch grades in them, then make sure that your solutions cover all the following points:
  1. You can identify the change requirements and opportunities within the organisation
  2. There has to be a change management strategy that is applied and implemented in your assignment solution
Just like ourmanagement assignment writersfulfil these in the reference assignment solutions, you must make it a point to include them in your answers as well.

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This was a basic approach toBSBINN601 Lead and Manage organisational changeassignment. However, several other concepts need to be explored when you begin writing these assignments. If you face challenges in any section, you can straightaway turn to ourmanagement assignment helpexperts for guidance via the live one-on-one session with the expert option. My Assignment Servicesis a trustworthy firm that houses more than 5000 assignment experts, in different subjects. For more than a decade now, we have been helping students tackle all their assignment perils with ease. With the help of our customised reference assignment solutions, you will be able to understand every concept easily. What’s most interesting is that we have a lot of value-added services in store for you. To know more about them, talk to our customer care team now.

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