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BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development Assessment Answer

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development Assessment Answer
February 25, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Prioritising tasks is a basic necessity in today’s life. In every sphere of life, organising and managing personal tasks is important for professional development. This is whatBSBWOR501discusses. For those of you who are aspiring to be managers in different organisations,manage personal work priorities and professional developmentis a unit to master. There are several assessments that this unit encompasses. For more than a decade now,My Assignment Serviceshas been engaged in helping students with the reference solutions of these assignments. In this blog, ourassignment helpexperts will give you a basic idea on this unit and the assignments that will come your way. So, let us get started.

What Are The Assessment Tasks In BSBWOR501?

There are 5 tasks that you will get when you decide to study this unit. Our experts have handled all of them with ease and helped students understand them. Following are the assessment tasks tomanage personal work priorities and professional developmentunit.
  1. Assessment 1: Written questions
  2. Assessment 2: Personal work goals project
  3. Assessment 3: Work priorities project
  4. Assessment 4: Professional development presentation
  5. Assessment 5: Professional development report
You can get access to relevant reference assignment solutions of each of these from us. But first, let us discuss each of these briefly.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 1 Written Questions

For this task, several questions need to be answered which are based on a lot of important concepts that fall under this unit. Following are the questions that came to ourassignment writers. manage professional work priorities Concepts likeself-appraisal, peer appraisal, planning work, SMART in establishing goals, Pareto principle in time management, stress, work-life balance, stress management, technology, personal development planning, learning stylesetc are used to answer the given questions. All these concepts are crucial and need to be included in the answers. If you are unclear with any of these, then you can straightway turn to ourassignment writersfor guidance.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 2 Personal Work Goals Project

TheBSBWOR501 Task 2deals with setting up plan personal work goals that are dependent on the job you are in. Then, these goals are to be discussed with the assessor in a meeting. First, you need to choose a job role and study the position description and the company’s website to know more. Then, you have to set fixed goals that you plan to achieve in the context of professional development. The goals set must be SMART goals so that you can measure them. Then, you need to meet your assessor and discuss these goals. In the end, you are required to draft a report on the personal work goals that you had set and mail the same to your assessor.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 3 Work Priorities Subject

InBSBWOR501 task 3, ourassignment helpexperts conduct extensive research on technology and tools that can be used by managers for managing their work priorities. After this, we demonstrate how each of these helps us to plan and prioritise our work. Then, we explain the concept of workplace stress and devise out various strategies to address this. Based on this, a short report on personal and work planning is written and a weekly plan is set. In the end, this entire report has to be mailed to the assessor and discussed.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 4 Professional Development Presentation

For this task, you will get a lot of activities to perform that would test how competent you are professional. The activities that our assignment help experts have performed are as follows:

1. A self-assessment report

As per ourmanagement assignment helpexperts, students gain a lot of skills during their course. You have to imagine that you want to gain advanced management skills. This is where you have to conduct this self-assessment. Our experts refer to theAdvanced Diploma of Leadership and Managementfor this.

2. Professional competence research

The next activity that you have to perform for this task is to interview 2 people who can be your assessor, friend, colleague or family member. You have to note down the skills that they feel are most vital for a manager. In addition to this, our experts also discuss an example of an activity which they think contributed to your professional development.

3. Career review

Ourmanagement assignment helpexperts consider two questions for writing the career review, which are:
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • Talk about possible career options that you will have after you complete the course
The response to these questions is presented as a presentation.

4. Networking review

Here, ourmanagement assignment writersselect two formal networks where a manager has a crucial role. This networking review is also depicted in the form of a presentation.

5. Professional development plan

You will be given the professional development plan template for this activity. You have to use this template and complete the table for all the activities that you have undertaken.

BSBWOR501 Assessment 5 Professional Development Report

All the activities which have been included in the last assessment need to be combined in the form of the professional development report. This is the final report forBSBWOR501manage personal work priorities and professional developmentassignment. This is why ourmanagement assignment helpexperts use all the concepts in this report and end it adhering to the guidelines provided. Though we have touched upon every assessment that you will come across under this unit, this is not the complete solution. If you require the entire solution of this assignment, then you can contact ourprofessional management assignmentwriters for guidance.

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