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Build Your Career – But Start By Building Your Strongest CV!

Build Your Career – But Start By Building Your Strongest CV!
February 21, 2020
Author : Amelia Mia

For your career to reach new heights, the first stepping stone is to build a strong CV to impress the recruiters. However, the task of drafting one can be daunting for most of the candidates when it comes to thinking about all the requisites for an effective resume. Details such as employment history, educational qualifications and skills must be depicted in an organised way, if you wish to get selected in the interview. Naturally, the task of preparing a tailored CV for every job is not a cup of tea for every aspirant, right? Due to this, our CV writing experts have clubbed up a few easy tips for you that you can use to draft your resume, every time you go for an interview! At My Assignment Services, we possess a vast pool of experts who have guided students with easy-to-use tips and tricks related to resumes, CDR, and SOP writing that have helped students reach their dream universities easily. In this blog, we are going to centre our attention towards building the strongest CV for you.

How To Build a Strong Resume In Just 7 Easy Steps?

If you have been searching for expert guidance on your resumes, then your search is finally over. Having helped several students land their dream job profiles in their favourite companies all over the world, our CV writers are nowhere to help you as well. Stick to these 7 steps and get on to the top of the stack of thousands of resumes!

1. Compile personal and employment details and weave them together

Before you begin drafting the final copy of the resume, make sure to equip yourselves with all the necessary information like the personal details, educational qualifications and employment information beforehand. Our resume writing experts believe that it is much easier to formulate the final resume when you have all the requisites beforehand. Compile all the details in chronological order and weave them together to complete the resume.

2. Write your resume

After the compilation of all the necessary details, bring every detail on to the paper. When you have all the details in front of you, you can easily adjust the font size, spacing and other formatting options.

3. Select the most appropriate layout for your resume

As per our resume writers, there are three basic resume layouts that you can choose from, as per the requirements of the job profile you are applying for. These are:
  • Chronological: The most commonly used layout, the chronological layout depicts your employment history in descending order (recent job first).
  • Functional: Are you the one who has a spotty work history? Then, this is the perfect layout for you as it will focus on your skills and experiences.
  • Combination: As the name suggests, this resume layout is an amalgamation of both types of resume layouts.
Aspirants who use a functional or Combinational resume are suggested to tailor all the information. Employment history comes first, followed by skills. In case of a functional resume, the highlight would be on your skills, followed by employment history.

4. Pay attention to formatting the text of your resume

A lot of times recruiters do not understand what is written in the resume. This is because candidates use illegible fonts and font sizes. However, as per our CV writing experts, simple works best for the CVs. Fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana are considered to be mostly used in resumes. Also, your resume must exhibit an element of consistency, meaning that there has to be a uniformity in fonts all throughout the cover letter and the resume.

5. Save the document with your name

Drafting a perfect CV is not sufficient to get through the selection process. You have to be considerate enough to think about the recruiters if you would be at their place. Realising this, our CV writers always advise students to save their resumes with their own name. Due to this, recruiters are able to track the CV of the specific applicants easily.

6. Proofread and print the final copy of your resume

Before you proceed to send your resume to the recruiters, make it a point to edit and proofread it carefully. After you are through with this process, print a copy of the same to check the alignment of the text. Also, it is always handy to print multiple copies of the resume to carry them to the interview.

7. Focus on building tailored-resumes

Gone are the days when a generic resume would satiate all the recruiters in the world. In today’s modern world, no one has the time to read each and every line. This is why the recruiters skim through the resume, finding specific keywords in your CV. If they find it, you can consider yourself to get selected, else you will definitely be rejected. For this reason, our CV writing experts always go for tailored-resumes that are customised according to the requirements of different organisations. Using these seven steps, even you can transform the entire resume and enhance the prospects for selection in the interview process. If you still feel you are unclear with any aspect of a CV, you can simply rely upon our professionals for guidance.

Seek Professional Assistance From Our Resume Writers To Reach Your Favourite Jobs!

At My Assignment Services, we do not leave your hand at any step for drafting a flawless resume. With our intricately-designed reference samples of resumes, in multiple fields, even you can build a strong resume that can attract the attention of the recruiters. Our CV writing experts also provide a free copy of the Plagiarism report with each resume, so that you can stay assured about the originality of our work. In addition to this, we also guide students on making the resumes visual. Working for more than a decade now in this industry, we have seen thousands of students excelling in their fields and getting recruited in their dream job roles. To place an order with us or to know more about our value-added services, contact us now.

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About the Author

Amelia Mia

Amelia Mia

Amelia Mia completed her masters in human resource management from the Deakin University in the year 2006. She worked as a human resource manager for a small firm in Adelaide before becoming a freelance hiring expert and recruitment manager. By the end of the year 2017, Amelia had taken thousands of interviews and had become a resume writing expert guiding freshers and professionals alike with their resumes. She is a resume writing expert at My Assignment Services and prepares resumes that match the industry standards and impress the recruiters.


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