BSBPMG516 Assessment 2 Answer Writing Guide

BSBPMG516 Assessment 2 Answer Writing Guide
April 01, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Are you one of the students pursuing the BSBPMG516 course in which you have to write assessment 2? I know you are struggling in writing your assessment answer using information management system for a project. Are you looking for a quick guide that can help you in writing BSBPMG516 assessment 2 answer? My Assignment Services is going to assist you.

I am going to tell you how to approach the various sections of the assignment and how your BSBPMG516 assessment 2 answer should look like.

Assessment Sample That I Solved

Just so that you can get an idea of what I am talking about, we are going to take an example. You can use that example as a reference to prepare your own answer and who knows that maybe you have the exact same question, huh?

Here is the BSBPMG516 assessment 2 sample I solved.

Pretty clear, right? Straight up questions without too much trouble in understanding.

Let us just quickly lay out all the mission objectives

  1. You are working on a project called Connect Up.

  2. You have to identify all the information management considerations.

  3. The system will be an intranet facility for internal communication

  4. The system should be secure to allow inter-department communication

  5. The employees can access specific information from a portal

  6. A user pay basis calculation for the external users of the system

You need to prepare a business case for development and implementation of such a system. In layman terms, you need to prepare a business plan that is a bit more complex than a generic one.

You assignment might have some other requirements but do not dishearten yourself. This is just for reference. You can compare your assessment details and then think how you are going to answer that. If you still have any doubts, the option to take project management assignment help is always available.

How are you going to write the answer?

As it is understood that your assignment answer is going to be as a structure of business plan, you need to follow all the requirements of a 2000-word business plan.

You need to write it in a single document and not divide in different chapters. Beginning with the introduction, you are going to make your way through various sectors and then arrive at your final destination called conclusion.


The assessment has also given you a detailed profile of the client for whom you are going to make this system. Therefore, to prepare your assessment’s introduction, you need to read the information provided and then analyse it. Identify the use of internal communication and how an information management system is going to assist that.

Because I am the good guy of this story, I will give you the first 3 lines of the introduction that I wrote.

Information considerations

To develop the system, you need to know what is information management system and what are the various considerations that you should be aware of. For example, in the BSBPGM516 assessment 2 answer that I wrote, I found that the sources of the information in the system will be selected in a limited technical outline with a sequence and symbols that transmit the message.

Not only this, you need to provide the layout of the network that your information system is going to follow. This layout is necessary to keep track of all the departments that are going to communicate and how they will communicate with each other. For that, you need to prepare a system engineering process.

If you will take a close look at information management system, you will find that for any architectural development, you need -

  • Easy sharing of information

  • Keeping the quality of information intact

  • Ensuring that the information is secure while passing through all the processes

  • Comply with all the underlying rules and regulations

Take sufficient time for implementing the system and training the employees about the new system. Unless the people who are actually going to use the system are comfortable with the usage, the project’s final objective.

If you have read my blog on what information management is, I have told that one of the 10 principles of information management is to provide the users a seamless experience.


Like all things, the BSBPMG516 assessment 2 answer will also come to an end and you will be happy about it. In the conclusion, you need to give a brief of all that you have discussed in 1500 or 1700 words in the above section and propose the system to the client.

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