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Business Process Management Assessment Sample

Business Process Management Assessment Sample
November 01, 2018
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Business Process Management is the process of analysing a business from point A to Z and improving the existing processes, monitoring it, and maintaining the optimisation. Business Process Management assessment help the students in understanding the use of strategies and the need for improving the business operations. The world today is a complex one and is becoming unpredictable day by day. Therefore, experts and world leaders are identifying ways to make the business process efficient. This will accelerate accomplishing organisational goals.

What Is Business Process Management?

In a nutshell, Business Process Management is a process where the manager continuously monitors the business and identifies the areas that need improvement. Consequently, the unnecessary processes are eliminated and the business becomes efficient. To understand this better, let us assume an example. John, an operations manager at ABC Enterprises, has to identify ways to improve the business. boy For this, John needs to analyse the numbers and statistics. Now, John first prepared a list of all the processes that were happening in the company and then started to analyse it. What happened was that he wasted a lot of his time in analysing them and not much useful information was obtained. boy in a room He was frustrated and decided to replace the entire system with a new one. But, this was really expensive and time-consuming. Who knew, there might arise a need to upgrade the system as soon as he had installed it? The other option in front of him was to send an army of consultants. This will also take a lot of time and eat up many resources (monetary and otherwise). soldiers John then heard about something called Business Process Management. Business Process Management told him all the processes that were happening in the business. Then, John was able to track all the sets in process across the business. These different processes were then arranged in a single unified view where John could see how every process runs in the business. With this knowledge, John now had the power to pinpoint where holdups were and also know when they occur. John became a seer who could see the reality of the processes and make improvements where they actually are required. [caption id="attachment_3984" align="aligncenter" width="624"]john A happy and elated John.[/caption]

5 Steps in Business Process Management

A Business Process Management assessment help identifies the 5 major steps or stages of business process management as –


Here, you have to analyse the business processes that are currently in action. Then, you have to design a business process exactly as it should be. Afterwards, you have to draw a comparison between both and analyse what needs to be improved.


The students have to see and visualise how the business processes perform under different scenarios. For example, when the employees are on a holiday or when two shifts of employees work back to back or any other situation.


When the analysis of the business is over, the actual management starts. This is when the action plan or the strategies have to be executed (implemented) in the system.


Only executing the new plan is not enough unless you are able to identify how it functions or the results are any better than what they used to be. Therefore, any Business Process Management assessment help the students to become aware of the monitoring strategies. This way, they are able to keep a check on the new process, identify the performance improvements and also keep a check on the new needs that arise.


The students here have to take care of the part when the business process has been reshaped but needs to be checked regularly for further improvement. This is like when any developer releases an update for the application on the Play Store. They are always working towards finding loopholes and fixing them, making the application faster and reliable. Here is a quick recap. process

Business Process Management Sample Assignment

We claim that our experts can help you do your business management assignments. But, we know you are wondering how. So, what’s the best way to establish trust in you in our capabilities? By telling you that we have received assignments related to this course and how we guided the students. So, here is yours! sample How our experts guided this one? They followed a four-part structure for this one where the parts were –

Processes, Organisational Structure

Here, the background of the organisation in question was studied from where the processes were identified. Using this, the experts brought out the need for redesigning the business processes by highlighting the shortcomings of the existing ones.

Project Goals

Then, the experts brought out the goals to be achieved through the selected project and what structure it was following.

Process Analysis

The process was analysed in a detailed manner and a proposal is prepared to request to change the same. The proposal is backed by the new design of the process, the suggested improvements, and ways to monitor the progress of the process.

Potential Risk and Challenges

Any process cannot be foolproof. Thus, there is the provision to consider the threats. Here, a contingency plan is prepared to be put in place should a failure occur. Also, barriers and accelerators of the processes that are operating are identified to ease the flow.

Why Business Process Management Is Important?

Do you know you can write a pretty good answer for your assignment if you know exactly why business process management is becoming important in the industries of today? If you are a manager of any organisation, then mate, Business Process Management can be a boon for you. With this tool, you can analyse all the process that is happening in your organisation without any mess, understand them without too much thinking, and improve them while they are happening. Thus, you not only improve the tasks that are happening but also have a direct and positive outcome on the efficiency of the business. Well, we hope that you got a fair idea of what business process management is, why it is important, and how you can go on about writing the assignments related to it. For a more detailed Business Process Management assessment help from the desks of the management assignment help experts, you can simply reach out to My Assignment Services at help@myassignmentservices.com.

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