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Assignment Of The Week: BUS106 OzCo Boats Case Study

Assignment Of The Week: BUS106 OzCo Boats Case Study
February 17, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

BUS106is a comprehensive unit that is designed for students who have an interest in understanding the marketing principles. With the help of this unit, students get a deeper analysis of the process of consumer decision making and its significance for the marketeers. The assignments that are rolled out to students make them efficient in applying relevant theories and concepts of marketing to a ‘real world’ business situation. My Assignment Servicesis a trustworthy firm that is a storehouse of learnedmarketing assignment helpexperts. For more than a decade now, we have been engaged in bringing out high-quality reference assignment solutions for these assignments. In this blog, we will be talking more aboutBUS106so that you get an idea of all the concepts and topics that go behind these assessments. Let’s get started.

BUS106 Assessment 3

BUS106 Assessment 3 details If you have already enrolled yourself inBUS106, then you will have to complete several assessments to clear this unit successfully. Talking about the most important one, now ourmarketing assignment helpexperts will take you aroundBUS106 assessment 3so that you can complete this assignment with ease. Let us see how our experts do this. Assessment 3 is rolled out as an individual task in which you have to analyse a given case in 1000-words. This task will contribute 40% to the overall grades for the unit. Now, we will share with you a brief approach to theOzCo boats case study. For this task, students are required to study the case thoroughly, conduct research, and based on the findings design a report that will elaborate upon personal responses to the given tasks. OzCo boats case study This is the case study where you have to apply all the relevant marketing tools that you will be used to analyse the givenOzCo boats case study. To be able to do so, first, you must be efficient enough in recognising a range of marketing problems that you come across and then propose strategical solutions to solve them. A variety of marketing theories will enable you to relate the problems with “real world” situations. Following are the steps that ourmarketing assignment writerstake to solve this case study:

Step 1:

First, we study the given case study thoroughly and try to underline the suggested problems.

Step 2:

Then our experts design a perceptual map for anyone of the products of OzCo. Also, to demonstrate the position of OzCo, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts include the position of two other boat companies as well. In about 100 words, we then briefly explain the logic behind including those companies.

Step 3:

Our panel of professional writers then conducts a SWOT analysis for OzCo boats. In 200 words, we then list all the relevant points from the given case in SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) categories.

Step 4:

In 200 words, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts choose three divisions under OzCo boats and design a BCG matrix for the same. Then, we explain why these divisions have been classified under those separate headings.

Step 5:

With the help of the Ansoff matrix, we find out the four strategic alternatives that the company has. After this, we explain to evaluate whether each of the alternatives is suitable or not and out of all of them, our writers recommend the best one. In 500 words, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts provide reasons for the same using credible sources of information to back up the recommendations.

Step 6:

All the above-mentioned responses are in the end, recorded in the form of a report with the following headings: Title page Table of contents Perpetual map for OzCo company (in 100 words) SWOT analysis for OzCo company (in 200 words) BCG Matrix for OzCo company (in 200 words) A variety of recommendations for the company as well as an analysis of the strategic alternatives of OzCo (in 500 words) In addition to these, ourmarketing assignment writersapply the Harvard referencing style to reference 5 credible sources of information that they have used in thisOzCo boats case study. However, this is just a brief explanation of the basic approach that our experts use to solve such case studies. In case, you require the complete solution of this case study or any similar case, then you can simply turn to our experts for guidance.

4 Vital Points To Remember While WritingBUS106 Assessment 3 Solution

Themarketing case study analysis assignmentthat we recently discussed is designed with a purpose to test how efficient you are in applying the theories and concepts of marketing. Therefore, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts make sure to emphasise on 4 vital points when they draft the reference assignment solutions for students. Make sure to take care of these points while you draft one for yourself.
  1. Your solution must be able to demonstrate the significance of accounting and finance as well.
  2. The solution that you write after analysing the case study must have a proper classification of SWOT analysis
  3. BCG matrix is an important concept for such assignments, which is why you need to have a thorough knowledge of this.
  4. The concept of the perpetual map has to be present in the solution

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