BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Assignment Answers

BSBINN601: Organisational Change Management Assignment
August 20, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

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Here is a screenshot of an assessment file. Let’s discuss the concepts to solve these questions one by one. 

change management assessment sample

What Is Change Management And What Are The Three Main Elements That Drive The Change?

Change Management Assignment help by expert

Change management is a collation of techniques that together guides how leaders prepare, equip and support individuals working in the company to successfully adapt to change in order to work for organisation’s success. Change management models provide a framework for supporting different phases of change in an organization. 

There are 3 main elements for driving a strong Change Management Strategy. 

The effective model would not only address how change management would occur, but would also address the emotional, rational and process elements of the task. 

Rational Elements

A rational approach would be to include a system to establish methods to measure processes, services, standards and development of the firm. It would also include the use of balanced scorecards and inclusion of other metrics that could reinforce expectations. These elements eventually help create a high-performance culture. 

Emotional Elements

Emotional perspective would be to strive to establish some principles, purpose or performance index to evaluate employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Establishing robust communication would ensure employees feel more comfortable to the change and would help people engage emotionally in the office community

Process Driven attributes

A well-established process for change is one that is transparent, creates focus, solicits commitments and encourages accountability. The need for encouragement and accountability is imperative for a successful initiative. With deep rooting a sense of accountability, people deter away from making excuses and ensure to complete the expected work. 

change management model

Unfreeze: This is the step that advises that the first step to change should be to prepare the organisation and its employees to accept that the change is vital for sustenance and growth of the organisation. This could either be done by marking the end of the existing status quo in the organisation or ensuring a robust communication between employees and managers that are directly accountable for change. 

In short, the key lies in communicating compelling reasons and arguments for why existing ways of the organisation can not continue. The argument could be backed up by data or decreasing profit figures or even customer dissatisfaction surveys. 

In order to execute such a task, one may have to challenge the core values, principles and beliefs of the organisation and ensure that employees resonate with the same challenges. This may evoke strong reactions from people and encourage them to bring about a change in existing models. 

Implement Change

The unfreezing stage inspires and encourages people to bring a change in existing situations. The uncertainty is produced as a by-product of this phase, but this fuels people to begin to resolve uncertainty and obey decisions made by the management. People would eventually start to act in ways that would further support the process of change and help bring the change eventually. 


Once the required change has been brought about, the status quo has to be implemented again to ensure the state stays the same. Refreeze is a crucial step that jams the changes and prevents the company from going back to older methods of execution. This ensures stability and removes any uncertainty that houses employees’ minds and hearts. With a newfound sense of stability, the employees feel confident about themselves and become comfortable with the change. 

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Some Other Concepts of Change Management for BSBNN 601 Assessment Answer

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis exactly means what it seems like. It means to analyse and categorise people who can be affected by the change into a company. All the employees in a company are stakeholders of different tasks and responsibilities. Thus they are referred to as stakeholders as they have stakes in the part of the operation of a company. It also involves identifying the beneficiaries and benefactors of the change. 

To accomplish this, the first step would be to ask the correct questions. One would need to understand the specific needs and expectations of individuals from the changes in the organisation. 

Risk Mitigation

It is obvious that any change in the organisation would come with risks or could even potentially jeopardise the health of the organisation for an extended period of time. Thus it is imperative to figure out the potential blocks, threats or risks that could appear during the change process.

Once these potential risks are identified, the solutions are drawn to minimise them. All the managers and leaders of the company are held accountable for minimising the risk in the process. They monitor and encourage employees to believe in the positive impacts of a smooth transition.

Resistance to Change or Training

No change can be brought without training or upgrading the skill set of the employees working in the company. But what if the employees are resistant to any changes? Training is identified as the best tools by industry experts to mitigate this challenge. A motivated employee who looks forward to the potential benefits of the new system is an employee that is willing to change and work towards organisation’s success. 

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